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    What is an LED Scrolling Sign?

    LED Scrolling signs are text only programmable LEDs that are easy to work with, lasts long, provides quick results, and has options that fit any budget. These programmable LED signs are a great way to attract visitors to your store, display information, and advertise items on promotion. An investment in an LED scrolling sign from LED Craft Inc will provide a bright and clear display which is visually appealing to potential customers all day and night, thereby ensuring your business stands out amongst competitors.

    Where and how can I install an LED scrolling display?

    LED scrolling displays are ideal as window hangings to attract passersby, especially for businesses that stay open during late nights – LEDs are ideal to illuminate dark areas and draw attention. LED scrolling signs are also ideal for hanging on walls or for merchandizing displays. These come with hanging rings or mounts that can be adjusted as needed and can be hung with a chain on walls, windows or from ceilings.

    Most scrolling LED signs come with a standard black aluminum frame and only requires additional framing if it is being layered above or below another sign.

    How is an LED Scrolling Sign programmed?

    Some common messages displayed on scrolling LED signs include sales, promotions, BOGOs, upsell suggestions, current prices, daily quotes, exchange rates, informative messages, inspirational messages, reminders, safety protocols and so on. When you have become accustomed to changing your signage content regularly, you can schedule different messages for different timings to target different markets.

    So how are these signs programmed?

    LED Craft Inc manufactures high quality LED scrolling signs that come with a USB stick that has the in-built software needed to program the display. Your signage content can be created on a laptop or computer with the help of the USB. Once the content has been created and you are happy with the text and design, transfer the file onto the USB and switch the USB onto the LED scrolling sign and your message will appear instantly. We also provide a 3m long power cable that can be used with the scrolling sign.

    What maintenance is required for an LED scrolling sign?

    General cleaning of the scrolling LED sign is easy – simply wipe your digital sign with a microfiber cloth and an electronics safe cleaning solution. Take it to any local LED technician once a year for an inspection of components, connectors and hardware, in addition to a detailed interior cleaning. For the most part, your scrolling LED sign will be self sufficient for years, but our team at LED Craft Inc is ready to help you with any questions at any time.

    Why invest in an LED scrolling sign?

    LED scrolling signs offer a lot of flexibility for your business. The message can be changed easily and instantly to accommodate different target markets such as school children, office crowd, and the elderly.

    Furthermore, the sign itself can be repositioned conveniently in different locations as appropriate. There is very little time and work involved in installing an LED scrolling sign – just hang it up, plug it in, and you are ready to go!

    What’s more? LED Craft Inc provides simple software that makes it easy and fun to craft a killer sales message! Scrolling LED displays are easy to use and also adds a modern and dynamic touch to your business.

    Keeping the future in mind, LED Craft Inc’s high quality LED Scrolling signs are built using premium, durable parts, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. These heavy duty, commercial use signs are visible even in direct sunlight. Manufactured with advanced technology and tested for extreme cold and hot temperatures, including rain, snow, ice, dry heat and humidity, these signs are designed to last for many years. Simply get in touch with LED Craft Inc for all your scrolling LED sign solutions which can be shipped directly to your doorstep with all the necessary hardware and message creation software included.

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