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    Digital Billboards take
    outdoor advertising to a whole new level

    If you are thinking about investing in LED billboards, LED Craft Inc is a recommended solutions provider for all your billboard needs. You can completely trust us with your investment as we are no doubt the best LED sign manufacturers in St. Louis, USA. Our products are designed and manufactured with the most up-to-date technology in mind and we aim to provide a solution for every digital billboard requirement that our customer has.

    The average American traveler spends approximately 20 hours on the road every week. Most of this time is spent driving on the same route every day. A digital billboard investment is a great way to reach such traffic.

    Digital Billboards are computer-controlled displays with capabilities that take advertising to a new level.

    Change messages multiple times during a campaign.

    Cutting-edge dynamic content

    Stream posts from social media, live scores and countdowns

    Respond to local weather conditions, traffic, and more

    In today’s ever changing technological world, would you depend on a typewriter for handling all business correspondence? While emails and Smartphones are how the world communicates today, there are still some advertising forms such as manual reader boards that fall way behind this fast-changing world. In reality, the employee responsible for changing this sign usually has the toughest job. Advertising cold drinks during summer means that employee has to climb up there in the scorching heat and change the sign board.

    Business owners and other organizations have a much better solution for advertising in a timely and responsive manner, thanks to technology. Digital billboards are more than just an exhibition of bright colors and attention grabbing content. A screen is way more attention grabbing that traditional paper based billboards; it looks more professional and updating is very simple. Furthermore, the creation of Smartphone apps is continuously increasing and consumers are moving more and more towards personalized advertising experiences. Hence customized messaging via digital billboard will soon be possible.

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    More About Digital Billboards

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    If you are looking to captivate your customers with exceptional quality, technologically advanced and value for money advertising means, then our LED billboards are the perfect solution for you.

    Our LED digital display billboards provide a quick and effective way for you to communicate with your customers 24/7, giving you a winning edge over your competition.

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    LED billboard signs are a smart business move – they are often the first impression that customers experience of your business and are an excellent way of reaching out to on-the-go potential customers. LED billboards are the future of outdoor advertising, allowing multiple advertisements to be displayed in an attractive and eye-catching format with vibrant colors and superior clarity. They deliver a faster ROI than any other marketing tool, help increase sales, and have proven to be one of the most cost effective advertising platforms available today.

    A quality manufacturer makes the difference between a successful or unsuccessful LED billboard investment, and this is why our LED digital design solutions are highly sought after. LED Craft Inc. has built a solid reputation over two decades, providing innovative, attractive and easy-to-maintain digital display solutions to suit all kinds of industries and requirements.

    Our LED billboards are designed, engineered and manufactured with superior craftsmanship, and come fully equipped with our own versatile software technology, installation assistance and long term customer support and service. We approach each task with an individualized strategy for excellent, as the success of your investment is a measure of our own.

    Types of Digital Billboards

    1. Small Format LED Billboards

    Some organizations are looking for outdoor billboards that are not too large and bulky. We have a range of smaller sized LED billboards to suit those requirements.
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    The next generation of outdoor digital billboard advertising is moving towards Automatic Transaction Platforms (ATP). With the help of specific audience demographics, this program helps to automate the decision making process of media buying.

    Businesses today want to see maximum ROI when creating their approach to marketing. Instead of investing in a location and determining the number of impressions, they want to buy an audience that has confirmed demographics, psycho graphics and tendencies towards interest that can cause them to make a purchase.

    For a particular LED billboard location, the ROI calculation would depend on demographic and psycho graphic data determined from different media locations by way of audience recognition tools. With these tools, the following and more can be possible:

    • GEO fencing
    • Beacons that interact with mobile devices
    • Facial recognition
    • Pprobability of spending based on average conversion figures

    The real ROI value for advertisers will come from the information received based on these audience analytics results.

    With the possibility of audience detection, measurement and preferences being integrated into content delivery, companies are positioning themselves in a manner in which they can better deliver the information to feed the qualitative factor of programmatic buying. However, most outdoor advertising spending still depends on media asset location; not the other audience demographic information that defines programmatic buying. Companies need to realize this and make necessary changes if they want to be successful at programmatic buying through digital billboards.

    These adaptations and changes are happening at a rapid pace in today’s world. Hopefully within the next three years, companies will adopt to a common standard for measuring the location and faces of digital advertising. The timeline for achieving programmatic advertising is quite unclear but the possibility of ATP becoming a reality is high within the coming 3-5 years.

    With these rapid advancements in technology, the conversation for LED display manufacturers, such as LED Craft Inc, changes from the discussion of vibrant color to higher dwell time, likelihood of seeing, and the possibility to change and manage content on the move.

    Content and software

    Content creation is as simple as dragging and dropping your content into sophisticated software programs that can come up with a playlist to schedule the content as per your requirements. Highly programmable software allows sign owners to schedule their content based on daily or minute-to-minute needs. For instance, breakfast specials could be displayed in the morning hours while snacks can be advertised in the evening or late night hours. Hot beverages can be promoted when the temperature is dropping and vice versa for cool beverages. If for example, the weather changes unexpectedly and rain/snow appears, you can promote rain gear within just a matter of minutes. Timeliness and last-minute schedule changes are more important for community organizations. The public can be notified of changes much faster with LED billboards.

