LED signs to the rescue of patient anxiety and boredom

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LED signs to the rescue of patient anxiety and boredom

Scheduling and executing a visit to your healthcare provider should not be an anxiety- inducing affair. But due to emergency care services, extensive campus sizes, and long waits, the visit forms up to be a traumatic experience for patients. And those patients who can control their anxiousness by remaining calm often find waiting rooms dull and boring. For the healthcare industry, it is a huge challenge to eliminate the stress from boredom and anxiety. And solving this challenge requires a fresh and creative approach. This is where LED signage comes in.

New and improved technology allows digital signage solutions in the healthcare industry to come up with innovative strategies to relieve anxiety, reduce boredom and establish a connection with patients in more meaningful manners.

Directional Purposes

Easy-to-locate directional kiosks allow patients and visitors to easily find their way to where they want to go. These kiosks can also display real-time and interactive maps that simplify the task of navigating around large campuses. Information regarding current location specific events on campus can also be obtained from such LED signs. In addition to directional information, these signs can also present campus-specific service updates, breaking news, cafeteria menu and other such information periodically.

Make waiting times entertaining

Another one of those innovative strategies that result from new and improved technology is by introducing interactive LED signs in waiting rooms and emergency care facilities. Many of these LED signs provide helpful information related to health and medicine. With the use of interactive tools, these signs can be used to streamline the registration process.

For anxious patients, LED signs can include doctor information, tips on preparing for appointments, preventive care advice, motivational videos, and other advice that is related to building confidence of patients and relieving their concerns within your facility.

LED signs in waiting rooms are a major contribution towards making perceived waiting times seem shorter and decreasing boredom. These signs provide a center point for source of information and entertainment for patients. In your digital signage content, you can include a short clip of popular television programs such as medical shows or healthy cooking shows. Furthermore, with integration technology you can let patients monitor their waiting time and progress by integrating the LED sign content with patient queuing systems.

Empower patients

With the help of touchscreen technology on LED signs, patients can complete their own check-in and registration process. In addition to empowering patients, this facility provides added privacy for patients compared to the standard method of penning down their information, and has been proved to improve approval ratings amongst patients. As for healthcare facilities, the amount of paper waste is reduced with this approach and data entry errors are also reduced considerably.

How LED signs link the community

Healthcare providers are critically counted upon when patients need advice on good health, be it as an individual or within the community. With LED signs, patients can be served better. LED signs can display information regarding:

  • health-related community events – example: free clinics, immunizations, blood drives
  • Preventative care – example: diet, exercise

These informative topics can help relieve the stress of long waiting times and also serve to be beneficial to the lives of patients and their loved ones.

Patients are also encouraged to be involved with the community by using LED screens to acknowledge individuals and organizations who are vastly contributing towards better health of the community. Furthermore, those businesses and individuals who are benefactors and donors of the organization could also be recognized.

LED signage is also the perfect way to exhibit special gifts, donations and contributions to the facility by way of telling a story with the use of videos and images.

As discussed herewith, we can see that the use of innovative digital signage solutions, the healthcare industry is successfully moving towards curing the problem of patient anxiety and boredom; which has been an issue since the time these facilities came into being.

One may wonder if LED signs are worth the investment simply to cure patient anxiety and boredom. The fact is that apart from this age-old problem, there are several other benefits that LED signs can prove in the healthcare industry. Some of these include reduction of operational costs by going digital and at the same time improving operational efficiency too. When the healthcare facility is transformed into a digital platform, we are assured that accurate information is being conveyed to employees and patients at all times, thereby reinforcing confidence of patients in the healthcare facility of their choice. Using digital displays for displaying information frees up employees and gives them more time to care for patients. So as we can see, investing in LED signs is definitely worth the investment.


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