4 ways to convince technophobes to invest in LED signs

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  • The Fear of Technology

4 ways to convince technophobes to invest in LED signs

Who are technophobes?

Those who are afraid of trusting advanced technologies.

Such people have several objections to the digital signage industry too, but most of those are not very difficult to deal with. All you need is gentle, evidence based persuasions to ease the uncertainty.

If you actually look at where the problem lies for technophobes, it is not really the fear that affects them, it is about what we manufacturers are plugging into their minds. In promoting our products, we are constantly reminding them about the benefits of LED signs, informing users how amazing it could be if they make the investment and what it can do for them. In the process, we fail to tackle the main fear that technophobes are facing: knowing how to use and maintain digital signage networks.

Digital signage vendors have unknowingly driven the fear of technophobes to a higher level by obsessing over the benefits rather than dealing with the practicalities. In this golden age, where technology is the norm, there is a general assumption that everyone knows how to use it, but that is not always the case.

Looking at LED displays around us, it is quite visible what digital signage can do for a firm. What we have to consider more about is re-assuring our target market that digital signage is not a complicated technology.

Overcoming these surface objections is the first step. Here is a look at the apparent surface objections of unreasonable technophobes…

  • An LED signage network will be too expensive
  • It won’t look good
  • It will not contribute towards making money
  • It is not a feasible option

So how do we encourage the technophobe audience to re-think their perspective on digital signage?

While certain objections can be overruled by showing statistical evidence of the positive effects of digital signage, deeper rooted rejection of this technology is quite a daunting task to overcome.

Let us look at some pointers that could help change a technophobe’s mind on digital signage

1. Remove ‘digital signage’ from the equation

This may sound strange but it actually works! Recently, many technological advances have reached the fear of technophobes but they have learned to overcome those fears and are using the technologies without a second thought. Here are some such examples:

There are hundreds of examples like these which were once enemies of technophobes but they are all now using these to make their lives easier. Hence the best way to convince a technophobe is to provide examples of technologies they once opposed but are now widely being used by them.

2. Show them how to install a digital signage system

When conversing with technophobes, one of the first things they will probably tell you is that digital signage is difficult to setup. Some years ago, this was probably true. But with the developments made today, the installation of digital signage is very straightforward. No IT team is required to do the needful.

To demonstrate the simplicity of setting up an LED sign, show them an instructional video that exhibits end-users how a digital signage system is installed. An even better method would be to bring an LED display to a technophobe’s premises and do the demo in person so they can see exactly how simple it is.

3. It helps to have a digital signage manager

If a retailer for example is still very adamant that simple digital signage systems is beyond his/her capabilities, you could recommend them to assign someone to manage the signage network. By doing so, the technophobe themselves will not be responsible for installing and maintaining an LED sign campaign.

Maybe some end-users are afraid of using digital signage, but that does not mean that they are not convinced that it will benefit their business. By allocating the responsibility of this technology to a capable individual, other staff can also be trained how to use the system, thereby spreading the knowledge base and lifting the stress from a technophobe’s mind.

4. Offer installation and training services

The most important thing in providing a digital signage solution is the after sales support. In convincing a customer to purchase from you, offering installation and training services will be a turning point, especially if the customer is very much concerned about usability and maintenance of the electronic sign.

After installing the digital signage network for the end-user, vendors can follow up with the digital signage manager or the technophobe themselves to make sure that the team is comfortable and confident in using the new technology and the equipment.

What the technophobe really needs to know and makes them comfortable is the fact that they will be taken care of before and after a sale.

In convincing technophobes, don’t push the LED sign technology too fast. First learn and understand their fears because the fear of technology is a genuine problem to them. If you connect with them through trust and respect, there is a higher chance that they will change their mind on digital signage.


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