    It is very important that billboards display the latest and up-to-date information, particularly when displaying news, schedules, timetables, weather updates and so on. There are endless possibilities where you can use digital billboards for displaying this up-to-date information. With advanced software, sign owners can update their signs, change playlists and also analyze the readiness of a sign through an internet connection.

    LED screens from LED Craft Inc come with very easy-to-use, yet sophisticated software that lets you control your digital signage. The screen contents can be split individually and designed based on your requirements. Furthermore, integration of content is possible with this software, a variety of interactive features are available and the bottom line is that it makes content management very easy.

    Master the art of Digital Billboard Design

    A person driving by a digital billboard has only 7-10 second to view and absorb the content displayed.

    If your ad is effective, viewers should be able to consume it in a glance. When designing content make it simple, bold, brief and legible.

    Visual Creativity Principles

    These three basic design principles will create digital billboard content that wins over your target customers.

    1. Composition

    This principle involves defining the layout and the hierarchy of communication. Layout is what determines the end look of an advertisement. Visual prioritization of the message is of critical importance here. In other words, this means the hierarchy of communication. You cannot expect viewers to read and understand five different messages at once. Define the items in levels and give priority to what is important.

    A normal human being would first scan the LED billboard across and then look down, grabbing information in logical order. The more these sections stand out, the faster your message will be interpreted. Overlapping visual and written information will take more time for the reader to process. Hierarchy of communication will give you a more organized layout, speed up comprehension and will lead to better retention of information.

    2. Typography

    This is the study of how text is arranged and presented on a page. Using large, bold and easy-to-read fonts is of utmost importance here. All caps text is advisable only if your message is very short. Sticking to restricted amounts of text will increase readability and comprehension.

    In an outdoor LED billboard, comprehension of the message depends not just on the style of lettering but also the color combination used and how it all works together when a viewer reads it at a distance. When designing billboard content, distance is an essential variable that has to be considered. Consequently, the size of lettering is also a necessary consideration.

    For best legibility on billboards, research shows that the width of a letter’s vertical strokes should be about 20% of its height, while horizontal strokes can be a little thinner. These proportions should be considered for both upper and lower case letters.

    Common mistakes in font styles:

    • Overcrowding
    • Too much contrast between thick and thin elements.
    • Font styles with strokes that is too thin. These usually lose importance and become invisible at a distance.
    • Bulky font styles become blobs from far away and cannot be read.
    • Overly fancy font styles are often illegible at a distance.

    3. Color

    By using rich and vibrant colors you can take maximum advantages of the color capability of your digital billboard. Bright and heavily saturated colors are a better option than low contrast ones. Some colors appeal to specific emotions and hence these need to be carefully chosen. Color charts and wheels are available to guide you on which colors should be used in which situations.

    In addition to appealing to emotions, color choices also affect distance factors. Reds, oranges and yellows are warm colors that are perceived as short distance for the viewer. Blues and greens on the other hand are seen as more distant. Black and white or dark colors appear to be in the foreground while lighter colors seem to be in the background. Strong contrasts of colors have closer visibility.

    As for background colors, avoiding white and light colors is preferable because these may not attract the eyes. And this is not something you would want in advertising. Making use of your LED billboards color capabilities is recommended as it is more pleasing to the eye. If white or light backgrounds must however be used, it is advisable to only display that content during the day-time.

    When it comes to digital billboards, a black background means the absence of color and less light energy is used to create it. White is produced by mixing all the colors and hence consumes more electricity. Dark or black backgrounds will no doubt increase contrast and strengthen legibility. As a result, your advertisement will be more attractive.

    How contrast can make your digital billboard attractive

    When making significant changes to LED sign content, we expect similarly significant results. With a lot of research, it has been concluded that two main kinds of changes can be made to content: concept changes and style changes. Concept changes for your particular brand or product can only be decided by those on the top of your organization’s corporate ladder as it should be a part of your company’s overall strategy. Style changes on the other hand can be made by content designers and by getting it right, these style changes can affect the contrast of your images.

    When it comes to getting your content noticed and remembered, contrast is more important than color. Digital billboards have the ability to emit light, they can show that contrasting colors change when the viewing angle changes. Therefore even though someone is coming towards your screen head on, there is a chance that they may not notice the bright colors and clever imagery that you have used. In fact they may just notice the outlines of the dark and light areas. This is why changing contrast of visual elements can have a substantial impact on the readability of digital sign content.

    Plenty of research is available online to prove which color combinations are a good contrast and those that are not. The contrasting colors of the foreground and background play a major role in the simplicity of being able to decipher content on the screen. In some situations, even a 10% change in the fore and background colors can assure that the content will be recognizable to a much larger audience, because this means that people can see your sign from a wider angle.

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