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    Innovation and diligent research enable us to engineer high-quality LED panels for all your signage requirements. LED Craft designs and manufactures advanced indoor and outdoor signs for businesses, government buildings, healthcare facilities, schools, places of worship, and sporting & entertainment venues.

    LED signs in Oklahoma

    Out-of-home advertising has evolved to new heights. They are no longer a secondary marketing tool but a crucial primary one. LED signs in Oklahoma by LED Craft help you reinvent your brand with the epitome of digital signage technology. Our products offer high-end features, premium resolutions, best-in-class graphics, comfortable viewing angles, impressive viewing distances, and variable brightness.

    With no intermediaries in our business operation, direct buying guarantees cost-effective prices for your signs. It also means considerable discounts for volume orders. Our Traffic Count & ROI Reports offer big data leverage to maximize exposure for your sign. We also provide permit assistance to ensure your sign gets installed per zoning laws in your locality. Once installed by us, your sign will receive maintenance services well into the initial date of purchase.

    How LED signs help your business grow

    Visual impact – they provide exceptional visibility, drawing the attention of passing motorists and pedestrians. It’s hard to ignore bright colors that pop, animations that entertain, and visuals that immerse you in. They create an impression on people, which leads to brand awareness.

    Enhanced branding – they improve the curb appeal and offer a dynamic platform to showcase branding. LED signs can display your logo, tagline, and promotional messages with better clarity and visual appeal. You can convey more with little effort, keeping your messaging uncluttered and minimal. It reinforces brand recognition, which is vital to establishing yourself against competition.

    Targeted advertising – you can deliver applicable ad content to a target audience. LED signs support programmable content you can customize based on factors like the time of day, audience demographics, and weather. The tailored approach makes messaging more meaningful and relevant.

    Real-time updates – digital signs enable you to update and modify content in real-time. This flexibility allows you to promote special offers, announce upcoming events, or make timely announcements without delay.

    Targeted advertising – you can deliver applicable ad content to a target audience. LED signs support programmable content you can customize based on factors like the time of day, audience demographics, and weather. The tailored approach makes messaging more meaningful and relevant.

    Real-time updates – digital signs enable you to update and modify content in real-time. This flexibility allows you to promote special offers, announce upcoming events, or make timely announcements without delay.

    Increased sales and conversions – they increase foot traffic as well as online traffic to landing pages. The frequency of ad sighting, its creativity, and relevance generate interest and strong ROI.

    Improved customer experience – digital signs enhance the consumer experience by providing helpful information such as wayfinding instructions, business hours, contact details, or product/service information without prompt or with prompt via interactive displays. It contributes to positive experience and satisfaction.

    Cost-effectiveness – they offer long-term cost savings with energy efficiency and fewer maintenance & replacements. LED signs consume less energy and have long life spans.

    Outdoor LED signs Oklahoma

    LED technology has the ideal properties that make efficient outdoor signs. They withstand varying weather conditions and have controllable brightness for optimal viewing in different visibility conditions. Be it giant billboards or modest monument signs, outdoor LED signs make an effective visual impact.

    They can be mobile signs as well. Transit signs mounted onto trains, buses, taxis, and trucks can maximize brand exposure. You can increase engagement with QR scanning and Calls-to-Action (CTA) on these signs.

    Outdoor signs can serve other purposes too. Churches can use them to communicate with their congregations, schools to manage parking, and health authorities to inform the public about health risks. Hospitals can streamline wayfinding with concise LED signs in the parking lot, indicating locations of departments and facilities. It saves time in emergencies and makes navigation easier.

    They can also enhance the consumer experience. By being able to spot restaurants, drugstores, or hairdressers easily, potential customers can plan purchasing decisions. Concise information on products & services, opening hours, and contact details displayed on LED signs help consumers make informed decisions.

    We offer an extensive range of high-quality outdoor sign solutions in Oklahoma City, everything from street lighting to stadium LED signs.

    Indoor LED signs Oklahoma

    The sensory experience of in-store shopping is unique, and online shopping cannot replicate it. However, online platforms heavily influence our purchasing. Fusing the two help consumers benefit from both. Indoor LED signs can automate tasks like wayfinding, catalog search, ordering, sign-ups, and announcing deals. They make ideal external and internal message boards and social media feed displays.

    Video walls bring dynamic visuals to your store. They can display original adverts, ambient videos, digital art, or live news feeds. From healthcare providers to educational institutes, indoor signs benefit all industries. A hospital waiting room can utilize video walls to help patients understand medical conditions and how treatments work. Colleges can use them to enhance visual learning.

    Additionally, interactive indoor signs can offer a seamless experience for visitors. Shoppers can register to get notified when new stocks of their favorite product arrive. Stores can use them to get feedback at the checkout. A coffee shop can use them to match coffee to personal flavor preferences. Colleges can use them for students to sign up for classes.

