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Nowadays, advertising is crucial in the field of marketing if your business wants to up its reputation and outdo competitors. To do this successfully, your company should come up with an effective strategy. Investing in LED signs is a good idea because when advertising a firm’s products and services, it provides the kind of exposure that is welcomed by the public. Electronic signs are the perfect advertising formula for achieving marketing goals.

LED Craft Inc is a highly recommended provider for all your digital sign solutions. We manufacture a wide range of high quality LED signs in St. Louis, USA. When it comes to trusting us with your investment, there is absolutely no doubt that you have chosen the best LED sign provider in your area. Regardless of what type of electronic sign you are considering to invest in, several statistics are available to convince you that this is a worthy investment that will continue to gain popularity. Whether it is to increase brand recognition or simply to satisfy customers, digital signage has great potential for your business. So if you are thinking about making a new investment in electronic signs, get in touch with LED Craft Inc today.

Types of Available LED Signs

When investing in an LED sign, make sure you conduct your research and look at the different options available. Balance out the pros and cons of different types of LED signs and decide which one is best for your business.

Below are the types of LED signs available at LED Craft Inc:

New Life Church - LED Church Signs

Church Signs

Reach out God’s message to your neighbouring community in a sophisticated manner by investing in our exclusive range of premium quality church LED signs.

McKinley Elementary School

LED School Signs

Bring your school into the digital world by investing in our expertly designed LED school signs that are available in a wide variety at extremely affordable rates.

Albon Fire Department LED Sign

Fire Department Signs

Our team at LED Craft Inc has come up with a unique range of fire department signs to encourage efficiency in critical workplaces such as fire departments.

Auto Dealer Signs - LED Craft

Auto Dealer Signs

Useful information displayed on LED signs throughout your auto dealership will not only drive sales but also work wonders in occupying your customers while they are waiting to be served.

Woodbine Commons - LED Craft

Restaurant Signs

Reap the convenience and benefits of a digitalized menu board and offer customers a finer dining experience at your restaurant by investing in our well designed range of restaurant LED signs.

Greenbrier Mall - LED Craft

Shopping Center LED Signs

Strategically placed LED signs at shopping centres will be of great help to customers when it comes to obtaining wayfinding, product, brands and store information within the shopping centre.

Bella Vista Christian Church

Combo Signs

Improve your brand image with our expertly designed range of combo LED signs that are dual purpose, energy efficient and have exceptional image quality.

Custom Monument Signs

Monument Signs

Turn your business sign into a landmark by investing in our customized monument style LED signs and attracting the attention of every individual walking or driving past your business.

LED Sign in Bookstores

Other Retail Signs

Promoting your retail business through a cleverly designed LED sign is the most profitable advertising form. Purchase your LED sign from us today and grab the best deal for your investment.

LED Light Wall Panels

LED Panels

Give your event a sophisticated look by installing LED panels on location designed by our talented team of LED screen manufacturers.

Different Types of LED Displays

Mobile LED Signs

Convert your vehicle into a messaging device by mounting one of our innovative designs of mobile LED signs on it. Earn additional revenue with this clever investment today.

Stage LED Screen - LED Craft

Stage Rental LED Signs

We have a collection of premium quality LED signs that you can rent for your stage shows to provide amazing color effects, imagery and virtual scenes that enhance the overall look of the stage.

Stadium LED Screen - LED Craft

Stadium LED Signs

Make sure your audience does not miss a moment of action by installing one of our massive stadium LED signs that provide top notch visual performance and have suitable structures for different stadiums.

Stage LED Video Wall - LED Craft

Video Walls

Concerts and stage shows are incomplete without video walls. You can choose from our wide selection of video walls available in different sizes that are easy to access and maintain.

Transparent LED Walls

Transparent LED Wall Displays

Make use of the glass walls in your store by installing transparent LED wall displays designed and manufactured with unique and creative ideas from our expert team at LED Craft Inc.

Outdoor LED Gas Price Signs

LED Gas Price Signs

Concerts and stage shows are incomplete without video walls. You can choose from our wide selection of video walls available in different sizes that are easy to access and maintain.

City Road at Night With LED Street Lights

LED Street Light Solutions

Give your city a new look by investing in new lighting technology at LED Craft Inc. We are now manufacturing affordable LED street light solutions that are highly energy efficient.

LED Sign Products - LED Craft

Billboard Signs

Communicate your message to thousands of people driving by every day with an innovative digital billboard design. We have the complete signage solutions to suit your every need.

