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How audience feedback can boost digital signage

With the help of carefully drafted surveys, your targeted audience has been very kind to give you some important feedback. With this valuable information, you now no which of your LED sign content is effective and which is not working too well.

So what do you do with all this important information?

It is advisable to come up with some long tail campaigns after analyzing your audience feedback.

Categorize the feedback

There are a few basic categories that the feedback information can be divided into. Some of the content has been noticed by viewers and some has not. At the same time, some content has been liked and appreciated by a certain group of viewers and some has not. Preferences are probably on the type of content or on how it is delivered to viewers. Here’s how you can divide the content:

  • Noticed or remembered —– and liked (with an interesting reaction)
  • Not noticed or remembered —– and didn’t like (with a ‘don’t care’ reaction)

For content that was liked and remembered by your audience, think about what exactly they liked:

  • was it the information itself?
  • or the way it was delivered?
  • or both?

For content that was not noticed and liked by the audience, consider the following:

  • do they care about it at all?
  • are they interested in the content but failed to notice it? (if so, address it as a design and presentation issue)

Analyze the feedback

Analyze the successful things in your LED sign campaign. You might notice that your audience:

  • responds well to content that directly affects them
  • enjoy information that is relevant on a daily basis.
  • is attracted by certain design elements in your content
  • prefers video content in comparison to still images
  • notices pictures of food and animals more than other picture categories

At the same time, consider unsuccessful things in your LED sign:

  • If there are certain messages that viewers are interested in but just did not notice them, redesign the content to suit your audience better.
  • If there is content that people don’t really care about, stop showing those messages.
  • If your manager says certain content is important and needs to be displayed but viewers just don’t find it relevant, brainstorm and find ways on how to get the audience interested in those kind of messages.

Ideas for long tail campaigns

As soon as you are done with the survey review, try out these three long tail campaigns. By doing so, your audience will see that you have heard their feedback and are trying to respond to it.

  1. Launch a digital campaign based on something that was really liked by your audience.
  2. Launch a digital campaign focusing on content they did not notice but is relevant to them.
  3. Launch a digital campaign that they claim is not interesting, yet your superiors feel that it is important and has to be put across.

Once you launch these campaigns, monitor them regularly to see if you stumbled upon a winning formula. For the first campaign, did you highlight on something they already liked or did you end up burning them out? For the second campaign, are more people noticing the content now? For the third campaign, did u manage to engage them to the boring topic and were you able to affect their behavior?

Within your campaigns, make sure to include calls to action and ROI triggers. This way you have measurements to check how well the campaign is working. Or you could also conduct more surveys after the launch to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. With the results of these, you can fine tune your campaigns or develop new ones to engage and entertain your audience.

When analyzing viewer responses and coming up with meaningful campaigns, you have to look into specifics for sure. However, there are some general truths that work well with almost every type of audience and environment. For instance, storytelling approaches will always be effective. More so if the story follows certain characters through a series of situations. Common design schemes such as layouts, colors and fonts helps instill the campaign in the viewer’s mind. A touch of humor also almost always works well – people tend to remember LED sign content that makes them laugh and the chance that they will spread the humorous message is much higher.


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