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    Digital Signage for Educational Institutes

    Communication is very essential in the education industry. As compared to other industries that use electronic marquee signs, schools and other educational institutions have a wider market that they need to communicate with – students, parents, faculty, and the extended community. This is why digital signage is an effective and inexpensive communication method for these institutes. Make your LED school sign a focal point for students to gather and see what interesting announcements will be displayed next!

    • Engage students with helpful tips
      • Before and during the exam period, come up with some helpful study tips that they will surely stop and read.
      • When the cold and flu season arrives, share tips on how to boost their immunity.
      • Summer season calls for tips on how to stay hydrated during humid weather.
      • Fun facts about the school, local area, the seasons, and other trending topics are a great way to keep students engaged.
    • Congratulatory messages for the staff
      • A message to celebrate each teacher’s birthday or anniversary.
      • Announcement of new teachers or staff members joining the school.
      • Announcing the academic achievements of teachers.
      • Staff profiles and fun teacher facts so students can get to know their peers.
    • Congratulatory messages for students
      Electronic marquee signs for schools can also be used to celebrate students’ accomplishments. Academically improving students, experts in the sports arena, science fair winners, students with a high honor roll, and those who are active in the community.

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    The Power of Digital Marquee Signs for Schools

    Outdoor school marquees are ideally bright and durable, to withstand external elements. Whether you are looking at a scrolling electronic marquee or a full-motion graphic display, LED signs can make a big impact on people passing by on foot, in a car, or simply sitting outdoors. School events, stadium events, and event centers consider outdoor LED signs as an important part of the communications plan.

    • When compared to traditional school signs, LED signs cannot be tampered with.
    • They can be used to instantly update the campus regarding emergencies and other events.
    • With 70% visibility for digital marquees, there is a guarantee that the message will not be ignored.

    School LED signs are an extremely effective communication tool to deliver messages to as many on-campus and off-campus people as possible.

    Key features of electronic marquee signs for schools

    Digital signage is highly flexible – which means that your new LED school signs should not be limited to just one message. Make maximum use of your investment by letting your display rotate through a variety of messages. However, each message must stay on long enough for the entire content to be read and understood by the viewers. Rotational messages can go on all day, targeting different student or staff bodies at different times of the day.

    • Schedule Reminders

    Although students and parents are given calendars, marquee signs are a friendly reminder for school events. These reminders can also include details regarding during school hours, office hours, parent-teacher meetings, upcoming holidays, and more.

    • Campus Directory & Virtual Tours

    School marquees placed strategically can help during the beginning of every term as new students are finding their way around campus. Virtual tours and campus images with ‘you are here’ signs are a great way to help students navigate their way around campus.

    • Advertise upcoming events

    Build up the energy and encourage participation for an upcoming event with continuous advertisements on marquee signs. Whether it is prom night, a theatrical performance, bake sale, guest speaker, or a fundraising event, your digital sign can include all the information regarding that event – venue, date, ticket prices, and more. While advertising, share a few photos from the previous event, and instead of simply announcing, make it a fun countdown.

    • Sports and extra-curricular announcements

    Students are busy during school hours as well as with their after school commitments. Help them stay up-to-date by regularly announcing sporting and extra-curricular activities (fundraisers, science fairs, tryouts, auditions, etc) on the LED school signs. These announcements could be to encourage students to come out and support a game, performance, cancellation of certain activities, congratulating a team for winning an event, and so on.

    • Daily Essentials

    Current time, weather, school motto, motivational quote, canteen specials, and important events for the day can also be displayed on school marquee signs.

    • Emergency Announcements

    School LED signs can also be used to display emergencies such as weather warnings, school cancellations, evacuation drills, and any other urgent message that has to be shared with the school community.

    Why is digital marketing important for students?

    Access to the internet is widespread, which means digital marketing is a great way to impact students. Today, almost every student has their profile on at least one social media platform. By linking social media to digital signage content, students are further motivated to engage in school activities.

    What are the different types of electronic marquee signs?

    LED Craft Inc offers a wide range of high quality electronic marquees that cater to all your school requirements. Our products consist of single sided, double sided, full-color, and monochrome varieties. Simply get in touch with our team who will understand your goals and requirements, and then help you decide which digital signage solution will maximize your audience impact.

    Furthermore, our LED school signs come with additional content management software which allows you to easily self-operate your LED sign. You can conveniently create content, import graphics, add music to your content, and schedule messages to target different markets.

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