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    Whether you have a bakery type of business or a travel agency, anything with a physical business location has much to benefit with outdoor LED signs Kansas City.

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    Advantages of outdoor LED signs

    Cost Effective

    LED displays use much less electricity and are cheaper and long lasting as compared to traditional lighting displays. Both indoor and outdoor digital signage is manufactured with better quality durable materials, allowing business owners to expect their signs to give them returns for a long period of time.

    Digital signage allows custom signs to be designed as per the requirements of the investor. Furthermore, in terms of updating the sign, the digital option is much more cost effective.  New and relevant content usable for different marketing campaigns can be updated with just a click of a button.

    Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

    The energy consumption with LED lighting is far less, thereby changing your long-term energy budget. Results can be seen in your electricity bill when you switch from a traditionally lighted signage to an LED display. In addition to being energy efficient, LED lights are also environmentally friendly. They consume less electricity, thereby producing lesser pollutants into the atmosphere.

    High visibility, less maintenance

    LEDs don’t tend to burn out or become loose as often as other types of lighted signs. They also require much less maintenance – cleaning less frequently, lesser bulb changes, thereby giving you more time to concentrate on your business.

    One great advantage for businesses investing in outdoor LED signs is that of high visibility. Whether it is foggy or rainy or sunny on the outside, your LED signage will still stand out. The bright LED lighting beats all other lighting methods.

    Call LED Craft Inc for all your LED signage solutions. We are a Kansas City sign company and offer a wide range of affordable digital signage that makes a huge impact on your business. Your outdoor signs from LED Craft Inc will last for years with minimal maintenance. We can develop, design, create, and install the sign to boost your brand image.

    Different types of outdoor LED signs

    From Combo signs to monument signs and signs with different color options, LED Craft Inc offers a wide range of outdoor LED signs for business owners in Kansas City. Below is a list, and each of these are available in single color or full color, and single-sided or double-sided signs.

    • Church signs
    • LED school signs
    • Fire department signs
    • Auto dealer signs
    • Restaurant signs
    • Shopping center LED signs
    • Combo Signs
    • Monument signs
    • Other retail signs

    How outdoor digital signs can enhance user experience

    Kansas City business owners can use outdoor digital signs to enhance user experiences by streamlining processes that usually require long waiting times and inefficient searching. Here are a few ways in which outdoor LED displays can create the best experience for users, thereby increasing user engagement and in turn, ROI.


    Interactive LED displays can be used as ticketing kiosks to allow customers to purchase instant tickets. Acting as a self-service solution for customers at point of sale, businesses are able to reallocate their staff to more complex service-oriented tasks.


    In airports, hotels, and shopping malls, LED displays can be a great solution for wayfinding – helping visitors navigate to their destination. With these kiosks, users can also book transportation, reserve hotel stays, and gain more knowledge about nearby restaurants and events taking place.

    Managing parking lots

    Digital screens used in parking management improves user experience by keeping a track of occupied and unoccupied spaces, while offering drivers an easy solution to find a parking spot.

    Vending and dispensing

    Acting as an unattended storefront, a fully automated sales experience can be given to customers by investing in digital signage for vending and dispensing kiosks.


    Museums, schools, churches and other organizations can invest in information digital signage to educate visitors. This solution improves user experience because visitors are able to browse and search information whenever convenient for them.

    Bill payment

    Electronic payment transactions can be made completely independent with secure and reliable interactive digital signage platforms.

    How much do outdoor LED signs cost?

    When inquiring about signs for your business, customers often come to us directly with the question – “How much does an outdoor LED sign cost”? We struggle to answer this question because of the many variables involved in determining the cost. It is almost impossible to provide an estimate without asking a few of our own questions.

    • Size: the bigger the sign, the higher the price. This is because a bigger sign option requires more materials, hence will cost more.
    • Number of LED panels: each sign consists of individual panels made with LED bulbs, cooling fans, and wiring, and are protected in a surrounding cabinet. Each of these panels have a fixed cost that has to be taken into consideration.
    • Pixel pitch: each panel has a different resolution – depending on the number of LED bulbs per panel. The higher the resolution or pixel pitch (more bulbs per panel), the higher the price.
    • Single or double-sided: the price of a one-sided LED pylon sign will be much lower. But if you need the attention of traffic moving both ways, budgeting a little more for the double-sided sign is definitely worth it.
    • Housing: monument style sign cabinets for an LED sign will add to the cost.
    • Sign combination: LED signs combined with carved or electric letters is a sign within a sign, hence increasing the total cost.

    Once these questions are answered by our valued customers, we have a clear picture of the exact needs and budget, which will help us create a clear estimate for your digital signage solution.

    What is a high-quality Outdoor LED sign?

    All outdoor LED signs are not the same. They come with a lot of sign options and features as mentioned above. Some clients want high quality and full service, while others just want the best priced sign. So, what comprises of a high quality LED sign?

    LED Craft Inc believes it is important to be honest and upfront about our products, making customers trust us. When in search for a truly premium quality outdoor LED sign Kansas City, following are the things you should be looking out for:

    • Temperature and climate testing: when units are rated for minus 22 to positive 122 degree temperature range, it means truly industrial grade internal components have been used in the manufacturing. This means you can be assured that the product will perform for years, even in harsh environments.
    • Passed the following tests: signal integrity, cold start, thermal, flame, impact, radiated emissions, immunity, surge protection, and rain.
    • There should be a library of prerecorded software training videos and other support materials.
    • Minimum five years company warranty means that a manufacturer believes in the quality of goods they produce.

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