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    Changeable Letter Signs

    If you are interested in a flexible outdoor sign for your business, then changeable letter signs from LED Craft Inc are the right choice. These are simple, cabinet style signs that include a polycarbonate or acrylic sign face which is mounted on strips, where individual plastic letters spell out a message in text format. Changeable letter signs are made from blanks and are a better option over traditional saw-cut changeable signboards. The sizes and materials used in changeable letter signs can vary, most of which are illuminated internally with LEDs. An identification area can be included either above or below the changeable letter panel.

    Gas stations use our changeable letter signs the most, particularly because they have constantly changing prices that have to be updated. In the case of other businesses where consistent changing of the sign lettering is required, changeable letter boards are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Bars, restaurants, markets, grocery stores, auction houses, and more can benefit from the ability to switch letters in and out as needed.

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    Characteristics of changeable letter signs

    Each changeable sign from LED Craft Inc includes a suitable pack of letters and numbers for end-users to easily add, remove, and replace characters as and how needed. Changing hours of operation, times of meetings, alerting customers about a shipment, whatever you need to display, your messaging is made simple and clear with changeable letter signs.

    Why invest in changeable letter signs

    • Most changeable signs are economical for small organizations, and if built with high-quality materials such as those manufactured by LED Craft Inc, the letter signs can last a long time.
    • In some situations, changeable letters are the only sign type that offers the necessary flexibility.
    • With the right materials, changeable letter signs are highly durable and can last for as long as 15 years.
    • Refreshes the minds of the community around you by entertaining them with regular posts that add a touch of humor.
    • In rural settings for example, where servicing may be difficult in case of technical issues, changeable signs are a convenient option because they are made with easy to service materials.
    • Because of the flexibility of letter signs, these can easily be moved from one place to another. Such portable signs are essential for certain types of businesses.

    Different types of changeable letter signs available at LED Craft Inc

    Integrated sign

    The integrated changeable letter sign is a clean design where a changeable letter section and an identification area are both mounted into a single cabinet system. Integrated changeable letter signs are appropriate if the organization has to be identified with the sign, or you need an integrated all in one look, or if you need to change the identification area at any point in time.

    Sign with logo panel

    This sign has the regular changeable letter section along with a rectangular panel designed specifically to highlight the organization logo and also an identification area above. A logo panel on a changeable sign is needed if your organization wants to publicize its brand or if your logo is what represents your identity.

    Stand-alone sign

    A stand-alone changeable sign does not have any identification areas around it. This type is appropriate when an existing sign has to be replaced, if you have enough identification on-site, and if you want to use the entire area for the local code.

    Monument sign

    This one is a standard monument-style sign embedded with a changeable letter sign. Choose a monument-style changeable sign if you are looking for a traditional appearance, you require the architecture style of the building to reflect on the sign, or if you need the sign to be as close to the ground as possible.

    Creative sign

    The design of changeable letter signs can be customized to meet the styling requirements of the organization. Creative letter signs are needed when the design is an important part of the organization’s representation.

    How much do changeable letter signs cost

    The cost of a changeable letter sign can be determined after considering the following variables:

    • Size
    • Illumination technique
    • Double-sided or single-sided
    • Height of pole
    • Painted or powder-coated
    • Steel or aluminum material
    • Acrylic or polycarbonate

    How to clean a changeable letter sign

    Whether your sign is made of acrylic or polycarbonate, it is fairly easy to clean, but a few things must be noted:

    • Never use cleaning agents that contain ammonia or any other chemicals. Glass cleaners and kitchen counter cleaners are NOT appropriate for cleaning your changeable sign.
    • Avoid using any rough material to clean the sign as this may cause tiny scratches.
    • Never use a dry cloth to wipe your sign as this can grind the dirt into the acrylic just like any other rough scouring material would.


    Now that you know what NOT to do, here’s how LED Craft Inc advises you to wash and dry your changeable letter sign:

    1. Washing: use clean, lukewarm water with a clean, soft, and smooth cloth. If the sign is located out of reach, a pressure washer can be used. If necessary, mix a mild soap with lukewarm water to wash the sign.
    2. Drying: gently blot the sign with a clean, dry, and soft cloth to ensure a beautiful result. For signs that are out of reach, just let the sign air dry for best results.

    If your sign is very dirty and stubborn, you may need to use a cleaning agent. Be sure to double-check if the product you are purchasing is safe to use on polycarbonate or acrylic. Follow how-to-use directions on the product along with clean and soft cloths.

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