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What results should you expect from your LED display?

It is agreed that the initial investment cost for LED Signage is quite high. However, there is plenty of research and calculations that show you how fast you can not only recover the investment cost but also increase your profits as a result of electronic signs. In fact, signs are proven to be the most effective and yet, least costly form of advertising methods for small businesses. Here is an example of a calculation that will show you how quickly you can get your ROI and see better profits.

A car dealership is estimating a 5% increase in business as a result of the latest investment in an LED billboard. Profit margins on the sale of new cars range from 2 – 4%. So we will assume a 3% margin for a new car that costs $30,659 = $920 per car. The estimated increase in business means that if 60 cars are sold previously, the new sales figure would be 63. Therefore, monthly profits increase by $2,760. Hence, the investment of $50,000 for the LED sign can be covered in 18 months.

How will LED signs stand out to your audience?

By outsourcing your LED sign investment to LED Craft Inc, you have the added benefits of gaining detailed knowledge of the potential of our LED sign products. Hence you can identify new opportunities in how to make most use of your investment and make it stand out amongst your audience. Also, LED Craft Inc assures a technical and consultative back up from our team at all times; particularly when you decide to expand your LED sign investment into a larger project.

In an age where communication needs are focusing more on visual expression and interactivity, choosing this route provides more choice to investors. Along with a robust operating system, LED Craft Inc offers scalable solutions to adapt to specific needs of a customer as well as their budget requirements. With this we aim to provide small businesses also the opportunity to use digital signage as part of their daily marketing strategies.

Here are a few ways in which your brand can make this LED sign investment a successful one:

Faster Communication

With an LED display, you can set your own advertising schedule instead of working around other people’s (unlike with television, radio and paper advertising). As soon as you have a message to be passed onto your target market, you can immediately release it on your sign and you can also keep that message on for as long as you want to. For example, a message regarding a fund raiser could last for two weeks, whereas a special offer on a certain item may be a much shorter advertising duration. Therefore, an LED sign gives you total control of when your message is displayed and the duration for which it should be displayed.

Multiple Messages

With the advancements in technology, changing an advertising message has become as simple as just typing your message and pressing “Enter”. A restaurant can attract customers for eggs during the morning hours and can display a mouth-watering advertisement for a meatloaf to attract customers for dinner towards the evening. Some companies might have several messages to be passed across which they can continuously keep rotating on their electronic billboard. Electronic signs make your advertising messages so flexible that they can adapt to the time of day, weather and season.

Cost Effectiveness

In addition to flexibility and timeliness, LED signs allow your advertising department to function successfully with a restricted budget. Just look at the figures on the table and you will notice how an LED sign is hands down the most cost effective form of advertising. Furthermore, with an LED signboard; you have complete control of the publication of your message. No time or money is lost in getting your ad published. With direct and immediate reach, people will be most able to act upon it. This makes LED advertising extremely effective!

Differentiating between LED Signs and other advertising forms

Traditional Advertising (Television, radio, print, etc)

Although it can reach the largest number of people, traditional advertising:

  • is expensive and quite wasteful
  • cannot guarantee that the correct target market is reached
  • is being transmitted based on another person’s orders and schedule. If you are on a contract basis, any urgent messages cannot be sent across.

Internet Advertising

Targeting specific audiences is possible but also carries the risk of being collected with a lot of other unwanted advertisements. Due to this “noise”, internet users probably won’t even notice your advertisement or may have instructed their browsers to block all advertisements.

How to use LED Signs the right way

Sign manufacturers often provide an ‘all-in-one’ LED sign designs that are ideal for everyday application. Those manufactured by LED Craft Inc are highly reliable and come with easily programmable and spontaneous integral software. We also provide full time assistance with any specific queries regarding products, installation and use of the signs.

Let us discuss a few features that can be obtained with LED signs but cannot be made use of with static signs:

  • Quality of text, resolution of images and videos are very high, which helps to attract consumers.
  • Content and design of your advertisement can be customized solely for your business.
  • You can save an entire library of different artwork so as to continuously keep your message interesting and fresh.
  • The schedule of how messages should be displayed can be set automatically so that a person does not have to be there every time the advertising message has to be changed.
  • If you are unable to operate your LED sign properly, you will not be able to take advantage of the features offered by LED displays.

