Exciting digital signage trends in 2017

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Exciting digital signage trends in 2017

This ever evolving marketing method of digital signage has a lot in store for the future. Every year the method advances and newer techniques of marketing are introduced as a result of this technology. By understanding the trends for LED signs in 2017, you can be better prepared to increase competition in your own digital signage space.

  1. Increased Interactivity

Interactivity is one of the main reasons why digital signage is popular amongst viewers. Newer technologies now make interactivity much easier with LED signs. Hence this trend is expected to continue throughout this year. For example, the increased use of Bluetooth based beacons to detect the proximity of viewers who already have the relevant app installed in their mobiles and have broadcasted their identity on it. With this kind of sophisticated technology and software that can recognize faces, there is a high possibility that you will soon walk into a store and immediately be greeted with your name, age and gender on an LED screen in front of you.

Digital signage is popular with viewers because it is interactive. With the emergence of new technologies that make interactions even easier, this trend is expected to continue. One example of this is the increased uptake of Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled beacons and other beacons to detect proximity of viewers (who have the app installed and broadcast their identity). With such technology and facial recognition software, you are likely to soon walk into a store and be greeted by your name, age, and gender on the screen.

Furthermore, interactive projectors and touchscreens are expected to be more widely used because customers are leaning towards simplicity such as playing games, navigating through digital catalogs and so on. Way-finding stations are also expected to become increasingly interactive.

With the help of Bluetooth technology, viewers can interact with what is seen on LED screens using their smartphones. Via SMS messaging, they can post messages on these displays. Also, the integration of location based and social media interactivity allows users to upload pictures to social media networks.

  1. Increased use of social media

Research shows that in 2016, 74% of American adults were using the internet and 81% of small businesses were a part of at least one social media platform. It is expected that this trend will grow; hence businesses should take advantage of it by integrating social media into their LED sign campaigns.

A retail clothing store recently produced a good example of linking the two technologies: interaction and social media. Shoppers were able to choose an outfit by browsing through the interactive LED screen and the chosen item was placed over their image. The new image could then be posted on their social media page.

  1. Attention bias and ad-blockers

With the maturity of LED sign technology, advertisers will now begin to look at how they can improve not just the quantity of customers but the quality too. Personal space will be respected by avoiding unnecessary ads, thereby improving the chance of grabbing customer attention.

  1. An efficient omni-channel presence

By establishing an omni-channel experience, you are providing customers a way to get what they want, exactly the way they want it. This can be done by placing interactive LED screens for customers to browse products, read reviews, watch videos to learn about the product, get pricing information and find related products. LED Craft Inc has a wide range of LED screens that you can invest in for this purpose.

  1. Increased use of big data

There is an increased trend to use big data as a way to improve customer experience and sales. This is possible because of the availability of data mining, management and translation tools. With sophisticated interactive software, advertisers can understand the behavior, interests, loyalty and patterns of potential customers.

  1. Video advertising increases in popularity

Video advertising is a channel that wins over all other advertising forms. Today’s generation is using video search more than any other medium as a means of gathering information. Hence video should be made an important component in any marketing campaign. The current trend is focusing towards self educating with the help of video driven content that can be accessed on touch screens.

3D screens are another technology that is expected to gain popularity. Users will be expected to wear 3D technology glasses depending on the technology used on the LED screen.

Last, but certainly not the least, for your LED sign campaign, it is important to keep in mind that content is still king, and will always remain so.


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