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    With the high-rising usage and proven effectiveness of digital signage, the impact of old-fashioned static signs has significantly fallen. Innovation in technology has made way for digital signage to attract consumers and allow businesses to deliver messages and improve overall interaction with their brand. When used properly, digital signage can bring about a whole new atmosphere to an existing business.

    LED business signs can increase revenue by 15-150% because they have an unmatched ability to generate awareness, make your business stand out, and display customized content to those passing by. 80% of shoppers claim to visit a shop because they were attracted to its signage. So, if you haven’t yet invested in this technology, LED Craft Inc is here to make you realize why it is a MUST for all modern businesses.

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    What are the benefits of an LED Business Sign?

    1. Resolution, brightness, color

    Before LED lighting came around, neon lights were popularly used and are still in use today. These glow in a variety of colors but requires a gas to function. LED displays from LED Craft In produces high quality images, video and animation in a wide range of bright colors.

    1. Energy efficient lighting system

    With the invention of LED lighting, the signage industry is no longer blamed for consuming too much energy. LED lights require less energy and generate less heat in order to produce a bright image.

    1. Durability

    Our LED Business signs have a longer lifespan in comparison with neon lights. Also, there is no stress of gas leaks and lights going dim. Businesses don’t need to regularly hire someone to climb ladders and replace digital signs.

    1. Light weight design

    LED sign owners can reap the benefits of not just bright and bold signs but also those that are easy to lift onto and off their display mounts.

    1. Versatile

    With a wide range of features such as animation, color, and video, businesses have maximum flexibility for displaying content.

    How effective is an LED business sign?

    Digital signage can be used in an innumerable number of ways, which makes it very effective. Companies in every industry today are using LED business signs to cater to unique demands of customers. LED Craft Inc believes that this technology is the ideal way to integrate your store’s physical location with the digital environment. Let us now dive into ways in which an LED sign proves to be effective for businesses.

    • High quality digital signage from LED Craft Inc attracts customer attention with vibrant images, bright colors and moving content, luring them to step inside the store. With indoor signs, retailers can highlight new products, benefits and features of certain products, and any new promotions regarding store products.
    • Customers can help themselves once they have engaged with the information provided on the digital sign. If any additional assistance is needed, store employees can step in. This is beneficial for businesses as well because self-service is cost-effective and provides quick customer support.
    • Signs for businesses can highlight special offers easily and bring more awareness to customers, while also increasing the chance of making a sale.
    • The possibility to quickly and conveniently change content on displays ensures consistency in terms of brand identity, especially when you have stores across multiple locations. Moreover, advertising something new has never been faster and easier than with LED business signs.
    • The flexibility of scheduling content allows for several messages to be advertised throughout a period of 24 hours, thereby making outdoor signs a very affordable way to promote your business as opposed to TV, radio, and print media.
    • Content displayed in digital signage allows for higher retention and recall rates in comparison to static ads. The aim of most retailers is promotion, sales, aesthetic in-store experience, and basically convince customers to take action immediately. With video displays, it has been proven that 83% of people can recall at least one ad seen over the past month. Also, one in five people discuss a digital ad with others; thereby spreading the information through word-of-mouth.
    • When long lines are seen at a store, customers choose an alternative competitor. But digital signage from LED Craft Inc can reduce perceived waiting times by occupying customers and making the wait time seem shorter. Videos related to the brand, products, news, weather conditions or anything of that sort can distract customers, make them less frustrated, while also advertising to them and encouraging them to make a purchase.
    • Digital signage can support analytics that allow customers to check your inventory, and as a result, you have reports on what products are mostly searched for. Video cameras can help capture customer dwell time, showing places where most foot traffic occurs, as well as areas of the digital display that shopper’s focus on the most.
    • LED signs can be customized, allowing businesses to create the perfect solution for each geographical location.

    What are the best industries for the LED business signs?

    • Restaurants
    • Educational Institutes
    • Places of Worship
    • Hospitals
    • Hotels
    • Auto Dealers
    • Fire Departments
    • Shopping Centers
    • Gas Stations
    • Other Retail Outlets

    How much do business signs cost?

    When considering the cost of an LED business sign, one must keep in mind the following:

    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Installation
    • Content creation
    • Staff to manage the signs

    Initially, the investment of an LED sign may be heavy on a business. But one should note that as compared to other advertising techniques, the returns on this investment will be much faster, and will remain consistent throughout the life of the signage. According to our statistics, digital signs that run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, cost about $20-$30 for a month, but this amount can vary depending on the size and features of the sign. LED Craft Inc manufactures high quality LED signs and markets them directly to end-users, thereby giving customers an economical deal for their investment.

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