Digital fire department signs

How digital signage helps firefighters save lives

Digital signage is not always about advertising. It is an effective source for delivering lifesaving information. LED fire department signs are designed particularly for firefighters – to help them train, get information with regard to ongoing fires as well as relax with some entertaining content. Benefits for fire stations Every single day, a large amount…

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Improve in-store marketing with digital signage

Your marketing department has probably already come up with a mix of advertising strategies for your brand: print, TV, online, social media and mobile. However, these are all focused on creating awareness to your target market before they come into your store. Marketing does not come to an end once the customer enters your store.…

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A guide to using digital signage in schools

Introduction We believe schools should impress their audiences with the latest indoor and outdoor digital signage screens placed strategically across campus. Paper notices and static sign boards are now a thing of the past and replacing those with school LED displays will spark interest and stir up some interesting conversation. So, think hard about how…

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Digital Advertising in USA

Content still wins over channel of signage

Introduction Quality content has become very powerful now more than ever in the world of digital advertising. Of course, the main reason being the rapid development in technology over the past 20 years, which is very much visible to the naked eye. When the internet initially came about, it was all about coming up with…

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Electronic signage for businesses

15 reasons you should invest in digital signage

LED Craft Inc is here to convince you that digital signage is a single product that can save your business money, improve efficiencies, increase engagement, boost customer satisfaction and improve business overall! We are well into the 21st century, and the time of digital signage has arrived for quite a few years now. If you…

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High quality digital signage USA

Touchless self-checkout in frictionless experience!

Introduction Ever imagined being able to interact with a touch screen without actually touching it?!? Yes, technology has now made this possible. By using computer vision to recognize objects just like a human eye can, touchless self-checkout systems are now being introduced in several retail outlets. Artificial Intelligence and Image Recognition are the two important…

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Digital pop up stores with LED signage

Digitizing pop-up stores with LED displays

Introduction A digital pop-up store is a mini shop that can be visualized on an established e-commerce store. The pop-up shop is seen as a collection of products that are available for a restricted duration, and is ideal for encouraging sales of limited-edition items, seasonal items, or items recommended by an influencer. The objective of…

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