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    Give your church a makeover with digital signage implementation!

    Just like a business, churches also have a currency. The currency of a church is the soul of the lost. Thus, for a church, an LED sign can do exactly as much as it can do for a business. Research has proven that churches also experience a growth of 15-40% after the installation of church LED signs. This means that more souls are reached and your church is able to generate more funds.

    Church LED signs can be used as both indoor and outdoor signage. In an outdoor setting, church LED signs will attract passersby with humor text and inspirational messages to visit the church and be a part of the community. Church events and other information can also be displayed here to create awareness. In an indoor setting, Church LED signs are useful in providing directional signage, mass timings, fund raiser events, information on donations, parishioner contacts and other church related information.

    Church LED signs come in different types, each varying in budget. Below is a briefing on the type of church LED signs we offer, so you can have a better understanding and help your church grow into the lighthouse the community deserves.

    Christian Symbols LED craft
    Christian Symbols - LED Craft
    Christian Symbols

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    More About Church LED sign

    Standard LED Lighted Church Signs

    This option is ideal if you have a very restricted budget, yet want to quickly get your point across. After all, you are a church and your purpose is to serve your community. Standard LED lighted signs are also known as lightbox signs or pylon signs and can offer a lot, are available in different sizes, and can be installed at a height, thereby allowing good visibility to people near and far.

    Church Marquee Signs

    Also known as changeable letter signs, these are the most affordable option. With changeable letters, you can change the message of your display by playing with the letters. You can also customize these marquee signs with different cabinet faces as per your preference. A standard facing will sit flush with the rest of your sign while a panned face will be extruding outwards, adding somewhat of a dimension. Prices for marquee signs vary depending on the size, which you will need to be aware for viewers visibility on the road.

    Church Monument Signs

    This is a freestanding sign supported by a strong base. Monuments are often designed to match the exterior of the building – with the same stucco finish or brick design used in the church. Adding to the aesthetics of a church, this cohesive design making is easier to distinguish which building an outdoor signage belongs to. Church monument signs vary in prices depending on the design and the size of the signage. In fact, LED Craft Inc can also incorporate an electronic signage into the monument sign to make it sophisticated and stand out from the rest.

    Custom LED Church Signs

    LED church signs can capture the attention of anybody driving by. Although the initial cost of this investment is high, the long-term returns are far better than the other options. With electronic church signs you can change not just letters (unlike changeable letter signs), but multiple slides each day or hour can be changed with simple programming via easy-to-use LED sign software. The cost of these signs depend on the resolution and size of your church LED sign. Ideally, the closer you want to place your sign to the viewer, the higher the resolution should be. Digital church signs can also be integrated with monument signs and marquee signs for an enhanced finish, and can also be placed at strategic locations inside the church to provide visitors with a great church experience!

    Get in touch with our professional team to discuss factors such as viewing distance, budget, road density, and other details to decide on the best solution of indoor and outdoor LED signage for your church.

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    A lot of our customers start their journey into electronic LED signs without much knowledge of the product and the potential. We have put together the definitive guide to electronic LED displays to aid your decision making process.