    Indoor signs can also encourage online CTAs by directing visitors to landing pages related to upcoming events, product launches, promo codes, CSR, or social media handles.

    You can update content as real-world changes happen. It takes time, effort, and money to replace print material, and no amount of staff readily available can be as efficient as an LED display. Built with advanced LED technology, LED Craft indoor signs offer greater efficiency, versatility, and visual impact.


    Our various installation options cater to your specific needs. As a full-service sign company, we assist you in obtaining the necessary permits, ensuring that your sign adheres to the relevant zoning laws for installation. Additionally, our maintenance service extends well beyond the initial purchase, providing ongoing support for years to come. Our data and analytics can optimize your ROI and help you select high-traffic locations. Data-driven decisions are integral to the performance of your sign.

    LED signs dimensions

    The dimensions of your sign depend on its location, audience size, and the content you intend to display. The type of sign decides its optimal or minimal size. Our team will guide you through the specifications that create vibrant and clear displays for your business or organization.

    Cost of LED signs in Oklahoma

    As manufacturers of premium quality LED signs, we offer competitive prices to end users and distributors without intermediary costs. We also provide discounts for volume orders. Our flexible financing options through CIT enable you to purchase signs without compromising your cash flow. Get a free quote today to revamp your brand.

    Why LED Craft?

    Utilizing cutting-edge LED technology, we manufacture LED signs and digital screens. We provide content management features and high-end graphic capabilities that can create high visual impact. Our art rendering services connect you with industry professionals to develop effective digital advertising campaigns tailored to your marketing needs.

    Our full range of in-house services includes consultation, sign design, engineering, installation, and maintenance. We eliminate outsourcing and intermediary costs with streamlined, cost-effective solutions.

    Furthermore, our turn-key signage retrofit projects aim to reduce energy expenses, providing sustainable and efficient LED solutions. Our products cater to a range of industries for all branding, marketing, and lighting purposes. Each solution is customized to align with your unique objectives.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What are the uses of LED signage for businesses?

    LED business signs drive traffic, engagement, and brand awareness. They also deliver a host of other benefits that include high visual impact, customizable content, hyper-targeting, multiple content display, energy efficiency, low maintenance, better ROI, enhanced engagement, immersive experience, creative storytelling, emotional connection, memorable impressions, online CTAs, wayfinding, and flexibility of configuration.

    Are LED signs energy-efficient?

     Yes. LEDs are up to 90% energy-efficient. They have minimal heat loss, which saves energy significantly. Their life spans range between 50,000 – 100,000 hours.

    Can LED signs be customized?

    From their specifications to hardware components to content, LED signs are customizable. They can fit into a variety of surfaces, spaces, and locations. Transit signs are mountable on taxis, buses, trains, and trucks. Signs can even fit in compact spaces like bus shelters and football field perimeters. They support multiple contents like videos, images, text, animation, and live feeds.

    Benefits of LED signs compared to traditional signs

    LED signs provide compelling and attention-grabbing dynamic content, setting them apart from traditional signage, which lacks visual effects. Their energy efficiency, coupled with low maintenance requirements, cut operational costs. They last longer than other types of signs.

    Their brightness and contrast controls allow you to optimize visibility based on lighting conditions. They can withstand challenging weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor use. They can adapt and display relevant information throughout the day, keeping messaging relevant. You can update content without replacements, something static signs cannot do.

    Moreover, interactive displays and advanced features such as motion detection are exclusive to LED signs.

    Cleaning and maintenance tips

    For optimal performance of your LED sign, regular cleaning is necessary. Use a soft cloth to wipe dust from the surface with gentle and sweeping motions. Avoid pressing down on the screen hard. You can use a mild soap solution to clean stains and grime. Use compressed air to clean vents and ducts. Hoover recesses. Apply the solution to a soft fiber cloth. Clean any soapy residue. Avoid paper towels, abrasive materials, or harsh cleaning agents. Shut down your sign occasionally, allowing it to rest and cool down. Routine checks and preventive maintenance are crucial for your sign to operate at its best.

    Types of content that can be displayed on LED signage

    LED signs offer flexibility to showcase wide range of content. These content options include text, images, videos, slide shows, animations, live feeds, and interactive content.

    What type of information can be displayed on LED signage?

    LED signs can display business names, logos, contact details, open/closed signs, navigational signs, advertising, message boards, public service announcements (PSAs), news bulletins, social media updates, e-books, e-papers, catalogs, digital art, and maps.

    Why Choose LED Craft

    • As suppliers of church LED signs, we sell directly to end users and distributors with no mediator involved.
    • We offer attractive discounts for bulk orders
    • In addition to manufacturing, we provide other services such as content management. If you are in need of premium graphical content, we have partners who will do a great job for you.
    • LED Craft uses the latest technology in manufacturing its LED displays and thereby produces the best quality LED screens available in the market.

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