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How convenience stores can maximize a digital signage investment

Today’s world is one that is constantly connected. For this reason, stores need to think smarter and work harder in order to grab customer attention. Digital signage helps in doing so.

Compared to traditional print signage, dynamic LED signs are much more eye catching and provides for higher levels of engagement. Convenience stores are now using it more widely as they realize how flexible the tool is and the extent of marketing and branding opportunities it provides.

Apart from that, two important reasons why the digital signage investment MUST be made are:

  • It encourages customer spending
  • Additional revenue can be realized through advertising on LED displays

Three key tips to maximize your electronic signage investment:

  1. Digital Out-of-Home Advertising
  2. Upselling transactions
  3. Sales of tertiary goods

Let us look at these in detail…

DOOH Advertising

Stores can generate revenue by advertising on screens within stores or content that is brand specific. Larger businesses can build their very own networks to advertise brand, products and services that are carried locally and country-wide.

While large indoor LED signs are a good option, gas stations are investing in small electronic displays to be placed just above the gas pump. Customers pumping gas can entertain themselves with news, trivia games and other targeted content being displayed on this screen.

Upselling transactions

In your LED displays, feature promotions on items related to what customers are already buying, and thereby increase spending. For example, while customers are in queue to fill up their fuel tanks, they may see an ad for a car wash. Or customers purchasing a sandwich could be given a chips and drink add on at a lesser rate. With upselling transactions, businesses can run promotions based on time, date and inventory, which is also an incentive to added customer spending.

Sale of tertiary goods

With LED displays, stores can convince customers to invest in items they never really had on their list. When walking into a convenience store, customers often have their mind set on what they are going to leave with – it may be a bottle of water or some groceries. But a digital display advertising a special promotion on burgers, chips and drinks may get them thinking about purchasing that meal deal and sorting out their lunch/dinner for the day. Another example is to advertise the state’s lottery jackpot at a self-serve coffee station with a call to action to convince customers to purchase a lottery ticket or two while paying for their coffee.

Where to use digital signage at a convenience store?

1.    Outdoors

Huge direct view LED marquee signs are used to attract customers by some convenience stores that operate on highways. These stores also invest in smaller outdoor LED gas price signs to advertise food deals and gas prices at fuel stations.

2.    Indoors

While customers wait for check out, LED signs can show promotions, display services and other event information.

3.    Menu boards

Convenience stores that are located at fuel stations often incorporate quick-service restaurants into their product categories. Digital menu boards can help with conveniently updating menus and changing from morning to evening menu options.

4.    Add-on services

For large scale truck stop kind of convenience stores that offer a variety of services such as laundry, restaurants, arcades and shower facilities, digital signs can direct customers to find their way around the complex or advertise more products and services to encourage customers to spend more time at the facility. A road tripper for example might stop at the store to get his/her laundry washed and then decide to have a meal and a shower while waiting for the laundry (after seeing an ad regarding the same).

5.    Freezer doors

An innovative way of making use of digital displays is by placing them on freezer doors (OLED or transparent LCD displays). The store can gain extra revenue by selling advertising rights of this display to a particular brand so that brand is advertised over those of competitors.

Technology is a must, not an option, in any industry today. Digital displays are the answer to create an interactive and engaging platform for convenience stores to encourage more customer spending while also maximizing the investment by looking at innovative advertising opportunities.


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