Outdoor LED Signs are now replacing streets signs

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Outdoor LED Signs are now replacing streets signs

LED signs and digital media is the latest in all industries. It is what everyone is talking about. Street LED signs are real and they do exist in the real world. The features of this dynamic directional signage make it perfect for use in trade shows, brand events and outdoor festivals. It also helps particularly for way finding on streets and highways when you are in an unfamiliar territory.

In New York, you can see one of the first ever street LED signs. At first glance, they look normal, but an in-depth analysis will tell you how technical it is. With just a push of a button, the signs can rotate 360 degrees in any direction and also, a click is all you need to change the street information it displays. Furthermore, there are sensors built into the signs which mean controlling software can detect the direction in which the sign is pointing. Regular checks can be performed to make sure the correct direction is shown.

The evolution of street LED signs

It has not even been a century ago when these street signs were conceived, tested and put to use. Some features such as yellow lines for traffic separation were created only in the 1970s.

With modern technology, today’s street LED signs are computerized and provide vital information to drivers regarding detours, construction work and other traffic details. In fact, an electronic street sign today can tell a driver how long it can take to get to a certain location within the prevailing traffic and weather conditions!

In addition to that, modern street LED signs cater to pedestrians who are unable to read. “Talking signs” are available at intersections for the benefit of such pedestrians.
Characteristics of an outdoor LED sign

  • Can withstand winds of up to 140mph
  • Premium quality internal optics guarantees 100,000 years of useful life
  • Can function even in the harshest of weather conditions
  • Bright and uniform light dispersion LED sign

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