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  • Interactive Touch Screen Technology

Interactive Displays = better quality at lesser costs

The use of multi touch interactive displays have become widespread in the past few years. They were once seen as devices only used by organizations who had transformed themselves digitally and wanted to live on the technological forefront. Today, interactive LED displays are used in many more applications such as schools, retail environments, hotels, studios,

  • Indoor LED Signs in Shopping Mall

Digital tools help retailers create stronger bonds with customers

While on one hand technology is consistently advancing, electronic retailers are controlling LED displays and other such tools to create a stronger bond with consumers. Look at digital devices such as smart phones and portable music players for example. These have become an essential part of our daily lives. Adding to this trend since of

  • The Fear of Technology

4 ways to convince technophobes to invest in LED signs

Who are technophobes? Those who are afraid of trusting advanced technologies. Such people have several objections to the digital signage industry too, but most of those are not very difficult to deal with. All you need is gentle, evidence based persuasions to ease the uncertainty. If you actually look at where the problem lies for

  • Indoor Digital Signage

Top 6 Quick Tips to simplify corporate communication with digital signage

In terms of corporate communication, digital signage leads the way in enabling communication with employees, customers and other stakeholders. While many corporate settings have already adapted to digital signage, 50% of communication professionals make use of LED displays as the primary source of communication. With LED signage in corporate settings, the need for emails, flyers

Infographic: How digital signage expands into different markets

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  • Outdoor LED Displays

New shapes, sizes and features: The Evolution of Digital Signage

Have you heard the story of someone hooking up a VCR to a television screen and displaying a loop of commercials from a particular company as being one of the first instances of digital signage? Today, flat panel displays, dedicated media players and SAAS (software as a service) are just a handful of technologies that

  • Interactive Whiteboards in Campus

Interactive whiteboards prove to be successful on campuses

Ever considered implementing interactive whiteboards in educational settings? According to 2016 research, the global interactive whiteboards market is said to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 7% through 2020. Main drivers of this growth are: An increase in blended learning Technological advancements The arrival of the bring-your-own-device culture The use of interactive whiteboards

  • Indoor LED Signs

100 ways to use digital signage in any industry

Are you managing/owning a business? If you answered yes, one of the trickiest tasks in your line of work is to come up with ideas for fresh content in order to make sure the LED display keeps luring customers. Penetrating search engines can consume a lot of your time and you may be left with

  • Indoor Digital Signage

Re-purpose digital signage content and bring it back to life

By reading the topic of this article, you are probably thinking that re-purposing your content to market your products is not the right thing to do. We can give you many reasons why your existing marketing material should be re-used and how it can help your marketing staff as well as your brand image. Some

  • Digital Signage in Mall

The expansion of localized digital advertising

Advertising was one of the first uses for digital signage. When considering LED screens for advertising, what first comes to mind are large billboards and costly video walls. We also think about retail hubs, urban cities and bus shelters for advertising. Star celebrities are used on adverts and word of mouth in every household is


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