User-friendly Software

There is a high possibility that your business does not have a software engineer in house. Therefore, we provide LED signs that have very easy-to-use software to make it convenient for firms to get their message passed across. In addition to that, our team of experts is always available to support you with any software concerns that you may have once you have purchased your LED sign from us.

Word of Mouth

Those who see your LED billboard will talk about it. Word of mouth is a very credible advertising form and will come only from those who have actually seen your advertisement. Hence a company can gain the kind of exposure that cannot be bought with whatever price you may be willing to pay.

We have already discussed how electronic signs are ultra flexible and the fact that once you invest in it, you own the complete advertising medium. This means that LED signage allows you to keep your messages more updated than any other form of communication. Text and graphics can be changed regularly; new videos can be uploaded, all within the comfort of your own home/office chair. Furthermore, LED boards are visible in sunny, rainy, snowy and stormy weather conditions and that in itself is a guarantee that your sign will not be missed!

Digital Signage statistics that will take you by surprise

As a businessperson who’s well into the technology aspect, you probably know how huge the scale of the digital signage industry has reached. Yet, you are probably wondering if digital signage is the right investment for you. Here are a few dug through studies to show you the exact worthiness of an LED sign investment:

  • When electronic signs are placed in public venues, they reach more customers than advertisements on social media platforms. One in every two Americans has seen a digital billboard every week.
  • Most people who notice an electronic sign remember the ad being displayed on it. This goes to show that customers don’t just glance at it; they spend some time looking at it and absorbing the information.
  • By engaging with the digital billboard, customers can remember what they see. Research shows that travellers who passed by a specific billboard could remember the ads being displayed on it. This is a great way to raise brand awareness.
  • Of those travellers who remembered the ads, 71% thought billboard advertisements are more effective than online ads and 46% thought billboards are even better than television ads.
  • Sometimes you notice a chocolate advertisement and suddenly realise you have been craving that chocolate since a long time – this is known as impulse purchases and is greatly driven by LED signage.
  • A study was conducted to analyse how many people noticed a static sign as opposed to a digital sign at multiple locations. The static sign was noticed by many on the first day and then dropped to extreme lows for the remaining weeks. The digital sign was consistently noticed throughout the study duration and received as much attention on all days as the static sign saw on the first day. This proves that even familiar digital signs are hard to ignore.
  • LED sign boards motivate customers to perform an action. The above study showed that only six people reacted to the message displayed on the static sign while over 600 people reacted to the message on the electronic sign.
  • We all know that the digital signage industry is booming. Judging by the way in which the industry is growing (expected rate – 8.94% per annum), businessmen should know that LED signs are a technology worth investing in.
  • A recent study showed that digital signage proved to be 34% more effective in promoting specific items as compared to traditional signage.
  • LED sign boards placed at POS terminals play a major role in increasing brand awareness. Studies found that there was a 31% increase in customers recalling a brand that they were exposed to at a POS LED sign board. Brands that were studied during this research have experienced as much as 30% sales increment.
  • LED signage helps distract customers and keep them happy while they wait and also allows a store to manage queues effectively. By displaying useful information on electronic signs, there is a proven 35% decrease in perceived waiting time.
  • Digital signs are now popping up in unexpected places; they are not just limited to businesses. Universities and schools for example are widely using this technology to promote events, advertise for bookstores, spread alerts, and display other important information.
  • Interestingly, having interactive LED signs placed around your store means customers will stick around longer while they browse through what you have to offer on racks and on screen.
  • Digital signage is not complicated! With modern software, updating signs is easier than ever. 90% small business owners in a survey mentioned that there was no trouble in figuring it out and 89% of them recommended the use of electronic signs to others.

Epic formula to turn your business into a landmark!

Ever thought of how an LED sign can transform your business office into a landmark? Imagine how much publicity that would give you when people use your business as a landmark to get to a certain location!

Having an attractive ID sign outside your business can also complement the LED sign. However, an ID sign alone will only exhibit the name of the business; it cannot communicate any special offers unlike an LED sign. You could omit the ID sign if you have an LED sign outside your business office because the LED sign will automatically become a landmark within the community.

Viewers passing by will look forward to read your sign for information regarding your company offers, any public announcements, holiday greetings, current time and weather conditions, and so on. By reading your sign on a daily basis, people will remember your business and its location.

Therefore, whether you want a better ROI, more recognition, or higher flexibility in advertising, investing in an LED sign is a step forward towards expanding your business. We hope that LED Craft Inc will be your number one preferred provider for all your LED signage needs.

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