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How Indoor LED Signs improve corporate communication

We often spend lots of money and time on creating an attractive, concise and successful digital signage system. How do we evaluate this system and figure out whether our efforts are useful or not? A good idea is to use ROI markers to measure results. More general ways to see how effective your electronic sign network is and whether or not it needs improvement are as follows:

Avoid Confusion

Ask your employees if they have a clear idea regarding your company’s vision, policies and procedures. If they don’t then your communication strategy needs improvement.

If you are already displaying these things on your message boards and employees don’t seem to get it, maybe you need to be clearer. Another explanation could be that even though your messages are well worded, they are not being retained by employees viewing them. In this case, try to find memorable ways to present the information that they need to know.

Introducing humor is always effective in getting information sealed into people’s brains. For example, instead of just stating your workplace policies, show the consequences of not following them in a humorous way. Storytelling is another useful technique for data retention. Get a character involved in your stream of messages and show how it is always falling into trouble by not abiding to company procedures and so on. This way, employees will be interested in reading the content and it will be easier for them to remember what they should and shouldn’t be doing.

Eliminate Paper Wastage

Investing in an indoor LED sign network means your paper and printing costs should go down. If these haven’t then your investment is not providing returns.

Think of ways in which the messages you are displaying on printed material can be displayed on your digital displays. You want to replace paper, not duplicate what’s on the paper. Sometimes older managers are not willing to accept the benefits of digitalization. Walk them around and show them the possibilities of information dispersal on LED signs. Get them to like what they see and they will most likely adapt to it.

Increase Participation

Whether you are promoting an office party or a blood donation campaign on your signage network, if no one shows up, your promotion efforts are obviously not effective.

Instead of sending emails to your employees, start displaying event details on your LED sign network. Design the content in attractive manners so that they stand out from those boring corporate communication messages. Different layouts, bright backgrounds and other such characteristics will attract people into reading the content.

Recognize Employees

Survey your employees if they feel recognized and appreciated. If not, their productivity will be affected and that will be a loss for your company.

Make use of indoor LED signs to display leader boards and to recognize an employee’s work in landing a major deal. Highlight employees in this manner so everyone gets to know about the corporate colleagues. Welcome new employees with introductory messages on LED displays. Motivating and recognizing your work team in any fashion will result in higher morale, productivity and of course, better results.

Relieve HR Teams

Reduce the burden of your human resources department with the help of digital signage.

Investigate the issues they are facing. If there are many occurrences of issues such as questions, complaints, accidents and so on, display related information on your LED signs and address these concerns. When employees see this information on public displays, they feel better to know that they are not the only ones experiencing certain problems and are happy to know that the management is taking an effort to help them out.

With indoor LED signs, any small, medium or large-scale issue can be addressed efficiently because of the massive outreach possible. The power of good digital signage is when you are successful in increasing employee motivation, getting more people to attend events, eliminate paper waste and save money, and also when every employee is playing from the same book of rules. When you have achieved these winners, you know your LED sign network is doing a good job. If you haven’t yet introduced indoor LED signs in your workplace, it is highly recommended that you do so. We at LED Craft Inc specialize in providing top notch digital signage solutions for your workplace. Not only does it save a whole lot of time and money, it also makes sure your organization runs smoothly.


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