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  • Restaurant LED Signs

Helpful tips on how restaurants can survive in the digital world

For restaurants to make a transition into the digital world – from traditional advertising methods to LED signs, mobile and online advertising – it is indeed a major challenge. Adding to that is the issue of measuring return on investment when launching a digital campaign. Experts in the industry share their views on measuring digital

  • Digital Signage Market

The Digital Signage Industry: Trends in 2019

Since a few years now, the digital signage market has undoubtedly become a means for mainstream communication. Although most LED signage campaigns are about retail advertising, information-based applications are now growing at a fast pace. Before getting into the trends of 2019, a couple of embracing digital signage promises should be kept in mind: A

  • Outdoor LED Signage

Tips for creating effective digital signage in 2019

Just like the classic New Year song states – old friendships should never be forgotten as those are the most important ones.  At the beginning of a New Year, let’s look at some previous digital signage strategies that turned out both good and bad, and then see how better relationships can be maintained with your

  • Indoor LED Signs

What the future holds for indoor digital signage

With the rapid expansion of digital signage, every market and industry is now making use of it; particularly in the indoor sector. Large and small retailers are using LED signs to provide a better customer experience, improve branding, and simply to advertise. According to the “Digital Signage Future Trends Report”, two-thirds of retailers who participated

  • Window Digital Signage

Attract retail customers with window LED signs

Today’s millennial generation often have their heads buried in their phones whenever you look at them. Apart from that, retailers face competition from mobile marketers who are becoming smarter, with the use of beacon technology to target ads directly to prospective customers. Furthermore, outdoor LED displays are also in the run for grabbing user attention.

  • Restaurant LED Signs

Give your restaurant delicious LED signs

You may promote your restaurant online with mouthwatering pictures of hot meals and inventive new menus and offers, but when it comes to your actual restaurant you might be missing out on a huge opportunity. Whichever sort of ambience you strive to create in your restaurant or bar, LED signs win every time. Here are

  • Outdoor LED Signage

How LED Technology is changing the world of signs

It is the ‘Sign of the Times’, everywhere you look. The signage industry now boldly spells LED, which is the most effective and creative method of displaying signs from advertising in the Time Square to lighting up the name of your local overnight supermarket. LED technology has changed the signage industry in more ways than

  • LED Displays in Road

Emphasizing on the basics of effective digital signage

Making the decision to switch from traditional to digital signage is the first and probably the easiest step. But in order to ensure the effectiveness of your solution and the fact that it is improving customer experiences, you need to associate with a reputed LED signage solutions provider. For any successful launch, planning is key.

  • Outdoor LED Billboard

Localize your digital display content

Most often large organizations tend to communicate with their employees via a central hub, without considering specifics of the audience at a given location. As a result, the content turns out to be flat, one-size-fits-all kind of messages that fail to engage the audience due to its irrelevancy. When this happens in a long term,

  • Stadium Digital Display

How digital outdoor signs can enhance sporting experiences

Outdoor LED displays have been used at sporting venues for some time now to display scores and replays of important moments. However, there is much more that a stadium digital display can do for an arena. Fan engagement and excitement can be brought to a higher level by making use of social media, improved analytics


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