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    Statistics prove that light box investments are a sales booster for businesses across the US.

    LED light box signs create an appealing and bright effect that naturally attracts the eye. When used in outdoor situations, these are durable in terms of withstanding extreme weather conditions. Light box signs can also be used in indoor settings such as malls, offices, storefronts, and anywhere you require illuminated signs to boost your brand.

    Custom light box signs are sure to draw attention at any time of day and night, increase brand recognition, and give your company a professional look. Each light box sign is uniquely designed, making a strong visual impact and allowing customers to recognize your company logo and connect it with the services you provide.

    Also known as backlit signs, LED Craft Inc uses transparent acrylic on the sign face and the back components are made from the highest quality aluminum to ensure safety and durability. Our custom light box signs are also energy efficient and can be used for a long time.

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    Advantages of light box signs

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    Features of an LED Craft light box sign

    • Powder coat painting for maximum color retention and prevention of chipping and flaking.
    • Complete aluminum cabinets to ensure the shape stays intact and no rusting occurs.
    • Highest quality polycarbonate front face to prevent yellowness and cracks caused by sunshine UV rays, vandalism, and graffiti.
    • The inside of the sign face has laser-sharp graphics applied to protect from the weather and vandalism.
    • Recognized in terms of safe operation and high standards.

    Different types of light box signs

    Custom LED light box displays

    You can make the best state-of-the-art light box signs by customizing them with attractive advertising. LED lighting can boost your customized graphics with the necessary bright colors. Custom LED light box signs require minimum maintenance while offering a long life span. Easy updating of graphics is possible, thereby continuing to capture customer attention with fresh designs.

    Backlit film light box

    Backlit signs are eye-catching and ideal for shops and restaurants. These signs make your brand easy to identify even from across the street.

    Neon light box signs

    Although many people feel neon light boxes are a thing of the 80s and 90s, these are still used in bars, pubs, and for home decoration to give a retro vibe to the place, and to invoke a nostalgic and comfortable atmosphere.

    Cinema poster light box

    For those who are keen on retro style cinema signs, a cinema poster light box is a good idea. In addition to gracing the entry at a movie showing, such marquee light boxes can be used to give a theatrical effect at dining and other entertainment establishments.

    How to install and maintain a light box sign

    For installing an LED light box sign, its location is of utmost importance. Light boxes come with a metal support system and can be fixed on a pole or hung by attaching a metallic construction to the frame. Larger light box signs can be mounted on any surface or building with the help of some special construction.

    To clean your backlit film sign, use a damp cloth to ensure the fresh look of the sign remains. A good wipe once every two weeks if used indoor should be sufficient. For outdoor installations, once a week cleaning is recommended.

    LED Craft Inc is always ready to assist with installation services to make it convenient for end-users. We have a highly experienced team that is qualified and skilled to make sure your sign is installed in an exceptional manner.

    In a glimpse:

    • Provides maximum visibility all day and night
    • Attracts attention even from far
    • Visible from both sides
    • UV protected
    • Creates a corporate presence and looks professional
    • Boosts brand identity
    • Excellent readability
    • Provides constant advertising
    • Does not chip, flake, fade, or rust
    • Poster changes are easy with swing-open frames
    • Serves as a landmark
    • Energy efficient


    Digging deeper

    Light box signs provide more visibility for your establishment

    Illuminated signs are meant to be noticed without any effort. There is no chance anyone will miss your sign because the human eye is naturally drawn to light. Sometimes potential clients complain that the business could not be located. This can happen when the organization is located in unnoticeable areas or there are several look-alike buildings within the area and can cause confusion. Light box signs immediately draw attention and won’t have people going back and forth trying to find an establishment. Furthermore, if you invest in a double-sided sign which can be seen from both sides of the street, there is absolutely no doubt that your establishment will go unnoticed – hence you can be assured that there will be no loss in clients as a result of low visibility.

    Illuminated signs create a professional brand identity

    Placing an illuminated logo on the top or outside your building is the perfect solution to increase consumer awareness. These high quality signs are permanent and will become a part of the visual scene, thereby creating a prominent landmark. Your brand becomes the identifier of a certain location and this is a very powerful way of spreading awareness and creating a corporate image.

    Moreover, when your sign sticks out in front of a crowd of opponents, people will always choose the more professional looking one. With a high-quality light box sign, you are showing people that you care about your professional outlook and hence can be relied on for providing a great service.

    If the outer appearance of your firm is not appealing, people will not consider using the services you offer. Hence a striking illuminated sign will indeed leave a good impression on potential customers. A well-designed sign can also transfer emotions such as confidence, professionalism, and friendliness to customers, thereby establishing an instant line of trust.

    Non-stop advertising with light box Signs

    Right advertising is the key to the success of the business, while 24/7 advertising is the fastest and most effective way to achieve it. Whenever people are around your establishment, they will be reminded about your company.

    If you have newly opened your business in the area, place your custom LED lighted sign in a prime location to inform everyone about the existence of your business.

    Low-cost and energy-efficient

    Light box signs are an investment of a lifetime because the LED lights last 2-4 times longer than neon or fluorescent lights. Also, LED lighting uses less power than regular light bulbs, saving 90% of energy and money. Bulb replacing will be very seldom – thereby further savings of time, money and effort is foreseeable.

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