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    Engineered to last longer and produce excellent resolution and pixel pitch, LED Craft signs are custom-built for your business, organization, and campaign. As a full-service sign company, we provide services at every step of your signage journey, from art rendering to permit assistance to maintenance.

    LED Signs in Chattanooga

    Digital signage brings exceptional brand exposure and unmissable visibility. LED signs in Chattanooga, TN by LED Craft offer immersive experiences with superb pixel matrix, pixel pitch, resolution, viewing angle, viewing distance, and variable brightness. They are energy-efficient, customizable, and versatile. You can make data-driven decisions using our up-to-date Traffic Count & ROI Reports for maximum impact. Increase engagement with improved quality, uncluttered & conceptual designs, vibrant colors, and multiple content capabilities.

    How LED signs help your business grow?

    They grab the attention of commuting audiences and drive traffic to websites. They have the lowest CPM compared to online and print media advertising. With one digital sign, you can create, change, and update campaigns, ads, and messaging over and over. LED signs are also the most effective wayfinders and landmarks that increase foot traffic and brand visibility.

    Highly impactful signage is memorable and prompts post-exposure connectivity and engagement. Their running costs are lower due to the energy efficiency of LED technology. You can refresh messages and renew graphics remotely without taking down signs or replacing them.

    You can automate operations with menu boards, instructions, maps, sign-ups, feedback, ordering, and searching. It saves time for employees to offer a better quality service. You will also find that some customers are more comfortable interacting with screens than staff members.

    Digital signage also helps to keep your audience updated and messaging relevant. You can take advantage of changing weather, crowd sizes, special events, festivals, and times of the day to promote products and services.

    At night time, only illuminated signs will retain their prowess. They will enhance the aesthetics of your premises or landscape. You will save on print material as you only need one digital sign to disseminate all PR and Ad content. Indoor displays can also act as message boards to communicate with employees. They are ideal for streamlining communication to prevent miscommunication or communication delays.

    Outdoor LED Signs Chattanooga

    Whether it is stadium screens, billboards, or monument signs, outdoor signs powered by LED are the only ones that resist weather conditions. Their quality remains intact with excellent viewing angles, controlled brightness, and optimal pixel pitch for maximum visual impact.

    The flexibility of design and installation has allowed outdoor LED signs to showcase everywhere where the people are, including bus shelters and gas stations. Even trains, buses, and taxis display these signs, giving rise to mobile marketing.

    Churches can combine monument signs with digital signs to notify and remind the congregation about services and events. Schools can use these signs to direct parking and announce theatre productions. Health authorities can disseminate crucial information about outbreaks or precautionary measures using outdoor signs.

    Non-for-profit organizations can use outdoor signs to promote causes and advocacy with statistics and facts. They can even encourage audience participation with QR codes or social media handles.

    LED sign solutions in Chattanooga by LED Craft take your message to the masses. Cut your sign expenses in half by buying premium build signs directly from us.

    Indoor LED Signs Chattanooga

    Integrate digital signage into your premises for a streamlined, automated, and informative experience. Create aesthetics with digital wall art or advertise products with video sequences. Products become more desirable when there are moving visuals.

    Indoor signs can be video walls, wayfinding signs, freestanding signs, or menu boards. These can be interactive as well. Shopping centers can use these to help customers locate stores, bathroom stalls, exits, and play areas. You can also use these in stores to display daily deals and promos. It saves time and effort for staff to create, print, and put up static signs. It will also save you money. Digital display notices are more successful at attracting attention, and they make a better sales pitch.

    You can use indoor signs for PSAs. A retail store can encourage people to use reusable bags, a hospital can motivate visitors to donate blood, and a library can remind users to return their books on time. Rather than flyers or posters that do not register with most people and get promptly ignored, digital signs are more effective in creating an impact.

    Create memorable impressions that lead to enhanced engagement with indoor signs in Chattanooga by LED Craft.


    We offer a variety of installation options. As part of our service, we assist with permits to ensure your sign gets installed according to zonal laws. Our maintenance service extends years after the initial purchase. We provide reliable and up-to-date traffic counts and ROI reports to help clients choose strategic locations to install their signs.

    LED signs dimensions

    The traffic you are targeting, the viewing distance, and the content you want to display will determine the pixel pitch & matrix and the dimensions of your sign. Our sign experts will help you choose the perfect size to achieve your goals.

    Cost of LED signage in Chattanooga

    You get the best price for our signs because we sell directly to end users and distributors with no mediator involved. We offer attractive discounts for bulk orders. Our flexible financing options via CIT allow you to buy the best signs without compromising your finances or quality. We make sign purchases pocket-friendly while giving you the premium quality we are proud to engineer.

    Why LED Craft?

    We use advanced LED technology to design and manufacture signs and digital screens. We also offer content management features and high-end graphics. Our art rendering services will also put you in touch with industry professionals to create your digital advertising campaigns.

    LED Craft offers consultation, sign design, and engineering without the need for costly outsourcing or mediators. We offer maintenance and servicing years after the initial installation. Our turn-key signage retrofit projects lower your energy expenses.

    Our products include all digital outdoor and indoor signage solutions personalized for your brand and marketing goals.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What are the uses of LED Signage for businesses?

    High visual impact, customizable content, multiple content display, energy efficiency, low maintenance, better ROI, enhanced engagement, immersive experience, creative storytelling, emotional connection, memorable impressions, bridging physical and virtual worlds, wayfinding, and versatility to fit various spaces and places are some of the uses of LED signage.

    Are LED signs energy efficient?

    Yes. They are the most energy-efficient lighted signs available. LED light consumes less secondary power than neon lights. A large neon sign requires up to 15,000 volts, but an LED one only requires 24 volts.

    Can LED signs be customized?

    Indeed. Both the physical dimensions and content of LED signs are customizable. The signs are customizable to fit various spaces, shapes, and functions. With content management software, you can change content in real-time.

    Benefits of LED signs in comparison to traditional signage

    They have more visual appeal than static signs. The ability to program them means you can offer a sequence of time-specific and audience-specific messages in varying formats. You can update or launch campaigns on the fly. LED signs can send out alerts or emergency notifications in real time.

    One sign supports all content types. With moving images, text, or video, you can give the audience more information without cluttering. Outdoor LED signs do not lose their vibrancy or functionality due to bad weather. They offer the flexibility to configure into various spaces and shapes. Custom LED signs can be abstract, curved, or cubic. Transparent LED signs can advertise without blocking views.  LED signs are more energy-efficient.

    Cleaning and maintenance tips

    Use a soft cloth and a mild soap-water solution to clean LED screens. Rinse and dry with a clean cloth afterward. Do not use any abrasive material to wipe or clean your sign. Call for professional inspections and routine maintenance checks to keep your sign in perfect condition.

    Types of content that can be displayed on LED signage

    LED signs can display text, images, videos, animation, social media, live news, emergency alerts, and mixed media messages. Interactive displays and AR-enabled screens can display QR codes and apps.

    What type of information can be displayed on LED signage?

    Place names, street names, traffic signs, products & services, adverts, promo content, listings, sign boards, notices, announcements, maps, floor plans, menus, catalogs, adverts, welcome signs, greetings, social media dashboards, e-papers, and public service announcements.

    Why Choose LED Craft

    • As suppliers of church LED signs, we sell directly to end users and distributors with no mediator involved.
    • We offer attractive discounts for bulk orders
    • In addition to manufacturing, we provide other services such as content management. If you are in need of premium graphical content, we have partners who will do a great job for you.
    • LED Craft uses the latest technology in manufacturing its LED displays and thereby produces the best quality LED screens available in the market.

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