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Why should you evaluate your signage regularly?

1. LED signage is undoubtedly the best advertising method

Most business owners are under the wrong impression that word-of-mouth advertising is very effective and plays an important role in growing customer base. However, when first time customers of business using LED advertising methods were surveyed, 46% of them said that it was the signage that grabbed their attention

Re-Evaluate Your Sign

Electronic Message Centers Are The Most Cost Effective Advertising Medium

In terms of cost effectiveness, there is absolutely no other advertising method which is as efficient and economical as electronic message display. Below is an example to illustrate this point.

An Example:

Initial cost of a new LED sign: $ 12,000

Can be used for approximately 10 years

Therefore, daily cost: $3.30

If 15,000 cars pass your business in one day

Average cost per thousand exposures would be

$ 0.22

Newspaper Advertising – $7.39
Television Advertising – $6.26
Radio Advertising – $5.47
LED Electronic Message Center – $0.30

Cost For 1000 Exposures

Get Noticed LED Display

2. Communicate with your customers

Electronic message displays give businesses the ability provide multiple messages and maximum flexibility when communicating with the public. LED signage allows you to reach every person who passes by your business and inform them about your products and services and how they can benefit from your organization.

Benefits of LED signage

The variable controls and unlimited number of message changes that an LED signage allows results in lower labor costs for a business. Furthermore, LED signage completely eliminates any physical liabilities that laborers may have to face when dealing with changes on traditional hoardings. The electronic message board also allows businesses to display special offers while also advertising the other usual information. The day to day information can also be changed by business owners according to their requirements for specific customers. Special software is also available to make the information on the message board attractive with colorful logos, images and videos. As a result of this advertising method, your businesses site will gain a “brand” within the neighboring community. New customers are attracted easily as this LED message board becomes your salesman on the street.

3. Constant turnover of general public

The population around your business consists of existing and potential customers who are consistently on the move. Keep in mind the fact that roughly 18% of Americans shift base every year. Regardless of whether it is a long or short distance, their basic trade area changes. In addition to that, out of all the traffic outside your business, 15-25% of it is probably just passing through the area and are not familiar with the location. Therefore, if you are under the impression that your business is popular and everyone is aware of its location, you are probably wrong.

Business owners can make use of these electronic message displays to attract newcomers into the area. By editing the message displayed and the graphics on your signboard to match the kind of people on the street at a particular time of day, a business can more effectively communicate with the public.

LED Street-Sign - Welcome To Our Town
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