The future of Drive-Thru with restaurant LED signs

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The future of Drive-Thru with restaurant LED signs

It won’t be too long before restaurants embrace with the LED technology to come up with creative and engaging customer experiences at their drive-thru. Dynamic restaurant LED signs work in combination with beacon, mobile and point-of-sale technologies that are placed all over the restaurant chain. These devices provide restaurants with a large number of marketing and branding opportunities. When guests arrive at the restaurant, a spontaneous interactive experience will be presented to them, where there will be no waiting time and customer engagement will be extended throughout every stage of the drive-thru process.

  • Digital signs will be able to recognise a vehicle that has entered the drive thru property. Furthermore, mobile and beacon technology allows to identify if the customer has already placed an order through the mobile app or do they need to be presented with a digital menu board. The LED screen will also direct the driver to the next step of the process.
  • If the guest has agreed to share his personal details on the mobile app, the restaurant LED sign can grab this information and greet the customer with his name and details of his previous order.
  • During the mini wait for the menu board, promotions related to their previous orders will be shown to them.
  • Content displayed on the LED signs will be catered to the passengers in the vehicle. For example, if children are present, a cartoon video would be displayed while they wait for their order to arrive.
  • If the customer is connected through social media, they may be shown their most recent posts on the digital sign.
  • With their smartphones, customers can control the LED display. They may choose to see the ingredients list of an item for example.
  • 3D technology innovations will make food items look more appealing.
  • Car technology can also be used for making the restaurant LED content appear on the digital display of the car so that the driver can easily make his choice.

Static signage is now completely moving out and digital signage is becoming the best way to stand out in a very competitive world.


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