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  • Digital LED Screen

Why do you think customers are ignoring your signage?

Imagine you bought a friend, family member or a spouse an expensive gift and they react to it in a very insignificant manner… discouraging isn’t it? They will probably say ‘thank you’ at first, but their face shows a ‘why have you got me this?’ kind of look… If you are in the digital signage

  • Outdoor LED Display

FAQs before investing in an outdoor LED display

Suppose you have only invested in indoor LED signs till date and are now looking to improvise on your outdoor signage by switching to outdoor LED displays, there are some entirely new challenges that you have to take into consideration. Your current hardware may have worked well in a controlled environment indoors, but when it

  • Outdoor LED Display

Epic formula to keep you LED display safe

For outdoor usage of electronic displays, here are some things that should be considered: Daylight Basic consumer screens are not designed to be read in sunlight. Consequently, there is a heavy demand for high bright screens – also known as sunlight or daylight readable LED displays. Such screens are designed for visibility in extreme sunlight

  • LED Church Signs

LED Signs being embraced by Churches and other houses of worship

While digital signage is being adapted by all sorts of industries, houses of worship are thinking: why not us? LED Church signs have come into being for some time now with worship services displayed on digital signage at Churches. But other houses of worship are now starting to use outdoor LED displays to send across

  • LED Displays LED Craft Inc

Digital Signage 2018: What to expect?

Industry-wide organizations and the public have embraced in the digitalization of practically everything – and they still want more! 2017 saw a lot of innovations in the world of electronic signs but 2018 promises to have much more. LED displays get ‘cooler’ By ‘cooler’, we are obviously not referring to the literal meaning. In 2018,

  • Stadium LED Signs

How to enhance customer experience with Stadium LED signs?

Amidst the exciting atmosphere of a sports arena, you will see fans sitting on the edges of their seat while critical plays take place on the grounds and they will suddenly break into cheerful celebration as their favorite athletic performers do well on the field. With the existence of so much energy within a stadium,

  • Indoor LED Screens

7 effective design strategies for creative digital signage

Although the medium of art changes, the subject remains. Centuries ago, art was best presented in the form of sculptures and canvases but today, the best of art is seen in the form of animations and designing applications. Digital signage is one example of such evolving mediums. The concept of a ‘sign’ is as old

  • Digital Kiosks in Office

3 important ways the government makes use of LED signs

Governments who are looking to improve communication within their organization, inform users about available services, and provide customers with a better experience can vastly benefit by investing in LED displays. Here how… 1. Better communication Citizens are often frustrated and confused as a result of poor communication, and in emergency cases, lack of communication can

  • Interactive Touch Screen Technology

Interactive Displays = better quality at lesser costs

The use of multi touch interactive displays have become widespread in the past few years. They were once seen as devices only used by organizations who had transformed themselves digitally and wanted to live on the technological forefront. Today, interactive LED displays are used in many more applications such as schools, retail environments, hotels, studios,

  • Indoor LED Signs in Shopping Mall

Digital tools help retailers create stronger bonds with customers

While on one hand technology is consistently advancing, electronic retailers are controlling LED displays and other such tools to create a stronger bond with consumers. Look at digital devices such as smart phones and portable music players for example. These have become an essential part of our daily lives. Adding to this trend since of


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