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    Enter the digital world and enhance your school image!

    When digital signage is discussed, most of the conversation is mostly regarding commercial and retail applications. Educational institutions are only now learning how digital school signs can be integrated into their campus culture. For running a successful school, outreach is a very important aspect. A school isn’t just a place where students are left for eight hours every day. It is a community where a bunch of activities take place and loads of announcements are going on at any given time. Whether the announcement is to convince people to come to a big game or simply to advice students regarding prevailing and upcoming weather conditions, effective communication systems are a must. With the help of electronic signs for schools, you can communicate the information in a sensible, timely and topical manner.

    LED school signs are the perfect outreach that your school is looking for and is an investment where returns are massive. Whether it is the hallway or the visitor center or the bookstore on your school campus, every room can benefit from digital signage. Many schools from kindergarten up to colleges have already incorporated this technology into their day-to-day lives and have seen major benefits. With content management software that is very simple to use, countless advantages can be seen over traditional ways of displaying messages. In fact schools who made the switch are now wondering why bulletin boards were used in the first place!

    LED School Sign Boards – LED Craft Inc.At LED Craft Inc, we have seen how campuses have transformed into the digital signage world and how it can positively affect the communication and brand image of the school. We are a leading manufacturer of premium quality LED school signs in St. Louis, USA. You won’t have to think twice about trusting us in providing a solution for all your digital school sign needs today.

    Furthermore, with LED signs your school will stand out and attract the attention of every passerby! So what better way is there to let the entire community know about the great things taking place in your school? LED school signs are more energy efficient and long lasting than any other type of illuminated sign. Changing content has never before been so easy. Use these signs to the maximum capacity of your imagination and just watch how it can do wonders. Invest in an LED sign from LED Craft Inc Today and announce, recognize, congratulate and celebrate not just with staff and students but with the entire community around you.

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    Did you know?

    Student statistics

    According to the Guardian News, a senior project manager at a Medical School claimed that at least 93% of students make use of hand held devices to access social networks. In addition to that, a research conducted by the University of Tennessee proved that on average, every student owns a minimum of two mobile devices.

    LED Facts

    It has been proved that LED Displays are considerably easier to read and are much brighter in comparison to LCDs or plasma displays. An LED sign is legible from far away and is also visible through smoky emergency situations.

    Why invest in LED School Signs?

    • Technology is everywhere. Why not in schools?
    • Makes communication much easier
    • Informs the community about the happenings inside your school


    In today’s era, there is constant evolution in the kind of technology used in a classroom and this has a direct impact on the way a student obtains education. Furthermore, students themselves have a range of technological devices available at their disposal. In reality, every student owns at least a laptop/tablet and a smart phone. Therefore, to communicate with these ‘tech savvy’ students, it is essential for your school to keep updated with the technology inside out. The exterior of your school can be easily and quickly improved with the use of LED school signs to show students, parents and teachers what your school is capable of being.

    When it comes to communication, every school and institute has to provide their best. However, many of these institutes are faced with certain communication challenges. Regardless of how effective the communication through a person is, there may be internal and external barriers playing a part. For this reason, LED school signs are being used for promotional as well as functional communication purposes.

    Digital signage plays an important role in developing an efficient communication strategy for schools and campus environments. Information can reach multiple audiences or can be targeted to specific groups. For easy dispersal of information, the basic technology of LED displays should be just the answer for your school.

    By making sure you have displayed the correct message on your school sign, many passersby will divert their attention towards it. Therefore, inform your community about the activities of your school. Whether you are exhibiting school and teacher achievements, recognizing a student, informing about sporting events, concerts and other functions, advertising fundraisers, or simply thanking volunteers, those around you are happy to know!

    Bridging the Technology Gap

    The thinking and processing of information in the minds of today’s children is very different to that of their predecessors. Therefore, teaching standards and educational methods must change to teach them well. Just like the older generation sometimes resists to adapting to newer technologies, the younger generation will resist to outdated teaching concepts. For example, it is absolutely no point conducting lessons in Spanish to a classroom in the United Kingdom. Educators must communicate in the native language. In the digital world this is done by integrating digital school signs in classrooms to create the excitement and engagement desired from students.

