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Superb ways to manage content with integrations

As the person in charge of your company’s programmable LED sign, unless it is your full time job, you are probably not keeping up with the content, renewing and rotating slides and updating weather and traffic reports every day. With integration technology you have a much simpler way to make sure your content is kept up-to-date. This technology automates data into perfectly designed content for your signage by using information from your spreadsheets and software systems. Each time a data source is updated, the integration will automatically update the content on your programmable LED sign.

Retail integrations

These are most useful when company information has to be conveyed to a specific audience who could be employees of the store itself. The programmable LED sign makes sure important company information is not missed out and that customers are not ignored by associates. Financial goals, overall store performance, KPIs for employees, labor costs and customer satisfaction are just a few things that digital signs can display with retail integration.

Safety integrations

Emergencies happen without a warning which is why there is a need for sending out immediate emergency alerts. With integrations, programmable LED signs allow businesses to prepare for safety communications on site. Whenever the alert system is triggered, integrations take over what is displayed on the screens and immediately displays the pre-prepared notification for that particular situation.

Manufacturing integrations

These integrations are with databases that record every step along the manufacturing process. Employees are updated with relevant information while project managers also save time by not having to gather and share information regarding manufacturing. Inventory management, quota tracking, machine performance, worker performance, and other production metrics are displayed on programmable LED signs.

Social media integrations

Integrating digital signage with social media produces user generated content.


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