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With decades of experience, LED Craft Inc. is the leader in End-to-End LED Digital Display Solutions, from designing & manufacturing to installation & customer support.

Our in-house software development team, along with our designers and service engineers ensure that the right state-of-the-art solution is delivered to suit your specific requirements. Our solutions are delivered in a timely manner and are offered at the best price possible.

LED Craft offers uncompromising support for years after the initial installation, and also offer turn-key signage retrofit projects that lower your energy expenses.

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How to compare LED Quotes

When comparing others pay attention to Pixel pitch, Screen size, Brightness and What’s included with the base price.

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We are the leading supplier and manufacturer of LED sign solutions

What our customers are saying…

The sign is a hit with all of our old & new customers! It’s much easier it is to find us off of Route 106. Everyone enjoys the marketing notes and promotions that we post on the sign each day.
Keith A., Dirt Doctor
The sign more than paid for itself. This was one of my best business decisions! After 90 days installing an LED sign for my worst performing location it is now my BEST performer now bringing in double what the other locations were doing.
Super Car Wash
Our messages are seen much more often. Several in the community have indicated how nice the sign is.
Sammy W., First Baptist Church
After the sign was up for only a few weeks, we obtained new business. We are excited to see what other new business will come from our LED Sign! It is worth the investment.
Jill B., Triscari
Thank all for the help and support given during the purchase, delivery, installation and setup processes. We could not ask for any better service than that provided by your team. Thank You All.
Curtis D., Church of God of Prophecy
Our new sign is the talk of our town. We had an increase in walk in visitors who say they saw the sign, and had never even noticed there was a church here. We are very pleased.
Bill H., Liberty Church
I cannot express enough the positive impact our new LED sign has made. I believe that our “state of the art” sign will have a significant impact on our future attendance.
Bob W., Bella Vista Christian Church

Have eye-catching ads with vivid graphics and changing messages

  • Increased Awareness and Sales
  • Excellent Location Branding Tool
  • Energy Saving & Environmental Protection
  • Value for Money Advertising
  • More Flexibility with a Range of Solutions
  • Better Durability
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Being unique is the key to success for any business. Let our LED signs be that “special something” to offer your customers, and make your business worth remembering. Our unique range of LED displays will give your business a touch of funky personality, while treating your customers to a flashing, unexpected and exhilarating experience. This exciting new LED sign board will attract your customers attention and will surely make your business LED sign a conversation starter amongst many!

We, at LED Craft Inc have been in the electronic signage industry since 1999 (16 years). Since then, we have manufactured and created all sorts of innovative LED sign boards from our base factory in St. Louis, Missouri. Whether you are a profit or non-profit organization, our wide range of indoor and outdoor LED products will serve you to the utmost.

Our client base is made up of display applications for variety of industries including big and small businesses, churches, gas stations, restaurants, shopping centers, monuments, schools, fire departments, auto dealers, and other retail organizations. In addition, we rent out LED displays for stage shows and also provide LED signage that can be installed on vehicles that are on-the-move.

Our main goal is to get your message across to the public and promote your brand, giving you a superior competitive edge. The team of skilled professionals at LED Craft Inc is committed to providing premium quality, reliable and innovative products at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, we focus on providing excellent customer support and maintaining long term relationships with clients.

Flashing lights make a great impression and can turn your small business into a big one! With our interactive LED signs you can give your customers a fun and fresh experience that they’ll love. Invest in one of our cool LED signage boards and sit back and watch while it does the advertising for your business. Don’t give up on one of the easiest advertising opportunities ever. Your investment cost will be covered even before your realize it! Don’t risk your business being forgotten by settling for an ordinary sign – instead, stand out with one of our unique LED sign boards today!

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LED Lights

LED lights use 50-90% less power and last 4-5 times longer than traditional lighting.

KEY Benefits of LED Signage

  • Reduced power consumption, energy savings
  • Longer operational life, durability
  • Better directional lighting, less glare
  • Saves money, lowers energy bills
  • Less pollution, less waste and disposable hazards
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced ambient heat

Where quality comes first…

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