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    What are the chances of a store window attracting your attention when you are in a rush to get to work? If you are a store owner, you very well know that its not easy to attract the interest of those passing by your outlet. Well, LED Craft Inc offers high quality indoor LED signs Springfield as an ideal solution to your problem.

    There have been proven situations where indoor LED signs make products and special offers more visible, and simply reinforce brand awareness amongst your targeted audience. With the video display features, store owners of any type of business can lure passers-by to visit the store by displaying attractive discounts and new items on offer.

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    What are some popular uses for indoor led signs?

    Shops and Department stores

    Commercial establishments have seen flourishing sales after investing in LED displays: a digital display on a shop window will attract more visitors than a static sign, an LED screen inside the store will allow an attractive display of product features. Moreover, if the display is an interactive one, store owners will be able to further engage potential customers, moving a step ahead in sealing the deal.


    Installing LED displays in large surfaces makes selling products easier, instead of having to go through the hassle to manually change the signs regularly. Particularly in cases where a large stock of perishable goods needs to be sold before they lose its shelf value, and in cases where store services such as delivery services and opening hours on holidays have to be highlighted, LED displays are a blessing!

    Real Estate and Auto Dealerships

    It is more feasible for real estate and auto dealerships to adopt to digital signage because they can display more images, videos and special effects of the houses and vehicles that are up for sale or lease. The user-friendly content management software included with LED Craft Inc products makes it simple for the end user to upload engaging videos along with the company logo to reinforce brand image.


    Pharmacies have a lot of video content to offer about their products, which is why LED screens are an ideal way to spread this information.

    Medical centers

    Clinics can improve user experience with engaging videos to reduce the perceived waiting time. Digital screens can also provide essential information regarding prevention of diseases, healthy lifestyle, and so on. Veterinary clinics can also benefit from this technology by showing videos on how to respond when pets have a problem.

    Hairdressers and beauty parlors

    Easy display of beauty treatments and hairstyles are possible thanks to custom signs in the digital signage industry.


    Restaurants can keep up with digitalization trends by introducing digital menus with tempting photographs of the items on the menu, along with other ingredients and calorie information to keep customers well informed.

    What are the most common types of indoor led signs?

    • Monochrome is the most basic form of LED signs that provide communication only in the form of text and simple graphics, and in just one color – mostly either a vibrant yellow or amber. A sign company will explain how the poster size is most appropriate for indoor or window use.
    • Tri-color indoor LEDs are very similar to monochrome, but these allow text and graphics to be displayed in three colors – red, green, and yellow. Similar to monochrome signs, this type also can edit content easily with an aim to achieve business goals.
    • Full-color LED signs for indoor use are available in high-definition display. This category of sign production from LED Craft Inc offers a wide variety with versatile features that allows not just the display of text and graphics but also full-motion video and clear images.
    • Combo (Double-Sided) LED signs are the most visually striking ones that allow displaying all sorts of content on both sides and also offers the option of displaying different content on each side – making targeted marketing much simpler!

    How to make your indoor LED sign investment successful?

    Leave all the technical aspects of coming up with an LED signage solution to our experienced team at LED Craft Inc, and use your time to focus on understanding how to make the investment work well with your business. Come up with clever strategies for the following three factors:

    Maximizing space

    As a retailer, you are probably aware of how scarce “space” is. If space is used well, profits can be maximized. Have a clear plan on where to place your indoor LED sign. Consider the following:

    • Maximum customer traffic
    • Visibility of display
    • Will the display distract any other part of your store?

    Before you place the signage, consider using sensors to detect customer movement throughout the store. This allows you to target customers efficiently with appropriate signage content.


    Integrate digital signage content with your brand and boost its image. Consider the following:

    • Describe your brand
    • Adjust your display to fit the brand

    Adjust the content to fit the brand


    Content is the most important part of successful digital signage. Good content can be created by addressing the following:

    • Target audience
    • Messages appropriate for your audience
    • How will you develop content?
    • Who will manage the content?

    It is best to create content that will engage your audience and convince them to make a purchase, provided the content is regularly updated.

    By combining clever content and branding strategies along with correct placement of the sign, your digital signage can turn out to be a roaring success!

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