Top 6 Quick Tips to simplify corporate communication with digital signage

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Top 6 Quick Tips to simplify corporate communication with digital signage

In terms of corporate communication, digital signage leads the way in enabling communication with employees, customers and other stakeholders. While many corporate settings have already adapted to digital signage, 50% of communication professionals make use of LED displays as the primary source of communication. With LED signage in corporate settings, the need for emails, flyers and brochures is eliminated, thereby significantly saving on the costs of internal communication.

Now is the time to make use of LED displays in your business environment and make sure everyone in the company is on the same page. With customized content, you can build a corporate culture that informs, entertains and advises those within the organization.

  1. Incentives of Productivity

Companies looking to maximize productivity within the workforce can greatly benefit with the investments of indoor LED signs. According to studies, digital signage can improve employee productivity by up to 25%. With LED displays strategically placed around the workplace (entrance, lobby, break rooms, hallways and elevators), it shows that the organization is prioritizing internal communication. Employees can read the messages displayed on digital signs during their break time or while in transit at certain locations around the office. They don’t need to go through their overloaded email accounts to read company messages. As a result, this frees up more time for them to deal with the work at hand.

In addition to that, content on LED displays can recognize employee achievements which will inspire other employees to give their best. This kind of motivation affects everyone who looks at the electronic signage inside the office. Because LED displays today are so crisp and clear in their imagery, there is an aesthetic appeal to your message, which encourages viewers to look at the screen and read what’s on it.

  1. Speedup your branding process

With digital signage, your brand message can reach all corners of the corporate headquarters, thereby speeding up the branding process. With innovative content design ideas, place a multiscreen LED display configuration at the entrance of your corporate headquarters. LED screen manufacturers provide displays in a variety of sizes which can either be used alone or grouped together in any sort of combination. As for the single LED displays placed around your office, these can instil the corporate logo while also announcing any company related news.

  1. Create a corporate culture

Effectively designed digital displays can announce company gatherings or special office occasions such as holiday parties or employee group meetings. Attendance at such corporate functions will rise because everyone is receiving the invitation in a timely manner. Because LED signs allow for easy updating of messages, it is convenient to publicize events like lunchtime contests and other team building events. When these kind of messages are displayed across a corporate entity, the company-wide identity is boosted.

  1. Include a touch of education

Obtain some information regarding educational programs from the human resource department. When organizing this content on your LED screen, make sure you do it in point form so that it can be easily readable and employees are better informed about enrolment deadlines and other options. Another educational source of information are healthy lifestyle tips that employees can follow which will help them stay in top form.

  1. Amusement will keep the audience alive

Everyone needs a bit of humor in their lives. With corporate LED signage systems you can display funny and entertaining quotes to brighten up the days of employees and visitors both. Trivia clips are also helpful in triggering conversation amongst the audience.

  1. Use LED signs as an emergency awareness tool

In emergency situations, digital signage plays the role of an important tool. This is because the electronic system allows for easy updating of messages whenever needed, within just a click of a button. For example, if a storm is predicted in the coming hours and your firm needs to inform employees and visitors as to where they can find shelter in your building, the information can instantly be uploaded on all corporate LED displays within the organization.


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