Best ways to use LED Church Signs

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Best ways to use LED Church Signs

We all know the importance of “light” within a Church. The metaphor of “bringing light to a Church” is why Churches are investing in LED signs to add enlightenment to their proceedings. Dark and cramped gothic cathedrals are a depressing sight and should be transformed into airy, spacious churches with the impressive use of LED signs. A bright Church is always a welcoming sight.

Incorporating LED signs to your church guarantees enlightenment because these are so far the brightest and most attractive form of illumination yet. Here are a few ways how LED Church signs can be used to attract a larger congregation.

  1. LED Church signs can be used to show the exact chapter and verse being quoted by the pastor. As a result, the presentation of the sermon is enhanced and those attending can obtain more knowledge by following the sermon carefully (even if they are not carrying a bible).
  2. When hymns are being recited, LED Church signs placed behind the altar can display the lyrics for everyone to join in. Once again, the congregation is encouraged to follow and the messages sent across in the hymns will surely reach many.
  3. If the Church is more of a cathedral, LED Church signs are ideal for guiding people around the complex. Similar to their use in theaters and airports, Church LED signs are easily visible in darkness and in daylight to help with way-finding at any time of the day.
  4. Delegate the task of running the Church LED sign to youngsters as a way to participate in the running of the Church. By assigning them such interesting responsibilities, they will actively take part in the Church activities and encourage their friends to join the congregation. Furthermore, the responsibility of making sure the messages displayed on the sign are aligned with the sermon is taken care of.

Regardless of how you use LED signs, one thing is for sure: more and more visitors will be attracted and it will be easier for them to keep a track of the activities taking place at the Church. Now, instead of parishioners going in search for the ‘light’, the ‘light’ is brought to them!


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