How LED Technology is changing the world of signs

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How LED Technology is changing the world of signs

It is the ‘Sign of the Times’, everywhere you look. The signage industry now boldly spells LED, which is the most effective and creative method of displaying signs from advertising in the Time Square to lighting up the name of your local overnight supermarket. LED technology has changed the signage industry in more ways than you can imagine.

It’s Green!

The Green benefits of LED signs are game-changing. These have made them more environmentally friendly than all other forms of signs. LED is the most energy efficient signage option there is, with some signs requiring little as 10 watts. So, there’s no guilt about lighting up your business round the clock. It is the most eco-friendly way to display signs indoors and outdoors. They are more sustainable due to reprogramming, maintenance and repair options available. LED signs can also be powered by solar panels, without the hassle of modifying wiring if you want to go greener.

Safety First

Due to the lesser amount of heat generated by LED lamps compared to incandescent, fluorescent or neon signs, LED signs can be used safely for longer periods of time. Relative to its counterparts, LED technology uses very little electricity, which in turn reduces electrical hazards and wiring complications. It is the safest form of signage for the outdoors in all types of weather.

Unique Interaction

LED signs have opened up unending opportunity to display signs that read more than just a message in words. These signs can be nothing short of a movie clip, with animation, extended messages and high contrast colors to grab anyone’s attention. These also have greater visibility from extended distance giving your LED sign more exposure than traditional signs.

Low Maintenance

LED signs have more mileage than other signage options. They can even last up to 100,000 hours (10 -11 years). This means, once installed you do not have to frequently go through the trouble of changing and repairing the signs, thus making it cost efficient.

Big without the big weight

The lightweight design of LED signs has allowed larger sized signs to be displayed without causing damage or a risk of damage to structures. These have made it easier to mount large signs on high structures or low structures relatively easily. LED signage does not cause light pollution, making it possible for one sign to stand close to another or a cluster without affecting visibility.


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