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Create a moving edge to your LED sign content

A business cannot succeed without a marketing strategy and “content” should be at the core of your marketing strategy. Whether you are in the field of hospitality, retail, or food, the ultimate goal with your content strategy should be to attract customers and encourage them to make a purchase. LED signage has become extremely popular and because of that, creative, unique and “moving” content for your LED signs is a must.

Companies should regularly bring about changes in how they deliver their value proposition. Similarly, their content strategy should also have variations in order to be effective. While print ads are more attractive with flashing colors and engaging text, the same method for LED signs would often result in being lost in the clutter. With LED signs, effective content strategies incorporate movement: animation and moving graphics. Not having these characteristics in your sign content design is more like wasting the investment on an LED screen.

Definition of Content

Whether you are marketing your brand via television, newspaper, magazines, social media, website ads or LED screens, the content should be pulling and engaging for the viewer. Content should include information regarding company’s products and services and should be designed with related words and images, a standard typeface and color scheme as well. For LED signage, motion graphics and videos are more popular according to design companies.

Whatever the type of content you use, there are benefits. For content to result in better traffic and more conversions, it has to be used in the correct way. “Content Creator” is a job that is different to that of a copywriter, editor or graphic designer. The combination of ‘content’ and ‘digital technology’ has resulted in the creation of the digital signage industry. Content creation is a new field created as a result of widespread use of LED displays.

Perfectly designed content, delivered on LED screens, have proved to be one of the most effective marketing strategies.

Interesting Statistics

  1. In a 2012 research, there was a comparison of static signs and LED signs to see which one succeeded in prompting customers to go to the service desk for a free tote bag.
  • Two locations had LED signs and one location had a static sign.
  • Static sign location = six people went for the free bag
  • LED sign locations = a total of 610 people requested for the free bag
  1. A study to illustrate the power of including motion into your LED sign:
  • Two screens displayed animated media and two screens displayed static posters.
  • Animated content attracted 4-6 times more viewers.
  • Exposure time of LED signs with animated content was longer.
  • Result = moving and engaging content intrigues viewers and encourages conversions.

“Moving Content”

Effective and captivating digital signage is produced with the use of motion graphics. Motion graphics has been around ever since the film industry came into being but since the initiation of LED signs, the popularity of motion graphics has exploded. Animation gives a touch of human nature to objects, character and logos, but it is not the same as motion graphics.

Motion graphics makes use of different techniques like inserting animated objects and camera angles to produce a motion. With this feature, creating motion graphics videos becomes a simple affair which is easy to produce and edit.

With skilful motion graphics, a compelling story can be exhibited and visual elements can be used to reinforce the message. These same motion graphics can also be used on the company’s website, television ads, and social media to continue reinforcing the brand. Once the initial motion graphic is produced, it can be easily reformatted to be published on different platforms.

Although the online world offers several tools and templates to easily create your own motion graphic, there is nothing better than a customized touch. Customized motion graphics are what will remain in the minds of your customers and lead to better returns for your LED sign investment.

There are plenty of statistics to prove the power of motion graphics. Over 50% of marketing professionals around the globe prefer video content as the most profitable in terms of ROI.

Shoppers who view a video LED sign are 1.8 times likelier to make a purchase.

Hire a professional

Business tycoons who invest in LED signs may be experts at running their business but not at developing skilful content for their signs. If you are investing so much in your LED sign, hiring a professional to develop creative motion graphic content is a wise decision.

The possibilities with motion graphics are endless. In partnership with a reputable content designer, you will definitely be able to come up with something unique and convincing for your target audience.


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