8% increase in sales with digital menus at drive thru windows

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8% increase in sales with digital menus at drive thru windows

An estimated 70% of a fast food restaurant’s sales takes place at its drive thru windows. Digital signage has the potential to increase sales by a further 8% at these drive thru windows!

Restaurant managers often look at success stories of other restaurants and use those techniques to boost revenue at their own restaurants. Sometimes these techniques work and sometimes they don’t. However, digital signage at drive thru windows is proven to guarantee consistent increase in sales for fast food chains.

The main source of the drive thru success story is the restaurant LED signs that are used indoors. Fast food chains upgrade to digital menu boards, providing an enhanced customer experience, resulting in an increase in customer spending.

Once the customers indoors were impressed, fast food chains moved on to reaching customers outdoors. Because 70% of QSR sales occurs at drive thru windows, going digital outdoors seemed to be a logical step in achieving the goal of boosting overall fast food sales.

How to take control of your digital menu boards at a drive thru

An LED display at a drive thru is useful for serving multiple functions. For example:

  • New item launch: promote a new menu item at drive thru windows and plant the seed for potential unplanned purchases.
  • Upselling: display attractive content to tempt customers into purchasing add-ons.
  • Promotions: presenting eye-catching promotions with regard to meals and other deals.
  • Categorizing items: direct customers towards your bestselling items rather than them having to go through the complete menu. By doing so, you can also speed up the number of orders processed at a drive thru.

The money will come in only when customer experience is improved.

Investing in an LED sign campaign is not all you need for guaranteeing more sales. The way in which you present your digital menus at the drive thru is critical. Easy to read menus will lead to quicker buying decisions, consequently speeding up traffic in the drive thru lane; end result – positive customer experience.

Correct use of LED signs allows digestible content to be presented, and this not only attracts customers but also encourages them to come back for more.

74% of QSR customers consider an EASY TO READ MENU at the top of the list of things that influences their purchases.

Convenience of digital signage

In addition to the significant benefit of boosting sales at drive thru windows, LED signs used as outdoor digital menus also provide convenience to restaurants. Updating menus in case of new additions of price changes is almost instant, compared to the two week wait for printing new static menu boards.

With digital menu boards, restaurants can seamlessly switch to menus that vary during breakfast, lunch and dinner. This can be synced across all branches in the country so that the menu is consistent everywhere.


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