Digital Signage Technology

TEN statistics that prove digital signage is effective

Why is digital signage effective? While a newspaper advertisement could cost up to $7.39 per 1000 impressions and a radio ad could cost over $5.00 per 1000, calculations have shown that LED signs cost just $0.15 per 1000 impressions. 68% of customers state that they would be more likely to purchase a product when influenced…

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LED Advertising Screens

Impressive benefits of digital advertising

What is LED advertising? Also known as Light Emitting Diode (LED), LED advertising screens are usually installed in popular streets, junctions with traffic lights, and other public places where people stop for a few seconds during their daily commute. The advertisement displayed on the screen has a strong visual impact, which undoubtedly attracts the attention…

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Digital Signage Manufacturers USA

Six digital signage trends to look forward to in 2021

2020 began as a normal year, but quickly turned into a nightmare for every industry – thanks to Covid-19 and its demands for mask wearing, sanitization, and social distancing. As a result, the word underwent a colossal change, financial devastation and an immense strain on healthcare systems. This led us to learn how to cope…

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LED Digital Signage

The role of digital signage in the Covid-19 era

How digital signage was used during the pandemic lockdown While the world is adjusting to social distancing, and hospitals are fighting coronavirus, digital signage has done its job in ‘informing’ when the world needed it the most. Because it was an essential tool during lockdown months and is still indispensable to move on with the…

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Digital Signage

What a business needs to know about digital signage

What is digital signage? Any form of business communication where a digital messaging device replaces or supplements other forms of messaging is referred to as digital signage. In very simple and basic terms, digital signage is some sort of a screen (most likely LED or LCD), with some kind of visual message presented in a…

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Outdoor Digital Signs

What outdoor digital signs can do for your business

How digital signage can benefit your business Connect with customers Outdoor digital signs for businesses are highly beneficial because this is the first thing a customer sees concerning your firm, and could possibly be the only thing they remember. Connect with your audience and help your business shine with better, brighter, and clearer advertisements that…

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Digital Signage Investment

Strategies for digital signage and content pairing

Digital signage and content go hand in hand as a match made in heaven. Here’s why: Digital signage is a medium of advertising but in itself, the digital screen is nothing without a clever message on it. It is the content that brings power to a digital signage investment. An ice cream cone analogy explains…

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Indoor Digital Signage

Introduction to digital signage and its importance for a business

What is digital signage? A platform where content is distributed from a central unit by way of digital displays. Information displayed on digital screens can be about weather updates, flights, TV programs, menus, announcements, advertisements and much more. A digital signage system is a form of electronic display where important information and messages are conveyed.…

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