The importance of customized digital signage campaigns

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The importance of customized digital signage campaigns

Just like technology has provided us with personalized experiences for almost anything, the advertising industry also needs to cater to customized advertisements. Consumers expect to see a media experience that connects them to individualized products. Outdoor LED signs are the most effective way in providing that personalized experience to consumers. Those investing in outdoor LED signs should push their advertisers to utilize every aspect of this digital medium if maximum results are to be seen.

You will probably still see many static billboards that remain on highways. However, with the advancement of technology, these static billboards will not reach the new generation of customers in their advertising efforts.

According to an article in Forbes, today’s generation has never seen a world that didn’t have access to several types of technology devices. Hence they probably do not trust traditional advertising forms and give more credibility to word-of-mouth experiences that are discussed on digital communities.

Because of the ever increasing buying power of today’s consumers, advertisers should focus on becoming their favorite brands. This can be done by providing an overall brand experience with extensive use of outdoor digital signage. Advertising has become an extremely dynamic field and branding is a vital part if you want your company to stand out. For your brand to be unforgettable, you need to make it interactive and viral.

A recent study was conducted on the effectiveness of advertising on outdoor LED signs. This study showed that 75% of travelers noticed a new digital sign within its first month of being put up, while 60% noticed it within the first week itself. The same study revealed that digital billboard advertising stands out more than online ads by 71%.

Advertisers need to be educated on focusing efforts to create dynamic and conditional content which can be integrated with several digital platforms, such as mobile apps and social media, to provide customers with an extensively personalized experience.


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