Digital signage now used for in-store marketing

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Digital signage now used for in-store marketing

A South African health and beauty chain named “Clicks” has requested the partnership of a digital signage solution company to install LED displays inside 25 of its stores all around the country.

This project involved installing over 500 digital signage screens inside the stores of this health and beauty chain and these displays have the potential to reach an audience of nearly 2 million every month through a customized digital signage network. The main objective of this customized, multi channel network is to provide a media platform that will enhance the shopping experience of customers and also make their stores look and feel more presentable.

The content produced on these LED displays will be in line with the store’s promotion strategy of providing customers up-to-date seasonal service as well as product promotions. Because this media network will also involve Clicks’ suppliers, they too will have an equal experience at the point of purchase.

As the shopper enters a Clicks store, he/she is greeted with a 65 inch LED display built within the window of the store. This is to provide potential customers or passersby details regarding current promotions, advertisements of suppliers and seasonal campaigns. Upon entering the store, customers are chauffeured through the beauty department, where they will find a series of 42 inch LED displays exhibiting content regarding fragrance and cosmetic brands.

As the customer moves further into the store, additional dual LED displays are placed in different areas such as hair care, appliances, baby care, health and personal care. These dual displays are more focused on campaigns and promotions relevant to the items in the specific area where the screens are placed.

Once customers have completed their shopping experience, the point-of-sale area is where they will proceed to. Once again, the dual screen solution is utilized here. One unit is in charge of queue management wherein which visual prompts are built into the screen’s visuals. This ensures that a customer focuses on the LED sign and is not distracted by anything else.

In conclusion, Clicks’ advertising and media sales manager states that their main aim with this innovative infrastructure is to provide customers with the correct messages at the correct time in the correct location in order to allow them to make easy and effective purchasing decisions.


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