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    Designed and manufactured for optimal visual impact, comfortable viewing, and long-lasting operation, signs by LED Craft offer the industry’s highest standards. Our signage and lighting solutions are tailored to your brand and marketing goals. Stand out from the rest with advanced LED technology.

    LED signs in Wichita

    An audience on the go needs more than what meets the eye. Captivating visual power is only possible with high-quality signs. Outdoor and indoor LED signs in Wichita by LED Craft support dynamic content for all your advertising needs.

    Be it mega billboards, stadium LED signs, church signs, school signs, or auto dealer signs, we have built signage of all sizes for brands of all sizes, across the gamut of industries. Our solutions are always personalized to your requirements, brand identity, location, and products & services. We help you make data-driven decisions with our traffic count and ROI reports. We also provide digital advertising content or set you up with our partner digital advertising service providers. Once installed by our team, our maintenance services extend well into the purchase date of your sign.

    How LED signs help your business grow

    Visibility boost – LED signs are bright and highly-visible, making them stand out in various lighting conditions, including daylight and nighttime. Their vibrant colors and high contrast help draw attention from passersby, increasing the chances of potential customers noticing and remembering your business.

    Eye-catching – digital signs attract attention with animations, scrolling messages, or dynamic content, which are more likely to captivate people than traditional signs. The ability to display changing and visually appealing content can pique curiosity and attract customers to your establishment.

    Real-time updates- the signs are easy to update on the fly, enabling you to promote time-sensitive offers, sales, or events. This flexibility helps businesses stay agile and respond quickly to changing market conditions or opportunities.

    Cost-effective advertising – LED signs are more affordable than traditional print or digital media. Once installed, they require minimal ongoing costs and can display unlimited messages without physical replacements for a long time. They are an effective way to promote ongoing or seasonal sales, discounts, and special offers. The dynamic nature of LED displays allows businesses to showcase various promotions without cluttering the signage.

    Versatility & flexibility – digital signs can be customized to suit various business needs. They can display text, images, videos, or animations, making them suitable for different industries and applications. They can be configured for various installation options, surfaces, and locations.

    Brand awareness – constant visual presence of your brand on LED signs reinforces brand recognition and helps establish a strong brand presence. Displaying logos, taglines, or brand colors creates awareness and familiarity of your brand among consumers.

    Wayfinding and directions – these signs can guide customers to your location or within a facility. It is particularly beneficial for large business premises, airports, hospitals, and office buildings.

    Community engagement – LED signs can share community-related messages, disseminate public service announcements, support local events, or promote charity initiatives. It helps businesses build a positive reputation within the community and fosters goodwill.

    Outdoor LED signs Wichita

    Outdoor LED signs are ubiquitous in our modern urban landscape, captivating passersby with their vibrant colors and dynamic displays. Digital signs have revolutionized the way businesses and organizations communicate with the world. An outdoor sign brings your brand to where the public is. Whether it is a monument sign, a billboard, or a storefront sign, they give your brand exposure, awareness, and a cost-effective way to advertise at scale. The power of LED makes it all happen with its environmental ruggedness. Outdoor LED signs can withstand rain, snow, sun, and humidity. Every business, organization, place of worship, school, and locality needs them.

    LED signs can promote products and services timely with customization that adapts their message to external circumstances, such as rain, slow-moving traffic, or early-morning commuters. This flexibility helps businesses stay agile and respond quickly to changing market conditions or opportunities.

    Outdoor signs are not just for marketing. They are effective wayfinding tools, guiding pedestrians and motorists to their destinations. From street names to directional arrows, outdoor LED signs enhance navigation, reducing confusion and improving the overall experience for travelers.

    Cities and municipalities utilize outdoor LED signs for welcome messages, emergency alerts, traffic updates, and public service announcements. Additionally, they can showcase community events, cultural celebrations, and initiatives, fostering a sense of unity and pride among residents. Showcase your brand or message to a readily available audience passing by with high-quality outdoor LED signs in Wichita by LED Craft.

    Indoor LED signs Wichita

    Indoor LED signs have enriched the consumer experience. From retailers to museums, indoor signs serve an array of purposes. They are used to communicate, advertise, promote, collect data, make payments, scan codes, order, search, navigate, display art, create visual ambiance, and engage with audiences. Their versatility, dynamic nature, flexibility of configuration, and energy efficiency make them invaluable to indoor environments.

    They bridge the gap between the digital world and physical space by replicating the content seen on TV or online ads. Stores can use them to play adverts for products they sell. Visual appeal through vibrant colors, vivid imagery, high-res displays, fluid animation, and dynamic content makes products more appealing.

    Indoor LED signs simplify and streamline communication, ensuring information reaches the target audience promptly. This efficiency is especially crucial in fast-paced environments where instant communication is necessary. From daily deals to store closing time and weather reports to new bulletins, indoor digital displays can share a host of information. They also make convenient internal communication platforms and convey staff announcements, company news, and employee recognition.

    Interactive displays facilitate self-service in the form of kiosks, checkouts, sign-ups, QR code scans, wayfinding, POS, and many more. These are ideal for indoor environments to improve efficiency, reduce wait time, limit customer support staff, and save on printed material. From transparent LED wall displays to video walls, indoor LED signs in Wichita by LED Craft offer vivid visuals that create immersive experiences for visitors, consumers, and audiences.


