#Type of SignDimensionsMatrixPixel Pitch (mm)
1Tri Color (RED)2 x 616 x 482520
2Tri Color (RED)16 x 802520
3Tri Color (RED)16 x 962520
1Full Color24 x 8025201610
2Full Color24 x 9625201610
3Full Color24 x 11225201610
4Full Color24 x 12825201610
5Full Color32 x 8025201610
6Full Color32 x 9625201610
7Full Color32 x 11225201610
8Full Color32 x 12825201610
9Full Color32 x 14425201610
10Full Color40 x 8025201610
11Full Color40 x 9625201610
12Full Color40 x 11225201610
13Full Color40 x 12825201610
14Full Color40 x 14425201610
15Full Color48 x 8025201610
16Full Color48 x 9625201610
17Full Color48 x11225201610
18Full Color48 x 12825201610
19Full Color56 x 11225201610
20Full Color56 x12825201610
21Full Color56 x 14425201610
22Full Color64 x 9625201610
23Full Color64 x 12825201610

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