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    Attract new parishioners, advertise special events and seasonal services at your church with creative Church LED signs Springfield. Keep your facility’s exterior updated with a new digital sign while also creating interest and promoting engagements for church functions. LED Craft Inc offers customized digital signage solutions to create a strong first impression and pushes existing members to keep coming back for more fellowship and worship. While it is true that a church has a unique building exterior that tells passersby that this is a church, it is also important to inform your community about the events, programs, and worship timings of the church. Our team of sign company experts understand your requirements and will provide you with a comprehensive solution that ensures a powerful display and an impactful message. Contact LED Craft Inc for all your church LED sign needs today!

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    What types of church signs are there?

    Sandblasted wooden signs, hanging banners, fabric banners and lightboxes are some of the traditional types of church signs still in use today. But LED Craft Inc recommends a digital upgrade while also maintaining a ‘church’ appeal.

    Monument style church signs are classic and elegant. By encasing a digital screen into a monument sign, your church is also seen as keeping up with digital trends. Adding a touch of prestige, these are ideal for churches to create a great first impression.

    Combo digital signs operate a dual purpose and have a double effect since messages can be displayed on both sides of the sign.

    Standard single sided digital displays with eye-catching messages announcing service hours, bake sales, and other church functions are also an ideal option for church LED signs in Springfield.

    How to choose a church LED sign?

    Will the people passing by notice your sign?

    This is the most important question you have to ask when choosing which church LED sign to invest in. A few more concerns are:

    • Readability
    • Lines of text needed
    • Font size
    • Distance from people reading/viewing your sign
    • People driving by
    • People walking by

    LED Craft Inc has a wide range of digital signage options ranging from different shapes, sizes and features. Based on the goal of your LED sign, you can decide which option is best for your Baptist church. If you are looking for basic text that can be changed frequently with just a few clicks, simple LED sign options in small sizes are good enough. For churches who want their sign to be more eye-catching with pictures, videos and other graphics, we also have a variety of advanced digital sign options in medium and large sizes.

    Also consider the distance from your church to the road. For example, if your church sign is far from the road, small signs with small letters will not be readable and won’t serve the purpose. Distance would be a valid reason to invest in larger LED signs.

    It is also important to take into consideration your city’s policy on signage. Some cities have a cap on how big your LED sign can be. Hence before determining the size of your display, take these considerations into account and accordingly decide on the features of your sign.

    What color choices are available?

    Monochrome: offers only either red or amber color options in either 10mm, 20mm or 25mm resolution. Minimum grayscale animation is also possible along with 1-12 lines of text for standard sized displays.

    Tri-Color signs: can produce three colors – red, green and amber in 20mm and 25mm resolution. Depending on the model, 1-12 lines of text are possible and tri-color signs also offer full video capabilities.

    Full Color signs: have the capacity to produce about 281 trillion colors with full video and full animation capabilities. Resolution options are 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, and 25mm resolution, with the possibility of displaying any picture or digital image on the display.

    Neon signs: use large, luminous gas-discharge tubes to produce luminous lighting with rare neon gases. Today, these are available in 100 colors and are commonly used by restaurants and bars.

    What can be displayed on a church LED sign?

    • Fresh and up-to-date information as opposed to outdated message centers regarding events that happened weeks ago.
    • Targeted messaging and scheduling are possible with digital signs. For youth group events and content, schedule it for after school hours. If it is a special event for seniors, early afternoon hours are best.
    • Inform and intrigue with church LED signs. Keeping in mind the purpose of a church, a sign designed with dazzling and distracting content is not appropriate – the simpler the better.
    • Be your own audience every once in awhile and have a look at your church sign to see if pranksters are making crude jokes of your content or if there is any physical damage to your digital signage.
    • Church signs should be memorable, leaving passersby with a smile on their face. Use funny phrases and emojis to keep the sense of humor alive.

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