What no one tells you about vandal resistant LED signs

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What no one tells you about vandal resistant LED signs

Protecting LED displays such as Church LED signs from vandalism is a very popular concern amongst many investors. It is quite a reasonable concern because safety is not guaranteed on the streets and hence many LED sign investors would want their screen to be protected. However, vandal resistant LED signs can be disadvantageous. Here’s why reputed manufacturers do not recommend them:

  • Image quality is restricted
  • Brightness is reduced by 30%
  • The protection shield traps the heat generated by LED bulbs
  • LED sign manufacturers can disguise their poor quality signs by promoting vandal resistant covers.

Those concerned investors should be informed that it is not necessary for this vandal resistant protection shield to be added on the LED screen because:

  • For one, indoor LED signs are not susceptible to damage because they are installed indoors and away from street fanatics.
  • Secondly, outdoor LED signs are installed at a height (in isolated areas) which is often very difficult to reach.
  • In fact, the module mask of the sign itself is capable of protecting the LED. The image shows you that there are tiny “eaves” located above the LEDs. Not only do these eaves protect the sign from vandalism, it also enhances the display of the screen by preventing sunshine on the bulbs.Even if someone tries to throw an object at the LED sign, the eaves are enough to protect the LEDs. The eaves are placed 10mm apart. Therefore, only if the object thrown is smaller than 10mm, it will pass the eaves and touch the LED bulbs. However, it is highly unlikely that an object smaller than 10mm will reach the LED sign.

If for some reason the LED does get damaged, the probability of the investor having to replace the entire sign is very minor. This is because repairs can often be done by replacing the module or only the damaged bulbs.


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