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How indoor LED signs can be used for way finding

Digital signage undoubtedly plays an important role in the promotion of products. A dynamic, flashing, indoor LED sign installed in a mall for example is guaranteed to attract potential customers. This effective advertising medium has been taken and turned around by many to provide an innovative service known as way-finding or directional signage.

As the name suggests, way-finding is a solution to help people in public spaces find their way around by stating clear guidelines to reach various destinations. Many of these indoor LED signs used as way-finding units provide added information regarding the facility where the unit is placed, the surrounding location, parking details, landmarks and so on. This great use of digital signage is very effective and as a result, its usage has spread to a variety of industries such as event management, retail, health care, and so on.

Benefits of indoor LED signs used for way-finding

  • A particular location can be found faster.
  • New information can be easily uploaded. Hence there is no cost for printing new way-finding maps whenever any information has been changed.
  • Traditional way-finding static maps often deteriorate due to wear and tear. Indoor LED signs have the plus point of absolutely no wear and tear.
  • By using brand colors and logos, organizations are presented with an amazing branding opportunity.
  • Purchase information such as menus of restaurants, seating layout at a venue, waiting times or start time for a particular event, and other such relevant information can also be displayed.
  • If connected to a printer, the indoor LED sign can print out direction guidelines upon request in case a visitor is unable to remember the route to his/her destination.


The above benefits have resulted in an increased usage of digital way-finding solutions. More and more organizations are choosing these to give their customers a better experience. This is just one more way in which indoor LED signs are used as an added source of information to satisfy customers.


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