Effective strategies to deal with digital signage software

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Effective strategies to deal with digital signage software

LED sign systems look like a simple piece of equipment on the outset – a display, a media player and software. Getting these tools to work together is often a challenging task. And when there are complex features of content creation such as 4K, 3D and more, it gets more complicated. Hence, when selecting a software package, thorough research is necessary because every package comes with many different features.

Here’s how you should GET STARTED…

Number One: Know what you want your software solution to be able to cater to – it could be a wayfinding solution or an advertising display for example.

For some signage campaigns, simple functions such as managing content and hardware is sufficient. Others may need a range of software tools to manage proof-of-play, scheduling conference room, wayfinder applications and more.

Here’s what you need to consider for selecting a software package:

  • Content elements and video layers available
  • Multi touch and trigger support
  • HTML 5
  • Integration of media asset library management
  • Recognizing facial expressions
  • Possibility to support multiple users
  • Managing content based on demographics
  • Technology for dayparting
  • Purchase models
  • Reporting proof-of-play

Next, consider the COMPATIBILITY with the other components of your digital signage system…

Always go to reputed LED sign solutions providers such as LED Craft Inc because they will care less about making a sale and more about keeping a customer and give you a genuine response about the software compatibility with LED displays and media players.

Experts recommend giving more importance to the compatibility of media players and inquire what kind of software has been tested to work with those devices. Do your research on websites to find approved partners. Demo players and demo accounts can also be requested to test the software in advance.

Now you have to keep in mind the PITFALLS and how to AVOID them…

Content creation

Even the best content management software won’t produce great results if you lack creative content to go with it. One of the biggest mistakes is to imagine software is a magical solution that can sort things out all by itself.

About 60% of your initial budget for a digital signage campaign is needed for content development. Many companies set aside more resources for content even after the campaign has been launched. Once you’ve got your LED sign solution up and running, most of the daily work revolves around content management. Plenty of time needs to be allocated for the development, approval and management of content.

It is often a good idea to create a partnership with a software provider who is also talented in creating content. If this solution is beyond your budget, it may help to talk to customers who have been using the chosen software package for awhile. This way you will get a clear understanding of the usability of the software.

All-in-one solutions

There are software packages that offer all-in-one solutions but these have to be chosen with care as not all of them are ideal for complex digital signage applications. These system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions have limited flexibility and in situations where your LED sign campaign is expanding, the software may not be able to catch up.

Plus point of SoC is the significant cost savings compared to traditional media players. Also, when it comes to upgrading, SoC is beneficial because the software can be upgraded with the existing hardware components.


With technology advancing at a regular pace, one last consideration with your LED signage software solution is to make sure it is future proof and can be upgraded in the future. Sometimes by using outdated software, you may lose credibility and the software may no longer sell attractive content to your customers.


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