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    Combo LED signs are often in the form of Exit Signs that operate with a dual purpose. These signs consume substantial electricity as they have to operate every minute of the day. For this reason, it is important to keep energy efficiency in mind as a criterion when selecting combo LED signs in addition to other factors such as visibility, readability and overall appearance.

    With the implementation of energy efficiency measures, minor savings transform into larger savings. For instance, if you decide to replace your previous signs with new combo LED signs, the initial investment will save almost the same amount in two places: energy costs and labor costs. Therefore this investment can be covered within the first year or two. Once that initial cost has been covered, you will have guaranteed savings throughout the lifetime of your combo LED sign.

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    More About Combo LED signs

    What are Combo LED signs?

    Before we get to this, let us first inform you about what exactly is digital signage?

    Digital Signage

    This package comprises of three main components: the player, extender and display.

    • In this case, the player is the computer which has the necessary software required to display the content on the electronic message board. These players/electronic devices must be kept cool with an internal fan. These should also be easily accessible in case of repairs and rebooting.
    • Moving on, depending on how far away the player is to the actual LED display, the need for a video extender is essential. This would typically be a cable to connect the computer to the screen.
    • Now we arrive at the most crucial component; the screen/display. The display can be of three main types: Plasma, LCD and LED. The most popular in terms of cost and energy efficiency is the LED (Light Emmitting Diode) display. Small to medium to large sized businesses successfully make use of combo LED signs in their marketing and advertising strategy. Electronic message boards are used both on-premise and off-premise on big highways to create consumer awareness.

    Combo LED Signs

    Combo LED signs are when one sign is integrated with another, be it an electronic one, a headliner sign, a marquee sign on another LED sign board. Combo LED signs can be both indoor as well as outdoor. For example, a changeable letter marquee sign could be combined with a landmark sign, or a couple of outdoor illuminated signs could be put together. Businesses often invest in Combo LED signs to obtain extra exposure by implementing a combination of signs.

    Combo LED signs are also more commonly used as exit signs along with attached emergency lights. These are a perfect solution for businesses who need an exit sign with an emergency light at the exit point. The emergency lights could be mounted at the top or at the side, depending on client’s requirements. The ‘exit’ sign displayed in LEDs are on at all times while the lights come on only when required (in case of an emergency where AC power is unavailable in the area). The biggest advantage with these combo LED signs is that you have just one unit, one electric connection and one battery system to maintain and monitor, hence reducing the overall maintenance time and costs.

    Interesting Facts about Combo LED Signs

    For your combo LED sign to be a success, there are a few basic rules of marketing that businesses need to follow:

    1. Know your audience
    2. Simplify your message
    3. Repetition helps

    Know Your Audience

    This important and basic rule is often overlooked. You have to first study your customers and find out what motivates them to purchase your product. Your advertising messages should then be tailored to suit the motivation requirements of your target audience.

    • For example, a car dealer may be selling his cars at the lowest price compared to nearby competitors. However, it turns out that your target market depends on installments for purchasing vehicles. So instead of advertising lower prices, turn it into an easier installment scheme which will attract a larger segment of customers.
    • Another example is where you advertise items that are overstocked just to finish the stock but your customers are actually interested in your new items. This mistake might lead to a loss in customer base. Therefore, it is better to focus on your new items and first grab the customers to visit your shop, and with the same electronic advertising sign, you can use a combo LED sign to have a smaller space to advertise the sale of overstocked items.

    With your customer’s best interest in mind at all times, the length of your message should vary based on its location.


    Type of Audience Driving/Walking Waiting in Queue Lobby/Cafeteria Process Control
    Read Time Seconds Minutes 10-30 Minutes Seconds
    LED Sign Simple, brief & quick messages Moderate length messages Longer and more number of messages Short messages


    Simplify your message

    This rule is of utmost importance with electronic message displays because these LED signs are mostly short in length. Long messages such as news stories are only suitable in lobby, waiting or cafeteria areas where you will have the attention of people waiting for a long time. Imagine you are driving down a street where you happen to glance at a combo LED sign in which you had time only enough to read the following few words:

    “our friendly and skilled staff will assist you with..”

    For one thing, this sign provides absolutely no information about the product or service being sold. For another, all companies claim to have friendly and skilled staff, so basically, there is absolutely no value adding information presented to the viewers of the sign.

    Having too many and too confusing transitions can distract the reader from the purpose of your message, hence causing ineffective communication. Similarly, the use of too much color should be restricted and constantly changing colors should also be avoided. With limited text and restricted use of colors, you might want to include some motion in your combo LED sign to make sure passersby will still notice your sign. Therefore, when designing your electronic message board, it is safe to use motion as long as you don’t confuse the audience by overdoing the transitions, text and colors.

    Repetition helps

    By having a simple message, repeating the same message over and over again becomes much easier. Also, this repetition installs the message you want to convey into the minds of the audience. A typical simple and repeatable message should consist of 3-4 basic messages as well as 3-4 text displays for every message.

    Location and Installation

    The placement of your combo LED sign should be in such a location that does not require your audience to strain themselves for a proper view of the sign; they should comfortably be able to read it. Placing it at eye level is always a good idea. Furthermore, you could install your sign on an obvious location such as at the end of a hallway, above an entrance, or behind a sales counter. If the message on your combo LED sign is to draw attention to an item commonly overlooked, it would be best to place the sign close to that item or area. Customers will naturally be attracted to that sign because of the motion on it.

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