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Digital Church Signs Are an Effective Communication Strategy

A few years ago, developing a website for your church was a necessity. Now that most churches have done that, integrating electronic signage as a communication strategy is becoming essential in order to effectively connect with your church community. A church is a house of worship and here, LED church signs can be used as a website or an interactive bulletin. Digital church signs are a collection of LED screens that are managed centrally with an aim to provide targeted information, advertising, entertainment and merchandising. The expanded technology is showing that more and more worship markets are embracing the benefits of digital signage.

Churches that haven’t yet entered the digital era are probably looking for newer ways to connect with their followers and have now realized that digital church signs are something that they should embrace in. Regardless of how big or small your church ministry is, digital signage always proves to be valuable. Here are some distinct advantages of using digital church signs as a way of communication for churches:

  • Promotion of multiple events

LED Church signs make event promotion much easier, particularly for when it comes to multiple events. For example, a church may need to inform the community about fundraisers, service timings, bible study times or emergency alerts. Church LED signs allow them to do so in a very convenient and flexible manner. With just a few clicks, the content on the sign can be completely changed. A new sign does not have to be created for every event. Signs and videos can be instructed to display in a schedule, thereby eliminating the need for real-time management. Moreover, digital church signs can be made attractive with the use of bright color, animated images, sound and videos in an effort to attract the congregation as well as the outside community.

  • Ability to update information on real-time basis

With LED church signs, certain information that needs to be communicated on a real time basis can easily be done. For example, weather details and church related news feeds, can be shared with the congregation by way of digital church signs.

  • Community togetherness

Sharing information regarding priests of the church, recognizing hard working members and accomplishments of people in the congregation allows visitors and community members to know more about the church in their area and may encourage outsiders to join the congregation.

  • Promoting opportunities for volunteers

Inform potential church volunteers regarding opportunities of when and where they can volunteer.

  • Customized messages for visitors

With personalized messages catered particularly to visitors, a church can make them feel like they belong to the church community.

  • Emergency alerts

Members of the congregation can be alerted regarding emergencies instantly.

  • Fundraiser awareness and promotion

Neighboring community and the church community can be informed regarding fundraisers. A brief description regarding why the fundraiser is taking place can also be shown on the digital church sign.

  • Display prayers and common hymns

Audience participation can be encouraged during prayers taking place in your church by displaying prayers and hymns on LED screens so that everyone can read the prayer from the screen.

  • Biography details regarding ministry leaders can be publicized

By doing so, those regularly attending your church will have a chance to know who the leaders of their church ministry are.

  • Charity information can be displayed

All churches are non-profit organizations and are always gathering funds to help the needy. With the help of LED church signs, churches can exhibit the charities they are associated with and convince the public to donate generously.

  • Digital church signs can effectively communicate with hearing-impaired members

Hearing-impaired members will feel more comfortable in the church community because they will be able to read about all the church happenings on the church signs.

  • Cost savings

The ultimate value of digital church signs is that self-funding organizations can save a lot of money that would otherwise be needed for static displays and print media. Church ministries usually have some basic knowledge in designing presentations. Digital church signs are hands on the best solution for increasing the communication standards of your church community to a greater level. By making use of good software, you can use pre-designed templates and other such features as an easy way to attractively present the information that has to be shared. As for affordable hardware, LED Craft Inc has a wide range of church signs in different sizes and price ranges that you can choose from. You can visit their website for more information.


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