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    Impress customers who walk into your store with a big and bright LED display. LED Craft Inc offers a wide range of indoor LED signs Kansas City solutions to enhance customer experience while they are at your store. It could be an informative display regarding your products, a promotional one regarding the products on offer, or even an interactive one where customers can learn about specific products they intend to purchase. Because we are a Kansas City sign company manufacturing digital displays, we understand investor needs, thereby designing products that fit size, feature and budget requirements of all our potential customers. Don’t be left out on this fast-moving trend; invest in electronic signs today!

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    How to use indoor digital signage?

    Having digital signage is not the same as using digital signage. While many organizations are realizing the benefits of this media, they want the usability and the WOW factor arising from a well-crafted design on the display, but when it comes to who will use or implement the system, there are complications.

    An organization can receive the benefits of digital signage while also achieving ease of use either by creating a department for digital signage or by maintaining their digital signage with tools that are easy-to-use. The latter seems more flexible – imagine being able to pull out some data and having the content automatically generated into an attractive design? Or simply importing an already created presentation to be displayed on the indoor sign? LED Craft Inc offers these kind of easy-to-use software features to allow Kansas City businesses to use digital signage without complexity.

    Why LED signage should be your go-to solution?

    As the most effective form of storefront marketing, indoor LED signs are a must have for any Kansas City business. When displayed at the correct location and angle, indoor LED signs can help your business in attracting new customers to your store, and in convincing the customer to purchase a particular product or service. Here are three primary reasons why LED signage is a much better solution for companies who are using static signage.

    1. Flexibility

    With traditional signage, there are only two ways that you can deal with content. Either you create the content (in-house or outsource), or you print the content (which is usually by paying someone to do it), and then place the signage where you want it. But we all know that each piece of content has a limited shelf life. When this becomes outdated, the options are limited. You either replace the sign, remove it, or re-purpose it. But with LED signs, the content can be customized to suit a particular time frame. In fact interactive sign design can be tailored to individual users to give quick access to the exact information they need. With high flexibility levels like these, digital signage eliminates the cost of seasonal printing, and lets you create custom signs with information targeted to whomever you want, whenever you want, and wherever you want.

    2. Gathering information

    A digital signage solution can help you understand your audience and what the message needs to be. Interactive signage, camera analytics, useful software and artificial intelligence allows organizations to gather data on usage and outcomes. The ability to measure the effectiveness of your message with such robust analytics is a powerful tool that static signage cannot offer.

    3. Return on investment

    The above two points – flexibility in deploying new content easily, and the ability to gather digital information using a physical platform, combined together emphasize major cost savings, resulting in a net positive affect on ROI.

    Different types of indoor LED signs

    At LED Craft Inc, we manufacture digital displays to cater to all types of industries – from churches to educational institutes, hotels, restaurants, auto dealerships, fire departments, shopping centers, and other retail stores. We have a variety of digital display sizes with energy efficient LED lights, and the necessary features to suit customer requirements. We also cater to marquee and combo business signage requirements, neon signs, and those who are looking for single-color and full color LED signs. In addition to that, LED Craft Inc specializes in stage rental displays as well as stadium digital screens to enhance the experience at indoor and outdoor events. We offer a full service with regard to LED sign solutions, including signs consultation, high quality sign and lighting, as well as installation services.

    What makes indoor LED signs effective?

    LED Craft Inc believes in manufacturing premium quality digital signs as a medium in which businesses convey information and advertise products and services. But digital signage is only effective when paired with creative content. Digital signage and content are a match made in heaven. Content is what powers your investment in LED signs. The way you reach customers and leverage your investment is what drives marketing results.

    Digital screens produced by LED Craft Inc are ideal for capturing consumer attention, providing a direct marketing message, and motivating consumers to take action. There is no other strategy that can produce a similar effect to that of electronic signage. The limitless flexibility for creating content is worth that up-front cost associated with LED signs.

    • Lead generation – the more you can get in front of your viewers, the better it works in drawing customers towards your marketing funnel.
    • Upselling products with flexible content templates, particularly at point-of-purchase.
    • Internal communication to engage staff as well as customers.
    • Emergency response with pre-defined triggers to activate at specific points of crisis.

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