A Light Emitting Diode is a small, electronic semiconductor which is used to convert electric energy into a light that is visible to the naked eye.

LED vs. Fluorescent lighting

  • LED lighting is more versatile, durable, long lasting and efficient.
  • The incandescent traditional bulbs use only 10% of their energy to produce light, while the other 90% is wasted as heat.
  • LED bulbs on the other hand waste much less energy in heat and in terms of energy efficiency; they are almost 400% better.
  • Although these bulbs cost a little more than traditional ones, the fact that they are 25 times more long lasting eliminates the burden of cost.
  • The brightness is an LED bulb is higher and it also has more versatility and can produce a wide range of colors.
  • A filament (component of a traditional bulb that produces light) is nonexistent in an LED. For this reason, the
  • While traditional bulbs produce light for only a maximum of 1000 hours, LED bulbs can operate for up to 100,000
    hours if the conditions are allowing.

What you need to know about your new sign?

We will now talk about four important characteristics that you need to understand with regard to your new sign






An individually controllable tiny element of an electronic display system is a pixel. At various brightness levels, this pixel can be turned on or off. Every sign has a different number of pixels and the higher the member of pixels, the better the resolution of the image. One pixel can consist either of one LED or several LEDs of the same color or of multiple colors. A good quality signage will consist of three LEDs per pixel and the colors would most often be red, blue and green.


Pixels are placed at a certain distance from each other. This distance is referred to as the pitch. The basic industry standards for this pitch are usually 30mm, 25mm, 20mm, and 16mm. To present a high quality image within a short distance, there should ideally be lesser distance between pixels. The resolution of the display is determined by the pitch and hence it is an important characteristic of an LED display. By selecting the correct pitch, you will have a suitable resolution for your display and you will also be able to save on unnecessary costs. If viewers are going to be passing by from a short distance, tighter pixels are more suitable. A larger pitch of 20mm or 25mm is appropriate when the target market will be viewing your sign from along a highway for example.


Matrix is expressed in multiples and it indicates how many pixels are linked to your sign based on its height and width. For instance, if you see a matrix of 64 x 128, this means that your sign has 64 pixels in height and 128 pixels in width. This gives you an idea of how big your sign will physically look. Furthermore, the matrix can give you an idea of how much text will fit in your sign in terms of number or lines and the number of characters within each line.


A resolution is the measurement of the amount of information that can be seen on a screen based on how many pixels are used within the area. Resolution is an important factor when stating the quality of an image.

If viewed at 50 feet, this is how each display would look.

Go Tigers Banner

Optimal Viewing Distance: 50+ Feet

80 Pixels High x 160 Pixels Wide

368 Pixels Per Square Foot

Go Tigers - LED Display

Optimal Viewing Distance: 60+ Feet

64 Pixels High x 128 Pixels Wide

236 Pixels Per Square Foot

Go Tigers LED Display

Optimal Viewing Distance: 75+ Feet

32 Pixels High x 64 Pixels Wide

148 Pixels Per Square Foot

Angles of LED Display


When someone is looking at your LED sign from a distance, the viewing angle should be good enough so that he/she can see it from the side. For example, in the case of a television, we know for sure that from a straight angle, it can be seen at any distance. But when you move to a side (away from the centre) the television screen will not be as clear. The maximum angle viewing configuration is defined by the viewing angle and is determined by measuring 50% light intensity at the horizontal and vertical points seen directly opposite the sign.

The viewing angle is an important aspect because that is what ensures the maximum amount of time that passersby are able to view your sign. A better viewing angle will give people more time to read the information on the sign. In addition to that, make sure your sign is placed at an appropriate location because that will considerably affect the viewing distance.

Optimum viewing angle is determined by the horizontal and vertical points at which the measured light intensity is 50% of that measured directly in front of the sign. At LED Craft, we delivery top quality LED signs. Our signs will give you a viewing angle up to 140° horizontal and 70° vertical (looking up at the sign).

LED Display - Viewing Point


The display type and distance measured from display are the two factors used to calculate a viewing distance. Every LED display will have a maximum and minimum viewing distance which could differ depending on the intended use. Small characters for example will have a shorter viewing distance and vice versa for larger characters.


  • Groups of LEDs are pixels.
  • The distance between each pixel is pitch, this is what determines the resolution of your sign.
  • The number of vertical pixels and the number of horizontal pixels determines the matrix (physical size of the sign).The matrix is what determines how many lines of text will fit on your sign.
  • Viewing angle is important because this is what will determine how long someone passing by your sign will have to view it.


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All you need to know about LED Displays

A lot of our customers start their journey into electronic LED signs without much knowledge of the product and the potential. We have put together the definitive guide to electronic LED displays to aid your decision making process.