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Digital signage from a sign-makers perspective

Digital signage is growing at a rapid pace in the signage industry with more attractive displays being introduced that can produce full color graphics and have the facility of easy updating of information. Diversifying a product range from the perspective of sign makers is sometimes low on the list of priorities because they already have a healthy business for the existing products and that keeps them occupied. However, diversity is the key to achieving sustainable business growth in a marketplace that is extremely competitive and fast-paced. Hence when it comes to diversity, there is absolutely nothing stopping your imagination.

Diversifying signage

By embracing diversity, a firm is accepting a cultural and strategic shift. We have to think, act and innovate accordingly and adopt a broader view to increase alertness as a way of handling change and coping with evolving your business in the longer term. When you study and respond to emerging customer needs, your business will realize what potential is there in the existing markets. With advances in technology, digital signage is now more affordable than ever before and LED sign investments are now within the reach of many small businesses who could only otherwise afford traditional signage.

For businesses that lack internal resources and expertise in finding digital solutions, they can outsource the LED sign campaign to specialist manufacturers such as LED Craft Inc. This is a safer option to speed up your diversification plans; without having to budget an additional amount for the investment.

Digital signage is very similar to the printed signage that is done in today’s world. Most companies who use traditional signage already have the talent to enter the digital arena. The important concept here is that one should know how to produce creative content that can be displayed on a sign. If a company has this knowledge, it is not much of a difference whether you do it on paper or on an LED sign.

How digital signage has evolved

When digital signage first came out, the audio visual technicalities were quite difficult to understand and adapt to. For anyone who knew nothing about AV, this venture was a huge challenge. The choice was very complex and the standardization and integration levels were very minimal. But today, things have improved vastly and AV has become incredibly simple, allowing companies new to the digital world to have absolutely nothing to fear about.

We have entered an era where video projection is extremely common in both large and small scale projects In fact, today’s LED sign manufacturers such as LED Craft Inc have made things so simple that all you have to do is purchase a screen, plug it in to a device and drag and drop content that was once used for print media onto your digital screen. We have plenty of tutorial videos which you can skim through and get the gist of the content. After doing so, it would take you just an hour or so to get your digital sign up and running.

The right screen matters

In order to make your fantasy a reality with a suitable digital signage solution, it is important to choose the right screen. LED sign manufacturers like LED Craft Inc are creating awareness of our product range and capabilities so that customers can make their choice accordingly. Manufacturers are not only emphasizing on standardized products that are produced on an assembly line but also to applying a human touch at every stage of the manufacturing process. User friendly products are what the end-user wants and that is exactly what we aim to provide.

Currently there is a high demand from professions such as estate agents, doctors, office buildings and such who are looking for entry-way signage that can advertise all their services. With LED signs, this is absolutely possible. Simply purchase a suitable screen, create the content and run it from a media player.

Importance of interactive technology

Simply investing in static LED signs that don’t react to specific needs of consumers are now not good enough. The newer generations of consumers expect interactivity from digital screens. Basically, consumers want a ‘wow’ effect for a brand to be able to impress them. Hence digital signage projects now require unique creativity that provides a high impact to the public. The product range at LED Craft Inc is designed to give your clients something that they will not otherwise be expecting – thereby making a real difference to your business.

In conclusion, keep in mind that with digital signage, investors need to focus on the product rather than its delivery. If you don’t keep updating your product with changing times, your digital sign campaign is bound to collapse. So keep yourself updated with the latest product ranges available and make sure your digital product translates a customer’s objective into actual communication amongst your targeted market.


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