    While the material and content being taught is the same, changing the delivery and presentation of information will make a world of a difference in the motivation levels of students. Instead of step-by-step tutorials and timely lectures, educators should provide information at greater speeds and greater quantities. Today’s students have the ability to handle information in that manner and that is what will keep them engaged.

    Hence educators have to bridge this generation gap by introducing electronic signs for schools as a way of communication in the native language of the land.

    Interesting Facts about LED Signs for Schools

    • Show how innovative your school really is!
    • Boosts up the spirit
    • Provides a strong bond between school and parents
    • Extremely cost effective
    • Easily cater messages to different groups
    • Attractive content can be displayed
    • Collaborative learning is facilitated


    Show how innovative your school really is!

    You are probably spending thousands of dollars on establishing high end classroom technology and improving the wireless network within the premises. However, people driving by your school, looking at that same sign that existed five years ago, would never be able to guess the technology standards that exist within the four walls. Therefore, investing in digital signage presents a better image for your school. Show everyone what a great school you have and the technology you are using inside out!

    Boosts up the spirit

    Many a times community members do not attend an event simply because they were not aware of it. Digital signage assures schools that the community has seen their sign and is aware of dates and locations and hence will show up to encourage their students. When there is a larger crowd at school events, there is a boost in spirits of students as well as the school as a whole.

    Provides a strong bond between school and parents

    Sending messages through students or using print media for communication does not guarantee that parents have received messages about school events or important meetings. An LED display is an easy and effective way to ensure parents read the message when they pass by to drop and pick their children.

    Extremely cost effective

    Sometimes, to ensure parents and community members receive announcements, school staff often have to call each house individually or post letters, both of which takes up a lot of time and money. Digital signage is a highly economical way of connecting with people. Although the initial investment may come as a surprise, the returns come very fast. Furthermore, LED technology is long lasting, consumes less energy and has very low maintenance costs.

    Easily cater messages to different groups

    With just a click of a few buttons, you can schedule messages to parents during drop and pickup times and messages to students can be displayed during after school hours.

    Attractive content can be displayed

    Today people have no time to look at lengthy, boring pieced of content. They are always more attracted towards visuals and crisp, to the point content which can be displayed through LED school signs. By creatively using this equipment, your communication strategy will be successful.

    Collaborative learning is facilitated

    Collaborative learning is made possible with digital networks in schools. Student – teacher collaboration can be done with the help of screen sharing. This is useful particularly for crowded classrooms and with distance learning. Furthermore, collaborative learning gives students an interactive experience and also allows teachers to obtain real-time feedback. When students are asking questions, teachers can anonymously look in on a particular student to gauge whether he/she has understood the concept and can thereby provide personal attention and adjust lesson plans as needed. With distance learning, virtual field trips are also a possibility, especially when the funds for traveling are not available.

    Uses of an LED School Sign

    The days of encyclopedias and dictionaries are no more. Today’s students need information at their fingertips. They have grown up with technology so they don’t see it as a challenge; in fact they would prefer to use it more often. With every new generation of students, the excitement of classroom technology is increasing and educators have to adapt to these preferences by introducing LED school sign networks throughout the campus.

    For students, digital signage makes way for an engaging and interactive learning experience. By blending ‘gamification’ with the learning experience, educators are providing the perfect blend of content simulation, fun and collaboration. Below are some of the benefits of incorporating LED school signs in a curriculum:

    • Enhance classroom presentations with animated images and high quality video.
    • Broadcast information to staff, students and the rest of the community. This eliminates the time and money spent on printing and photocopying posters.
    • Student union focus – announce schedule changes via digital school signs.
    • Use full color LEDs to exhibit videos of school achievements.
    • On-screen recognition is possible to recognize high-achievers and providing others with an incentive to work harder.
    • Attract more community members to get involved in school activities.
    • Public notifications of events have proved to attract larger crowds.
    • Calendar displays help students get to where they have to be.
    • Messages related to weather conditions can be relayed faster.
    • Will heighten safety within the campus.
    • Multi-lingual messages can be displayed.
    • Outdoor school signs will grab the attention of newcomers on the street.
    • Digital menu boards can be installed in cafeterias to display nutrition facts as a goal to promote healthy eating.
    • Promote your school on a whole new level!
    • Use empowering messages to motivate your students to accomplish more!

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