Magnify Your Reach with Programable Messages

Our easy to use software allows you to update and display messages for maximum impact and reach. With hundreds of color, graphic and display options, you can customize messages to catch the attention of those going by.

Did You Know Your business can increase gross sales by 3%?

Just by including any sort of sign in your advertising campaign! But a bigger hoarding will make a difference of 15.6% increase in sales. Further studies show that in some areas, programmable LED signs can increase sales by 30% – 100%!

Research shows that 85% of the customer base of a business resides within five miles of its locality. However, the US census states that 18.6% of population decides to relocate every year. This means that your customers are always on the move. Therefore, if you want to increase business, you have to increase your customer base. And statistics suggest that the best way of doing so is by making use of electronic sign boards.

Here are a few interesting statistics regarding LED signage

  • 89 out of 100 businesses tend to fail as a result of improper signage.
  • Compared to the cost of TV or radio advertising, programmable LED signs can gain more customers at just 10% of the cost.
  • Electronic signage is just a one-time investment compared to continuous amounts spent on other traditional advertising forms. Since 50% of sales are a result of signage, it is definitely a worthy investment.
  • In terms of cost per thousand impressions, on-premise signage has been proven to be the most economical advertising method.
  • LED signs are the most effective and least expensive advertising form.
  • Research shows that programmable LED signs are six times more effective compared to traditional billboards.
  • Studies also show that 96% of people who move past programmable LED boards are able to remember them but only 43% are able to recall static billboards.
  • For products advertised on LED billboards, sales boosted by 107%. For products advertised on static signs, sales increased by only 54%.
  • Research says that on any given day, 35% of people passing by your firm have never heard of it before and would probably become new customers as a result of your sign.
  • The Department of Energy states that if everyone used LEDs, the country’s energy consumption could be reduced by 29% by the year 2025. This translates to a $125 Billion saving on electricity bills in US households.

Why Invest in a Programmable LED Sign?

After reading the information above, you are probably wondering if a programmable LED sign can really have that big of an impact on a business. For your advertising to be effective, the creativity of your message plays a crucial role.

This is why we advise companies to come to LED Craft Inc., where our experienced and trained professionals will help you design a unique programmable LED message that is sure to be noticed. There is no better way to occupy motorists and passengers other than connecting to their heart and soothing their nerves. Here are a few factors that will convince you to invest in an electronic message board:

  • Attract New Customers: Because potential customers are on the move and regularly relocating themselves, a business has to constantly be on the lookout for new customers just to replace those that they are losing.
  • Going beyond just the “break-even” point: If your aim is to just keep your business surviving, then working towards a stable customer base is enough. But if you are aiming at expanding your business, you have to amplify your customer base. Signage is the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to do so.
  • Give your business a brand image: Top-of-mind awareness is when your business is the first to hit one’s mind when looking for a particular product or service. To achieve this, repetition is the key. Statistics show that majority of a business’s customers reside close to the business. Therefore, they probably pass by your location 50 times a month while driving to school, work, etc. Your LED sign should be attractively designed, so that customers are bound to look at it every time they pass. This kind of repetition is what helps a business build its brand image.
  • Create Impulse Sales: In today’s world, many consumers do have the money to spend but often times run short of time to do that spending. They are definitely not going to make an effort to look for your business or compare your products and services to another company. For necessity goods, they will pick up the products from the first available place. And discovering the first available place is best done with the help of LED billboards.
  • Building a brand for infrequent needs: Some businesses specialize at providing products and services that are not always needed by the common man on a daily basis. For such businesses, building top-of-mind awareness is more important so that their business is remembered when that special need arises. Some examples of such businesses include electronic stores, veterinarians, dental offices, locksmiths, consultancy firms, real estate offices and the like. For reinforcement of these brands, the signage should be designed in a way that presents the right image for the business. Before a customer enters any of these businesses, it should be likely that he/she has noticed the sign already, created an opinion about the company, and remembered it when needed. Furthermore, studies have proved that programmable LED boards that display variable messages are more remembered because people are keen on reading new messages every time they pass by it.

With the gradual popularity of your firm, most of your sales will be from repeat customers. At that point, do not make the mistake of neglecting your sign. In fact, regular customers often need constant reminding of your existence. So create a long-term bond with your customers with the help of a programmable LED sign designed by LED Craft Inc. today!

Interesting Facts about Programmable LED Signs

  1. Your investment in a programmable LED sign is a onetime thing which will last you for more than ten years, whereas other marketing forms will stop functioning the minute you stop paying for it.
  2. Programmable LED signs have a history of producing dramatic sales figures for companies and that too at 90% lower costs compared to other methods of marketing.
  3. A television or radio advertisement is only played at certain times of the day. A programmable LED sign can display several messages non-stop 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In other words, outdoor advertising is the ‘salesman on the street’ with an aim to attract customers.
  4. Programmable LED signs allow your business to build a brand within the local community.
  5. With programmable LED signs, unnecessary advertising expenses are prevented because you are marketing your products and services only within your immediate area of trade.
  6. The feature of being able to quickly and easily change the message being displayed is useful to target specific retail customers and is helpful for advertising social, political and community events.
  7. If you think the investment on a programmable LED sign is too big, look at how much your business is spending on its overall marketing and advertising campaign. If you understand the real value of signage you know that a well placed and well designed sign generates massive profits which are more profound than those generated by other forms of advertising.


If you were against outdoor LED advertising, the facts and figures given above are sure to have changed your mind. Yes, the pros are way more than the cons. Get in touch with LED Craft Inc. to benefit from the pros and quickly increase turnover for your business.

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