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    LED Craft Inc is a digital sign production company with an abundance of experience in the field, with which we offer strategic digital signage solutions for our valued clients. We undertake both manufacturing and distributing of LED signs in Kentucky in a variety of sizes and display qualities. Get in touch with our team of consultants to find an appropriate custom sign for your company.

    LED Signs in Kentucky

    Digital signage is an ideal way to show off your business and grab attention in a short span of time. These full color signs are energy efficient, easy to install and are economical. If you want your business to stand out amongst competitors and other businesses in the area, digital displays must be a part of your marketing strategy. These solutions have become extremely popular in all industries worldwide – from retail outlets to restaurants, offices, hospitals, school, hotels, churches and more – everyone is using digital signage!

    The average light bulb uses 75% of its energy before it runs out. In comparison, LED signs use as much as 90% of its energy – thus making LED lighted signs much more energy efficient. Traditional and fluorescent lighting would have to be replaced every 2-3 years, but LED signs can last for anywhere between 20,000 to 50,000 hours, which is 10 times longer than its traditional counterpart.

    Moreover, LED lighting does not give off as much heat as other lighting types, hence are much safer especially when used within the workplace, store, restaurant or in a high traffic area outdoor setting. In fact, digital displays are more easygoing for the eyes as the brightness levels can be adjusted. LED screens can be used as indoor and outdoor signage and requires minimum maintenance and hardly any replacement of parts.

    If you own a small business in Kentucky, the best way to put your brand in the eyes of the public via a restricted marketing budget is with a neon sign investment. They are instant attention-grabbing solutions, making it perfect for attracting audiences that haven’t heard of your brand yet. Not only are neon signs cost effective but are also easy to transport and can be placed either inside stores or on the outside. These signs can also be customized to display a message most suited for your business.

    Uses of LED signs

    From advertising your brand, promoting special offers and seasonal products, communicating store opening hours and business-related events, announcements, product availability, how to best use a product, and other such special instructions, LED signs in Kentucky are a necessity for efficient operations and successful marketing for every business.

    Why you should invest in an environmentally friendly signage solution for your business?

    As sustainable practices are becoming increasingly important for companies as well as consumers, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly signage solutions from LED Craft Inc bring about several advantages.

    • While shoppers themselves are adapting to environmentally friendly personal habits and being particular about what they purchase, they are also impressed and more inclined towards purchasing from businesses that show the same support for the environment. Also, businesses that have already adopted to green practices will be looking to partner with other corporates that have the same perspective. Thus, adopting to sustainable signage solutions from LED Craft Inc, your company will have a competitive edge over others in the industry. Moreover, a reputation for reducing carbon footprint will make your company popular and result in a larger, loyal customer base.
    • LED signage reduces power consumption, which in turn reduces your overall utility bills and gives you more savings. By being environmentally concerned overall, you can increase profits by saving on such bills, streamlining technology, reducing wastage and so on. Power-friendly solutions such as digital signage are more reliable and require less maintenance, thus making them more cost effective in the long run as there’ll be reduced malfunctions and lesser downtime.
    • LED signs in Kentucky are more long lasting, thus reducing wastage – which is an important factor in sustainability. With traditional signs, there is more wastage because you have to physically replace signs when a new message needs to be put up. With a high quality custom LED sign, you have a display solution that will remain in good working condition for many years; as a result, proving beneficial for your budget as well as the environment.
    • LED bulbs can be recycled. Even in the event that after so many years if your LED lighting stops working, you won’t be adding to the landfill that pollutes the environment, instead you can send the LED bulbs for recycling and create new LED lights with those.
    • LED lights perform well in extreme weather conditions as compared to traditional lighting sources that require higher voltage and are less bright in cold conditions. Therefore, when it comes to parking lots, entrances and other outdoor areas where the weather is very cold, LED signage is the best option.
    • LED lighting produces almost no heat, and no UV emissions, thus contributing to the energy efficiency and making it a more streamlined, effective and safe display solution.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How much does LED signs cost in Kentucky?

    Depending on the size and quality of your LED display, costs will vary.

    Are LED signs durable?

    Yes, LED signs are highly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

    What are the different types of LED signs available?

    LED Craft Inc offers LED church signs, school signs, shopping center LED signs, restaurant signs, auto dealership signs, LED gas price signs, monument signs, electronic marquee signs and much more options that can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings.

    Are LED signs easy to maintain?

    LED signs are long lasting, thus require minimum maintenance and very rare replacement of parts or screens.

    How do you customize an LED sign?

    A creative content writer and designer can work together in creating a custom sign for your business depending on your product/service and the message you want to put across.

    What type of content can an LED sign display?

    Text, audio, video, animation, 3D and all sorts of formats are supported on an LED display.

    Is the brightness adjustable in LED signs?

    The brightness can be adjusted in LED signs as per your requirements.

    Why Choose LED Craft

    • As suppliers of church LED signs, we sell directly to end users and distributors with no mediator involved.
    • We offer attractive discounts for bulk orders
    • In addition to manufacturing, we provide other services such as content management. If you are in need of premium graphical content, we have partners who will do a great job for you.
    • LED Craft uses the latest technology in manufacturing its LED displays and thereby produces the best quality LED screens available in the market.

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