6 ways to use LED signage in the car parking industry

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  • LED Signage in the Car Park

6 ways to use LED signage in the car parking industry

Ever thought about how a parking lot could make use of digital signs? Surprisingly, most parking facilities throughout the world have not realized the convenience of this investment.

30,000 car parking spaces is how big the world’s largest car park is (West Edmonton Mall – Alberta, Canada). Digital signage in this facility could work wonders in managing the parking spaces as well as helping with way-finding and also providing other additional benefits.


The most number of customer complaints in a parking facility (globally) are related to the lack of clear digital signage. Investing in LED signs eliminates the restrictions imposed by traditional signage in terms of way-finding. For example, in a multi-story car park, directions are sometimes painted on the floor and these are often missed by the driver because he/she has other things to concentrate on. With digital displays placed at eye level, directions cannot be missed – thereby improving the customer experience.

Car park digital signage provides:

  • clear directional signage in multi-story parking facilities.
  • standout signage for an underground parking area that is poorly lit.
  • way-finding system for massive car parks.

Better security

In the United States, a high number of car thefts occur in parking lots and it seems to be the responsibility of vehicle operators to make sure their vehicle is secure. With LED screens, car parking facilities can display security alerts to discourage any car thieves who are planning opportunistic thefts.

Critical information

In many countries, parking facilities are required by law to provide operating hours and redeem parking charges during those hours. With LED signs in car parks, parking operators can display this important information at the point of entry for vehicles; hence making sure drivers don’t miss the details.

By making essential information such as parking fee and operating hours immediately identifiable increases the chances of drivers using your car park and also ensures that any revenue is not missed out on.

Speed limit displays

Inside a car park, it is very important to manage safety – pedestrians and drivers are all on the move simultaneously. With car park digital signage, parking operators can effectively display speed limits to continuously remind users that they need to be vigilant of speed limits and safety when navigating through a car park – be it in a vehicle or on foot.


The purpose of LED signs in a car park does not always have to be informational; it also provides the car parking facility a great way to generate extra revenue. Digital space can be rented out to neighboring businesses who wish to advertise on your LED displays, in return for a fee.

Customers of a car park are the best audience to target in terms of retail shopping. Many retailers would pay premium prices to advertise their brands in front of car park customers. However, very few car park operators capitalize on this amazing revenue generating opportunity.


Throughout the world, car parks are used for other purposes as well, apart from parking cars. These include hosting social and community events such as swap meets, garage sales, car boot sales or even to host small concerts.

This is an ideal opportunity for parking operators to make use of LED signs within the car park to promote the event. Also, during the event, the digital signage network can be used for informational and advertising purposes.

Additional benefits of digital parking signs

  • In terms of practicality, car park digital signage is much better than static signs. Changes in parking fees and operating hours can be done almost instantly with the help of a content management system.
  • With advanced digital signage systems, customer data such as occupancy rates, duration of stay and payment transactions can be gathered. This information can be used to create better pricing structures for the car park and also to create customized content related to specific car park users.
  • Outdoor digital signs have the advantage of being operational 24/7. They can be protected from weather damage and vandalism with the help of enclosures.

As you can see, several benefits can be reaped with the investment of car park digital signage – operators are given signage flexibility like never before. Overall, with LED displays used at parking facilities, customer experience can be enhanced significantly and management of parking can be done in a more efficient manner.


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