How to ensure outdoor LED signs survive the winter

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How to ensure outdoor LED signs survive the winter

Correct implementation of your outdoor LED sign is critical to ensure its success. There are many examples in which poor implementation of hardware has lead to short life of the LED sign. Overlooking even the smallest detail can heavily impact your investment, particularly when it comes to exposing your sign to extreme winters.

Here’s what you need to consider in making sure your outdoor LED sign has a long life…

  1. Hardware should fit the purpose

This one seems very obvious, but surprisingly, it is often overlooked. Mother Nature presents powerful challenges to the digital signage industry hence it is essential that you choose hardware that fits the purpose. By opting for a full outdoor kiosk, you can minimize risks such as failure of the LED display system that can occur during winter months.

A fully outdoor rated kiosk can withstand direct exposure to sun, temperature fluctuations, extreme heat and cold, humidity, dust and condensation. LCD displays with LED backlighting are a common option these days. This hardware can operate in chilly weather conditions and can also tolerate a wider temperature range.

  1. Climate control

Controlling nature’s temperature is obviously out of the question but you can control the climate within the kiosk to protect it from the outside climate. By doing so, you can make sure the kiosk continues to operate even in extremely harsh environments.

The internal parts of the LED sign are designed to work within a specified temperature range. Hence your outdoor kiosk should have:

  • Guaranteed temperature environment
  • Within the kiosk enclosure, stable temperatures are required
  • Operational temperature range between 25 to -15 degrees Celsius.

Because LED signs are expected to function 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you have to make sure it does not get over heated. If overheating occurs, you will see permanent yellow marks on the display. In addition to visibility issues, heat can degrade the components of your LED sign faster. Your outdoor LED sign kiosk must have a good heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to ensure maximum durability. A good system will keep all the components in control at a perfect inner temperature.

  1. A customized enclosure

In order to keep your outdoor LED sign protected from harmful winter elements, build a customized enclosure with the toughest materials that do not rust or degrade overnight. The enclosure should be 100% sealed to avoid moisture and precipitation from entering the unit. The cabling should also be routed in such a way that moisture does not come in. With this customized enclosure; you can also regulate the internal temperature of your kiosk. Media players tend to heat up at a faster rate because they are often tucked away. A customized enclosure can be designed in a way in which air reaches media players and other components, allowing effective transfer of heat.

  1. Closed loop systems

In addition to the water outside the display, moisture inside the unit can also cause a lot of damage. A closed loop system for air circulation will completely isolate the display unit and thereby prevent any moisture from entering the unit and damaging any of the components. The upper and lower parts of the unit are separated physically. A closed loop system will make sure that no dust ingress or moisture reaches the sealed upper unit which houses media players, sensors, control systems and most importantly the LED display itself. Constant monitoring of the sensors should take place and the internal environment should be adjusted accordingly.

  1. Regularly monitoring the system

After making that heavy investment in an outdoor LED sign, you obviously wouldn’t want to let it rot against environmental elements. You need to supervise your signage regularly and set up alert systems to inform you of any faults within the system. By immediately reacting to such situations, you can keep your system running smoothly. Even a minor fault could significantly impact the lifespan of integrated components. When installing your outdoor LED sign solution, make sure you have made way for being able to monitor your installation regularly.


With the consistent evolution of technology, digital signage is being exposed to extremely unforgiving environments. Regardless of the weather conditions, it is important to invest in the correct hardware and components to keep your LED display working in the long run. If you are wondering where to begin your LED sign investment, look no further than LED Craft Inc. We have a wide range of outdoor LED sign solutions along with customized and closed loop enclosures to ensure a maximum life span for your investment.


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