Outdoor LED Signs in LED Craft

Clever solution to deliver top notch digital content

Digital signage comes with several complex movable parts – for example, the display, media player, software, video codecs and of course, a content management system. This is one of the reasons why new users of digital signage find the system overwhelming. However, it is important to understand that ultimately, the main purpose of digital signage…

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LED School Signs

A guide to digital signage software for schools

Digital signage is a highly flexible technological innovation. If any limitations are to occur, it would be due to software restrictions. But that too is now overcome as a result of so many software providers on the market catering to different niches including schools, hospitals, hotels, retail and much more. This guide will focus on…

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LED Street Lights

What is LED Art?

Before we go into the discussion of LED art, let us recap the existence of LED lighting – Bright, energy efficient and durable lights which are rapidly replacing older lighting technology in both domestic and commercial situations. LED lighting is now being used in industries such as LED street lights, LED advertising, LED photography lighting…

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Vehicle Digital Signage

On-vehicle LED advertising types and challenges

Stand on a busy intersection in any big city and you will probably see dozens of vehicles moving with some form of advertising on them.  Over the years, with developments in digital signage, the potential of vehicle based advertising has become very much apparent. With the help of modern wireless networks and smart devices, data…

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Church LED Signs

Determining the average cost of a digital church sign

LED church signs have the capacity to grab the attention of anyone driving past the church. Unlike with a changeable letters church sign, a digital church sign allows for multiple slides to be shown each day simply by programming the sign with user friendly LED sign software. While some churches still believe digitalization is complex,…

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Signs for Churches

Factors in considering the cost of a Church Sign

In announcing your presence to the world, a church sign definitely does a good job. It acts as a communication mediator between you and your congregation, probable even attracting new visitors to your church. Just like any business, churches also have a currency – the soul of the lost. It is indeed safe to say…

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LED Billboard Signs

Programming an LED Display Board

An LED display board, also referred to as an electronic display screen provides high brightness, minimal power consumption, a long life and durable performance. In an LED board, there are three basic parts: LED module, the controller and the power supply. LED module More than one LED modules can be connected together in order to…

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LED Sign Boards

Effective strategies for wayfinding with digital signage

With the integration of the digital world and the physical world, interactive wayfinding has become commonplace. This means much more than simply putting up some maps on a screen. Interacting with visual information is done in many ways today. Digital designers are skilled at user interfaces and wayfinding designs while an organization is an expert…

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