    Our installation options include wall mount, single pole mount, double pole mount, and custom setups to suit your requirements. We assist with obtaining the necessary installation permits in compliance with local zoning regulations, ensuring that your sign is lawful. Our maintenance and after-sales support extends well after the initial purchase date. To maximize the effectiveness of your signs, we offer traffic count and ROI reports. These data analytics are well-researched and updated to help you make informed decisions on the ideal locations for your LED signs.

    LED signs dimensions

    We assist you in choosing the perfect size and specifications for your sign, considering its purpose, location, and target audience. Our signs are designed with comfortable viewing distances, optimal angles, brightness, and pixel pitch, ensuring that your content stands out and captures attention effectively. Our team will guide you through the design process for tailored solutions.

    Cost of LED signs in Wichita

    Direct selling to end users removes intermediary costs, making our signs more affordable. As manufacturers of LED signs, we can also guarantee you the quality. We offer discounts for volume orders, and our flexible financing options via CIT make it more convenient for you to pay for your sign.

    Why LED Craft?

    We are a full-service digital signage provider that utilizes the latest in LED technology to design and manufacture signs for various specifications. Our signs designs are uncluttered and conceptual for maximum visual impact your message deserves. We also provide digital advertising content with high-quality art rendering and partnerships with professional content designers for your marketing campaigns.

    We install and maintain your sign with customer service extending well past the date of purchase. All digital display and lighting solutions are tailored to your unique requirements and brands. Our turn-key signage retrofit projects lower your energy expenses. We rely on decisions driven by data analytics. Up-to-date traffic count and ROI reports will help you decide the most impactful location for your sign. When permits are required, we assist you with the required documents for installing your new sign lawfully.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What are the uses of LED signage for businesses?

    LED signs offer numerous benefits and uses for businesses. Advertising & promotion, branding & visibility, display of business details, showcasing products & services, wayfinding, real-time updates, interactive displays for self-service, digital menus, safety & emergency alerts, PSAs, welcome signs, live broadcast streaming, time & temperature display, entertainment, ambiance, and aesthetics.

    Are LED signs energy efficient?

    Yes, LED signs are highly energy-efficient compared to traditional lighting options. They save up to 90% of energy consumption. They also have reduced heat generation, instant On/Off, dimmable capability, and directional emission, contributing to better energy efficiency. They also last up to 25 times longer than other lighted signs.

    Can LED signs be customized?

    Absolutely! LED signs offer complete customization in terms of their physical dimensions and content. They can be tailored to suit different spaces, shapes, and specific functions. Additionally, utilizing content management software allows you to make real-time changes to the displayed content, giving you full control over the messages you wish to convey. They also support multiple content types, such as images, videos, animation, text, and static messages.

    Benefits of LED signs in comparison to traditional signage

    LED signs surpass static signs in visual appeal, offering dynamic and eye-catching displays. The programmable nature of LED signs allows for a sequence of time-specific and audience-specific messages presented in diverse formats. The ability to update or launch campaigns instantly provides great marketing flexibility.

    Moreover, LED signs can transmit real-time alerts, enhancing safety measures. Outdoor LED signs are weather resistant. Your message remains functional and vibrant in varying weather conditions. Their versatility allows for configuration in various spaces and shapes, and custom LED signs can take on abstract, curved, or cubic forms to suit specific preferences. They can also be transparent. Besides their captivating features, LED signs also excel in energy efficiency, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability. For 24/7 operation, LED is the most cost-effective lighted advertising technology.

    Cleaning and maintenance tips

    Use a microfiber or soft fabric for cleaning LED screens. Turn off the sign before cleaning. You can use a mild soap-water solution if there are stubborn stains. Remove the residue with water and dry the screen using a clean cloth. Use large sweeping motions. Do not press hard on the screen. Avoid any abrasive materials to wipe or clean your sign. To clean vents and recesses, use compressed air and hoovering. For more reliable maintenance, consider scheduling professional inspections and routine checks to ensure your sign is operating at its peak level.

    Types of content that can be displayed on LED signage

    LED signs can support a wide range of content, including text, images, videos, animations, social media feeds, live news updates, and emergency alerts, among other mixed media messages. Furthermore, interactive displays and augmented reality (AR)-enabled screens offer the possibility of presenting QR codes and apps for enhanced user engagement.

    What type of information can be displayed on LED signage?

    An array of content can be displayed using LED signs, such as place names, street names, traffic signs, products & services, advertisements, promotional content, listings, sign boards, notices, announcements, maps, floor plans, menus, catalogs, welcome signs, greetings, social media dashboards, e-papers, and public service announcements.

    Why Choose LED Craft

    • As suppliers of church LED signs, we sell directly to end users and distributors with no mediator involved.
    • We offer attractive discounts for bulk orders
    • In addition to manufacturing, we provide other services such as content management. If you are in need of premium graphical content, we have partners who will do a great job for you.
    • LED Craft uses the latest technology in manufacturing its LED displays and thereby produces the best quality LED screens available in the market.

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