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Success stories for digital billboard revolutions

Businessmen and entrepreneurs who are in the industry of digital displays may find it simple to understand how the outdoor advertising industry is being revolutionized by dynamic and conditional content. There have been several hundreds or even thousands of articles published regarding the benefits of digital billboards over traditional  billboards. So instead of repeating the same things again regarding innovative features that are boosting sales of outdoor digital billboards, let us discuss some real life stories from the field. Advertisers and billboard operators work together and raise the standard on the accomplishments of advertising. Digital billboards and content software are being used in ways that add value to branding as well as increase visibility and traffic for customers. Well, achieving all this is exactly what successful advertising is about.

Social Media Incorporation

In Pennsylvania, an outdoor advertising company partnered with a university’s commonwealth campus in a social media campaign that proved the true power of social media. Digital billboards were used in a clever manner to engage the surrounding community of the company as well as the university. Twitter was the chosen social media platform where a particular hashtag was assigned for those who wished to have their content published on these digital billboards when university commencement activities were taking place. In order to prevent hijacking and inappropriate content, host accounts were used to leverage the content appearing on billboards.

By allowing the community to engage in the commencement festivities of the campus, there was a 10% increase in the number of people following the University’s social media pages. In addition to that, the personal feedback received was 100% positive. This project was successful in terms of promoting the University brand as a forward-thinking and community-minded campus as well as being proud of its students and graduates.

Special Occasions

Outdoor advertising in Peru has its key focus on interactivity. One leading digital billboard operator interacts with consumers in the form of creating innovative marketing campaigns that are concentrated around holidays such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. With the help of a dedicated website, anyone can upload pictures that are centered on an approaching holiday. After being scanned for appropriate content, these photos are put up on one of the many digital billboards owned by this operator

These holiday campaigns have become extremely popular amongst the public in Peru because they focus on the importance of family. What brought success to this billboard operator is the confidence in investing in several high quality LED displays with varying software capabilities and the facility to maximize uptime. As for proven records of increasing sales, there is evidence to show that advertisers who make use of digital billboards to communicate up-to-date and relevant marketing information see a positive impact on revenue and hence there is a possibility of renewing billboard contracts. Although some may think this requires the need to constantly monitor content, today’s sophisticated software eliminates that need.

Inventory Information Drives Traffic

An auto dealership in Ohio uses digital signage to manage the regular inventory that it receives. When new vehicles come into stock, the identification number of the vehicle is sent to an RSS feed. With the help of digital billboard software, the operator of the billboard can extract a part of the RSS feed and publish it as content on the digital billboard amidst a page that is designed particularly for this inventory management campaign.

So one may wonder what the goal really is for this campaign. The buying public has real time information on vehicles that are added to the inventory. With so much inventory being added regularly, the billboard content will change automatically and consumers will have the updated figures every time a new vehicle enters the dealership. This customized campaign has proven to be successful for the auto dealership in terms of increasing traffic and revenue.

Whether you are showing live World Cup scores or Olympic medal counts or the inventory of your auto dealership, dynamic and creative content will always engage consumers.

More in the world of digital billboard success stories are examples of national campaigns that are customizing content for every individual driver who passes by a digital billboard! An automobile manufacturing company recently made use of vehicle recognition software to compare each passing vehicle with similar models manufactured by them.

Newer generation of consumers are looking forward to this kind of personalized advertising experience. With daily developments of new innovations, the digital billboard industry will continue seeing some amazing revolutionary campaigns. Stay in the loop and be a part of these campaigns by investing in digital billboards from LED Craft. Visit our website to study more about our wide range of high quality LED displays.


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