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    Is your Church growing rapidly? Do your have about a 100 young, tech-oriented families attending your congregation every week? Is your Church in a small town where an old man stops by every week to change the message on your 50-year-old sign?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, we believe a digital sign is the right choice for your church.

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    Why invest in a Church LED sign?

    In the United States, Church attendance is on the decline. The most likely reason being today’s society and the influence of social media.

    It is indeed a struggle for Churches to attract new members to their congregation, even with successful projects, public events and powerful sermons. Hence a church needs every tool available to pass His message across. Which is why, communication with the public of Kansas City is one area where your church should not fail.

    Church LED sings Kansas City are the most versatile and effective forms of communications for churches – whether it is outside the congregation or to provide event schedules and other updates within the congregation, inside the church premises. This state-of-the-art LED sign investment with LED Craft Inc will prove to be the smartest one made by your congregation – reaching hundreds and thousands of people every day, having an average lifespan of 10 years! Emergency announcements and rotating messages are all possible with digital church signs. Along with Bible messages and Baptist Church programs, don’t forget to congratulate your members after they have been Baptized and share this proud moment on your indoor and outdoor church LED sign.

    How does a digital church sign work?

    Digital displays require an electricity source and a wired or wireless connection for uploading content. While you probably have a church management software to manage daily operations of the church, you also need a content management software to deal with the content to be displayed on LED signs. One of the biggest advantages of church LED signs is directly related to this software. With traditional signs, it may take about an hour or more to change the message. But on a digital sign, content can be refreshed within just a few minutes.

    Types of Church LED signs

    There are three main types of LED signs that are most often used at Churches, and these are also known as electronic marquees. Each of these signs manufactured by LED Craft Inc can be mounted on poles and pylons, can be placed as monument style signs, or even mounted on the building or wall of the Church itself.

    Tri-Color LED Signs

    An LED sign with tri-color LED lights is sure to grab the attention of everyone passing by. Text is the primary function of a tri-color neon sign, which offers basic effects and can be controlled with a handheld remote that does not require access to a computer.

    Medium Resolution LED Signs

    If brightness is your key requirement, a 16mm resolution on a 4’x8’ or larger sign is ideal to provide a great picture for your church LED sign.

    High Resolution LED Signs

    High resolution signs are what most industries are going for today. A 10mm pixel pitch is advisable for an outdoor LED sign. Technology advances fast, hence this is the better sign option for your church.

    Benefits of Church LED Signs

    An appealing and informational digital sign is a tried-and-true way to attract new members to your Church. Just like any other business, places of worship can also reap the advantages of digital signs by showing professionalism, attracting customers, providing information, and conveying its overall character. Here’s how your Church can benefit from an investment with LED Craft Inc:

    • Details on worship times

    Let the public know what are the worship times at your institution. This is crucial information if you want people to walk in through your doors. If people are not aware about your operational timings, prospective members are very less likely to visit your church. A slideshow with all the necessary information will increase the possibility of gaining new members.

    • Provide additional information

    Worship times are certainly the most important information a church needs to convey to the public. But in addition to that, other information about your church will keep the public updated on what else is happening in your religious community.

    • Capture the attention of passersby

    Funny Bible-related puns are a popular strategy used by churches to attract attention. These help in conveying the humor and character of staff to the congregation. But of course, these have to be changed regularly to keep viewers engaged. Older, run-down signs that have the same message for long periods are not eye catching after awhile and are often overlooked by passersby. A digital sign with creative messaging and bright colors will be an advantage in attracting the attention of people.

    • Instill religious quotes and verses

    Share your favorite quotes and messages from the Bible to spread your Church message to the neighboring community. Digital signs offer plenty of space, rotating time slots, and convenient updating of information so you can relay all your important verses while also displaying necessary church-related information on the same screen.

    How to make the most of a church LED sign investment?

    • Keep your information fresh and up-to-date always. A sign displaying advertisements on events that took place two weeks ago will only be undermined.
    • The option to schedule rotational content with church LED signs means you can target different content to different audiences at different timings. For example, in the mornings you could advertise weekly service timings, senior events in the early afternoon, youth groups during after school hours, and group events in the night hours.
    • The aim of a church LED sign design should be to inform and intrigue the public of Kansas City. So use color and animation sparingly – you don’t want to dazzle and distract the audience.
    • Imagine yourself as your own audience and go outside to give your sign a look every once in a while. Church signs often are victims to hackers and glitches. So you need to make sure your sign face is intact.
    • Church signs are memorable because they always leave passersby with a smile on their face. Going digital does not mean your sense of humor is lost. Have fun and be funny!

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